[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.8.1beta6

Release Notes

Changes for release 1.8.1beta6:

  • Fix for Tidypics to work in Elgg 1.8.15 (creating new albums),
  • Updated uploadify flash uploader to version 3.2 (this might only be a preliminary solution as I might need to switch to another flash (html5) uploader as the Uploadify uploader has some limitations and also seems no longer fully supported),
  • Fixed some deprecated function calls (they were not in actively used code but some people might have wondered about it nonetheless as the Code Analyzer plugin gave some warnings about them),
  • Fixed html code in widgets' content.php for better theme compatibility (as suggested by ura soul).

IMPORTANT: If you have a previous version of the tidypics plugin installed then disable the plugin on your site and remove the tidypics folder from the mod folder on your server before installing the new version!

  • Thanks for this version, really!

    I tested it on my Elgg 1.8.15 and I didnt get any error by now...I will keep testing and I'll tell you if I see something wrong.Thanks, keep this great job.

  • ah great, thanks.. testing now

  • i haven't gotten far with the testing as i just found that some of the images still produce a white page when i attempt to view their page in elgg..
    these are ones which i think are somehow not associated with an album.. though they are meant to be..
    i thought i had removed them and reuploaded them, though apparently not.

    you can see some listed here:

    the 'planetary flower of life' image is one - if you click it you see a white page.
    i'll come back to this tomorrow and see if i can find out why. any tips welcome.

  • @ura: I'm not sure the Tidypics plugin is causing the issue - even if some pages with Tidypics images won't load. The thumbnails of these images look fine, so I'm pretty sure the image upload as such worked fine. What might cause the problem is some side-effect with another plugin on your site, e.g. if the images that won't show up differ in something from the images that show up (comment, image tags, access level set for these images come to my mind).

    What I would test:

    • Elgg version installed? Is it Elgg 1.8.15? If not: upgrade - especially when it's Elgg 1.8.14! There might be some issues with other plugins on your site (JS library loading) that should be solved with Elgg 1.8.15.
    • Disable other plugins to see if this solves the problem: especially your theme, the related items plugins (maybe the pages fail to load simply due to too much server load caused by the related items plugin).
    • Disable simple cache / system cache to see if this changes anything.

    Tidypics specific:

    • did the images that won't show up now ever worked? Which version of Tidypics was installed when they were uploaded? If you might have set different access level for these images as for the album (in case you uploaded them before upgrading to my version of Tidypics) set the access level of the album again (you might need to change the access level twice to return to the desired level). Resetting the access level of the album will set the access level of all its images to the same level.
    • if it's due to image tagging disable the tagging option in the Tidypics plugin settings to see if the image pages will load again then. If this is the case there is some conflict with another plugin on your site due to the image tags.

    Well, that's all I can think of atm.

  • thanks for responding - to answer your queries:

    elgg version is 1.8.15.
    i just tested without cache enabled and the issue remains..
    the issue existed prior to your versions of tidypics, i think it began for these images way back in elgg 1.7.4 and i never found a way to resolve it.
    i searched to find which album they are in and they are not in any album, which is the cause i think. i attempted to delete them previously and thought that i had, but apparently not! (image tagging has never been enabled)

  • Confirming the new 1.8.1b6 version is uploading new albums and imabes just fine in elgg 1.8.15. Thanks for the quick fix!

  • @ura:

    If the images that won't get displayed don't belong to an album surely something is wrong. If this problem exists on your site since Elgg 1.7, I guess it's no longer possible to figure out what exactly went wrong back then - server glitch at uploading the images or incomplete deletion when the album they originally belonged to might have been deleted. When uploading images they should be assigned to an album (container_id of that album) and all images of an album should get deleted when this album is removed at any time. I'm not aware that there are any issues in Tidypics (or have been any issues in the past) that caused problems with this.

    Images not belonging to an existing album (or maybe yet another reason) would mean that the database entries of these image entities have errors. There is no way to fix this problem directly on your site (via frontend or admin backend). Instead you would need to approach this problem with phpMyAdmin or a similar database administation tool. Choose one image that is not working and note down the guid of the corresponding Elgg entity (the guid number is part of the url: http://site.domain/photos/image/<guid&gt;). Then search the elgg_entities table of your site database for the entry with this guid number in the guid column. The number in the container_id column of this entry is the guid of the album the image belongs to. Now you can test if this album exists: enter the url http://site.domain/photos/album/<container_id&gt; when logged in to your site. If the page that is loaded is not an album page, you found the problem. To solve it, choose an existing album you want to add the orphaned images to and note down the guid of this album (http://site.domain/photos/album/<album_guid&gt;). This guid is the number you would need to enter in the container_id column of the image row in the elgg_entities table. If the non-working image does belong to an existing album the problem is caused by some other value in the images elgg_entities row being wrong. I would check these other values in any case anyway, e.g. are subtype, owner_guid and access_id correct? Compare the numbers in these columns with working image entities.

    So, that's how you could fix the database entry of one image that hopefully show up again on your site then. The other non-working images can be fixed in the same way. What you might want to search for - in case the container_id really is the root of the problem - are entities in the elgg_entities table with this same faulty container_id. This way you might find all problematic images faster if they have all the same wrong container_id. You could then change the container_id of all these entities to the same album_guid as the first image you fixed. But I would advice you to do this only if the wrong container_id really does not belong to any existing Elgg entity on your site (not only not an existing album) or you made sure that all these entities are Tidypics images (i.e. correct subtype). Otherwise you might change the container_id of an entity that isn't an image at all.

    After reading all this you might got the idea that this direct database manipulation is not without risk. Yes, that's true! Backup your database in any case before you start! If you make the changes carefully, there should be no problem, but it's always better to have a backup. You should also test any changes you make in the database on a single image entry only at first. If the change does not result in the image being accessible again there's no sense in making the same change for the other non-working images and you can still undo your single change in the database easily.

  • sure ok, then i'll do that..
    the main reason i haven't already done something similar is that my installation of phpmyadmin is not accessible for me for some reason and i need to fix that first.. i'll let you know how it goes.

  • Hi iionly,

    Just for Information you can check flash up loader of hypeGallery its working fine I am not sure what is the different between flash uploader of the Tidypics and hypeGallery but hypeGallery uploader is better and user friendly on comparison to Tidypics

  • @saurabh: I just tried out hypeGallery to see which flash uploader is used by this plugin. When trying version 1.8.5 available here (together with version 1.8.5 of the framework) the plugin did not work at all. Next I tried version 1.8.6 (framework + gallery) from github. While the upload handling might look a bit different - apart from hypeGallery being quite buggy in Elgg 1.8.15 - the hypeGallery plugin uses the very same flash uploader (uploadify). The Beta6 of the Tidypics plugin even uses a newer version of the uploadify JS library than the hypeGallery plugin (though the changes in the new version are not really substantial).

  • @ iionly, Thanks for your time.. I am using HypeGallery 1.8.6 in elgg-1.8.9.. Its working fine for me even Flash uploader is better and user friendly.. I did not check over elgg-1.8.15 as i am still on elgg-1.8.9.. I do remember I did small modification in hypeGallery to work.. I need to check and let you know it may help you.

    Personally I like Hypegallery over Tydipic as its more users friendly and provide better album display option.


  • Thanks iionly this has fixed the issue I had with the images not displaying on elgg 1.8.15.

  • I would also like to thank for this new iionly plugins. This tidypics plugins 1.8.1 beta6 works fine on elgg 1.8.15 and provides a better display, but I have not finished testing all its operations, I will inform you if beug

  • @阁香木: difficult (impossible) for me to debug when I don't understand anything on your site... sorry.

    Are you using the latest version of Tidypics (Beta6)? Have you clicked on the "Upgrade" button in the Tidypics plugin settings if this button is visible (it will only show up when there is something to upgrade)?

    When did the images stop to show? What was the last thing you changed before that?

    If you are already using Beta6 I suspect a conflict with another plugin or a bug in another plugin that interferes with the image display. I would suggest for you to disable all other 3rd party plugins (including your theme) and maybe also change to English as site language to see if the images will show up again then. If they do it's a matter of finding out which other plugin is causing the problem (you should also check if you are using the latest version available of all installed plugins).

  • I changed the attribute data directory to 777, all photos of the photo don't show.

  • @阁香木: did the photos stopped to show after you changed the data directory permissons to 777 or did the photos stopped to show even before you changed the permissions? When exactly did the photos stopped to show? I need to know this to be able to help you.

    I don't think your problem has anything to do with permissions of the data directory. Do you use the latest version of the Tidypics plugin, i.e. version 1.8.1beta6? Have you tested what happens when you disable all other 3rd party plugins to find out if there is a conflict with another plugin?

  • Thanks this is a definite improvement over the old stable Tidypics.  The new flash upload seems smoother and far more intuitive for users. I have a couple suggestions I thought I'd mention in case they seemed worthy and you have the time.  1. Have a settings option to optionally make the photos tab show albums by default instead of new photos.  (probably easily changed now with modifications to the plugin but a setting might be helpful to some) 2.  If doing number one maybe also allow an option to show newly updated albums first as opposed to in order of album creation as the old stable tidypics did.  3. For the ratings and things like "show most viewed this month" instead of only showing one page maybe allow all photos to be ordered in this manner by the given criteria?  I'm not sure how feasible this is in relation to resources but I thought I'd mention it.  Thanks again for your work! +1 Rec

  • Module "tidypics_v1.8.1beta6" may be in conflict with "site pages 1.8", as long as the open "site pages 1.8" album will not be properly displayed.

  • @gts fan9: your suggestions are quite good and I might include (some of) them when time permits. Actually, improving the "most viewed" / "most rated" etc. views is on my ToDo list already. Sorting albums based on most recent images added might be a bit confusing to follow though.

    @gexm: I'm not aware of any conflicts between Tidypics and any plugins bundled with Elgg. But I have to admit I'm not sure what you mean by "as long as the open "site pages 1.8" album will not be properly displayed." exactly. I'm not aware that the site pages plugin offers any album capabilities. Can you explain in more details what you mean? Also, are you sure that the problem is not caused by any 3rd party plugin used on your site?

  • @iionly, thanks for the consideration.  I actually had a user out of the blue send me a PM on my site and ask me to switch it back to the old album based display.  I was shocked.  You know how that is.  If one asks 100 to a thousand others probably are thinking the same thing!  I think if I find the way to switch the photo tab back to the old way that will keep them happy.  It should be easy enough and a simple string so hopefully I'll find that tonight.  I see the new release btw.  Thank you again. :)

  • Found it for anyone else needing this.  It's in start.php.  Line 29 for me. change it to:

    'href' => 'photos/all',

    This changed the phototab back to the old default which is album based for me.



  • @gts fan9: I'm surprised they prefer the album listing over the latest new photos listing. Well, as you already posted it's only a change of the url necessary for the site menu entry to get the desired behaviour back.


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