[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.8.1beta7

Release Notes


  • auto-correction of image orientation on image upload (thanks to Jimmy Coder for the code snippet for image rotation),
  • word tags (as opposed to tagging a user): tags that don't correspond with a username will be added to the tags of the photo (searchable),

Includes also the following changes in Tidypics from official Tidypics repo at https://github.com/cash/Tidypics:

  • set tiny size for sites that may not have it set (e.g. possibly sites updated from Elgg 1.6) (by Cash Costello),
  • stripping non word characters from title when pulled from image filename (by Cash Costello),
  • added tagging to river with notification to user (by Cash Costello, Kevin Jardine).
  • Coool thanks man... Soo nice plugin.

  • I have one question:

    Why the slideshow and tags dont works in socialize theme?

  • @Pala: Is the "Socialize" theme a commercial theme? I don't seem to find a theme with this name here on the site - at least not for Elgg 1.8 - but only a theme with this name on another site costing $78. There is a "Socialize me" theme for Elgg 1.7 and a "Sociable" theme for Elgg 1.8 available here on the site though. Do you refer to any of these? If you are referring to the commecial theme I can't give you any support unfortunately as I don't have access to it (for free...).

    Generally speaking: if slideshow and tags don't work, the "Socialize" theme might either have been written for / tested with an older version of Tidypics only and would require some updates to support the latest version of Tidypics. If there is nothing included in the theme that's dealing with Tidypics, there might be some general compatibility issues of the theme with the recent version(s) of Elgg core that show up with Tidypic's slideshow and tags but might also affect other things you've not noticed yet. Without the chance to test Tidypics with this theme for myself I can't be more specific. I try to get Tidypics working with Elgg's default theme. Though the slideshow and tags feature actually both still need some work / polishing to fully work in general as I noted in the plugin description. On the other hand, I would say it's rather a task for the theme developers to get their themes working like the default theme or at least not produce conflicts with other 3rd party plugins if they add some functionality.

  • Yeah I understand that. But somehow I need get it to work on the theme I use.

  • @iionly

    I see you are commenting Pala and theme Socialize not only here, and since I created the theme, I feel I must respond.


    If the problem is caused by this commercial theme the developer should fix it himself and not shift the responsibility on to someone else.

    I have not passed responsibility to anyone, but I did recommended Pala to check out this community, when he asked about another problem, not related to tidypics.

    In general, we do not support third party plugins in our forum, how could we? More than 1800 plugins available of different quality. And I also think it's up to us, not you, to decide our level of support.

    But we do support tidypics,


    and I just checked out Socialize along with this version of tidypics. Tagging and Slideshow works perfectly.

    ...or at least not produce conflicts with other 3rd party plugins if they add some functionality.

    That's right, and my experience is that themes rarely conflicts with plugins, besides css issues.

    As mentioned, no problems with tidypics. Great work you are doing, thanks.


  • im overloaded... and no semmi pro on programming stuff... I dont get it why it not works on my site then. all other things works fine of this plugin on my site. Only the slideshow/tags not.

  • @gillie: the comment I made elsewhere (which I already had removed almost immediately as it turned out to be ill-founded) regarding asking you as the developer of the Socialize theme plugin for support was made when I had to believe that the problems with the other plugins only occur due to this theme plugin. Only in the reply to this comment I got to know that the same problems also occur with Elgg's default theme, i.e. not being connected to your theme at all. Sorry, for that. If your plugin would have been causing the conflicts I would surely expect the support but I also fully agree that you can't solve problems that are NOT caused by your plugins.

    @Pala: Here is again the suggestion I already posted earlier but which seemed wrongly-placed on the other plugin's page: if the problems also occur without the Socialize theme I would stop asking for getting other plugins to work with this theme, because it's quite unlikely that this theme is responsible and it only leads us into the wrong direction when thinking about possible reasons for the problems. It's also quite unlikely (and now also confirmed by gillie at least for the Tidypics plugin) that the plugins you have so far asked to be fixed are the problem.

    First, it would all help us a lot to be able to help you, if we would know what error you get (also possibly in the server logs), if there are any errors shown. Of course, if the slideshow simply does not work, there's no point in asking for an error message but there might be other errors logs which could help us to find the reason for your problems.

    I suspect there's some JS library conflict that is caused by a 3rd party plugin. This problem started to happen with some plugins on Elgg 1.8.14. One way to solve it is by upgrading to Elgg 1.8.15 - are you on Elgg 1.8.15 already?. The other way would be fixing the plugin / plugins that cause the JS library conflict.

    If the problem still happens on Elgg 1.8.15 there is still the likely possibility that another plugin is causing the problem you have not yet identified. You should try to do that. Therefore, I would suggest to disable all 3rd party plugins to begin with and only enable a single plugin you have problems with. The Tidypics plugin is only one possible choice and you can also use the Web Intelligence Framework plugin, the Custom Activity plugin or any other plugin that does not fully work. Do you still have the same problems then, e.g. slideshow and tagging not working? If yes, then we need to re-consider as then the problem is not caused by a plugin. If you don't have the same problems with only a single plugin enabled, you can be quite sure that it's caused by a plugin currently disabled. Now you can enable the plugins again one by one to find out which plugin causes the problem. If you know which plugin it is, you have made a big step to solving the problem.

  • @iionly That's alright, and by the way I tested on 1.8.15.

  • Gr8 plugin and improvements...

    I test it with 1.8.15 and a theme called Sociable theme. I use GD.

    All functions are working.

    I can upload and tag photos in different albums. Also side widgets are fully functional.

    It sugest 3 other plugins.




    I activate these three, but I don't require userpoints. So I deactivate that and the 0ther two plugins are perfectly working with my albums.

    Slideshow is also working perfectly. I have some doubt at here. It show some links towards Cooliris from piclens. What is it meaning? It is adverticement or slideshow use any service from piclens?. Or I can use 3 D wall from Cooliris!.

    Also slideshow require adobe flash player?.

  • Hello iionly. It is an effort to take a plugin developped by another. Thanks for your work!

    I installed your 1.8.1 Beta on my Elgg 1.8.15. I detect some errors ...

    - All old albums will be labeled "Array" next to the picture. (I run the update function from the configuration)
    - When entering an album does not show the photos, just the cover. (in the old and new albums)
    - Unable to edit the albums.
    - Unable to delete the albums.

    If I can help you, ask me!

  • @sarath: glad it works for you. Well, the slideshow is currently not yet working exactly like I want it to. First, I would like it to show up on every photo listing page and to allow for sliding to all photos of the current list (album, recently added etc.) and not only to a limited number of 50. Also, the Cooliris 3D wall is not working anymore. The slideshow is currently based on the latest release of the piclens library by Cooliris. But it seems they no longer support it. So, there will be a change of the library necessary to get the slideshow fully working (and not showing features that won't work). I will try out implementing Colorbox instead (that's the plan currently... let's see when I have the time to start with it...).

    @Wogker: how did you proceed when upgrading the Tidypics plugin to this version? Did you remove the tidypics folder completely before copying the new version on the server? If not, please do this now, i.e. deactivate the tidypics plugin, remove the folder, install the new files to the server and enable tidypics again. Also, you need to run "Upgrade" on the tidypics plugin settings page (if the button shows) and not the Upgrade button from the admin dashboard.

    Does this solve the issue?

    If not: is Array shown for all users or do you see the photos when logged in as admin? Do you see any error entries in your server log which might explain what's wrong? Can you create a new album and if that's possible do images added to this album show up?

  • @Wogker: I just look at your site (the site linked on your profile page). It seems to me that the album listing layout is not like it would be by default. Also, on album pages the cover image would not be shown by default. Could it be that your theme (or another plugin) alters the views of Tidypics? If this is the case, these modifications might not be compatible. I can't say where to start looking as I don't know what plugins / theme you are using. It might be worth to disable you theme (or other plugins possibly interferring) to see if this solves the issue. If that's the case you know better what you might need to fix.

  • This is my plugin list.

    Yes, I run the upgrade tidypics with a button show in the setting page, no the general upgrade. ;-)

    Without theme, the problem is the same. A lot albums are corrupt now, with "array" message. :(

    Don't worry, there are a lot of images but i will trie to find a crazy solution.

  • @Wogker: the images itself seem still be accessible, i.e. you can access the images via "All photos" by selecting one. Then you can also browse through the images. Therefore, I don't believe that the problem with the "Array" showing and the album overview not showing is directly connected with the images, the albums and their access permissions. I'm not exactly sure what should show up instead of the Array normally anyway. I think it could be tags assigned to the album.

    The theme seems to narrow down the canvas width resulting in only 3 columns of thumbnails of images to show (tested the Dark Gray theme right now). But the list of albums does look very different on your site than it normally should. You should see 4 (or 3 respectively) columns of thumbnails (album covers) with the album name above and some info below. On your site the album view is different, i.e. it's the "list view" and not the "gallery view". Also, on the album overview pages you should NOT see the album cover image. On your site it shows where the album owner's profile image should be. I don't see any plugin on your list that I would suspect immediately to cause this modification. Nonetheless, something is not like it should be by default. And I'm pretty sure that this can't happen due to the Tiypics plugin as it is when not modified. So, either something gone wrong when upgrading Tidypics and some files remained in the tidypics folder that should not be there or the Tidypics views are overridden by some other plugin.

  • @iionly


    When you get time, update it. But still it is too usefull for my small community. Already official tidypic plugin last update is more than 300 days. Updates and upgrades are always best for elgg community. So you are doing a good job.

  • @iionly Now, You can see the web without extra-theme. Thanks!

  • @Wogker: I've sent a PM with suggestions and questions.

  • @iionly

    When I click on menu item "photos", the screen shows all my photos in different albums on screen.

    my url is like this way, www.test.com/photos/siteimagesall

    You prefer this method? But I believe that the Wogker way is better. In his site he show all albums as the photo menu.

    When I click on his photo menu, Wogker url is like this way. http://www.agujero.net/photos/all

    Means it shows all album as the photo menu. Which is better option for us in tidypics?

  • @Wogker

    Hi, How you make photos menu item as all album cover (........photos/all) instead of all images (........../photos/siteimagesall)?.

  • @sarath: Wogker has returned to the official Tidypics version on his site which has no option to show the recent photos added at all, i.e. by default you get the list of albums shown when clicking on the photos menu entry. I know Wogker had issues with upgrading his site to this version of Tidypics here but I don't know why he has decided to return to the former version. I was trying to help him solving this issues with posting some suggestions (and also asking for a few more details) but got no reply on this anymore.

    With this version of Tidypics here you also can view the list of albums of the site via the sidebar menu entry. So, you can have both views. But I think linking to the recent photos added by default (basically all photos of the site sorted by date added) has the advantage of answering the question "What's new (since my last visit)?" quite good - and I think most users would like have this answered. The album view is more "static", i.e. it's good to browse through "older" content but maybe not as easy to find out what images have been recently added.

    If you prefer the site menu link to open the album view instead of the recent images view this is easily possible. You only need to change the url in the elgg_register_menu_item() call in start.php of the Tidypics plugin. Right now it's:

    // Set up site menu

    elgg_register_menu_item('site', array('name' => 'photos', 'href' => 'photos/siteimagesall', 'text' => elgg_echo('photos'),));

    If you prefer the site menu entry open the album view change it to:

    // Set up site menu

    elgg_register_menu_item('site', array('name' => 'photos', 'href' => 'photos/all', 'text' => elgg_echo('photos'),));

  • I changed it as described by iionly and it works well for me.  I do think on large sitse with many users sharing content it is preferable to do the album display because it tends to show more of a variety of images of different types versus merely the last 20 or so latest uploded photos which may all be of the same type.  Although the link to go the album view is clearly right there in the side tab it still seems to annoy some users to lose that view as the default.  I don't understand the problem since as said the link is right there but I had a user complain a few days back so I switched it as described by iionly.  It's pretty easy to change.  Check yoursitedirectory/mod/tidypics/start.php as described. :)

  • Sara, Iionly, sorry for my late reply, I spent a few crazy days. I went back to the old version for lack of time to keep trying. Now I have finally installed the 1.8.1 Beta 7 Iionly and work with it. I am available to assist in the development of this new plugin.

  • @iionly


    I agree with you. When users login, they can see what is fresh in images. It is a good feature.


  • @gts fan9, Wogker

    Thumbs up

  • I'm a crab, I return back. For me it is impossible to work with this version 1.8.1 Beta because I have no access to delete albums or photos, the buttons do not appear. My users are misplaced up new pictures and I can not delete! I'll wait for future versions to see if they are compatible with my website. Sorry!


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