[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.8.1beta12

Release Notes


  • Added placeholder images to be displayed in case no images have been uploaded to an album yet in the image sizes previously missing,
  • On deletion of an album the corresponding album folder in data directory gets deleted and no longer the (empty) album folder remains,
  • Flash uploader fixed in the case of group albums when someone else than the album creator wants to upload images to a group album,
  • Navigation arrows hidden if an album contains only a single image,
  • Correction of title of group pages "Most recent albums" widget,
  • "View all" link in Latest Photos widget on profile pages working for site visitors not logged in,
  • Fixed list of offered existing albums to select from for image uploads when in group context,
  • Fixed display of image and album gallery pages when images or albums exist that belong to groups with restricted access (The images or albums shown in the gallery pages depend on the viewing user having the necessary right for viewing depending on the access level defined for these albums including the images within these albums. For example a user gets to see all albums with "public" access level regardless if logged in or not. But if you set the access level "public" or "logged in" for a group album this results in even a non-group member being able to get access to such albums and their content. But if the group itself is a restricted group certain problems arise when this group contains "public" or "logged-in" content. In case of the gallery views within Tidypics the outcome is a fatal error occuring on these pages. This fix avoids the fatal error from happening. Still the group images and albums of restricted albums are included in the listings due to the access level set for them. If you don't want any albums or images of restricted groups to be seen by non-group-members you must set the access level of these albums to the corresponding group's level).
  • Yes, Thanks. That does it.
    But the problem with this is that, when there is single photo upload, the comment goes to the album. This is not the usual or default behavior of any social net ( or social net script). The expected and actual norm is -

    one photo in river -> comment goes to photo (individual photo page0
    more than one photo [ row of thubnails in river ] -> comment goes to album, when commented from river

  • @kanha: you already explained what you expect regarding where the comments should appear. But the handling of where to assign the comments to is not directly connected to how many thumbnails should be shown in the river entries. The number of images to show is already possible to configure via the existing plugin settings. The assigning of comments to images or albums when commenting on river entries depending on how many images were uploaded is something I said I would deal with and possibly add it to the next release of Tidypics. And I AM working on that! But I'm working on Elgg plugins only in my spare time and therefore it takes time until it's done (even without any other issues with other plugins arising as it happened this weekend that prevented me from spending even a single minute on Tidypics). The next release of Tidypics will be released when it's ready and I can't tell you right now when this will happen. It can be next week or maybe in 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

  • Yes, sorry for the repeat. That's true. Once again, thanks.

  • @iionly Photo tagging still doesn't work on my platform. Will be greatful if you have some advices. elgg version 1.8.18

  • @Irakli: what exactly fails to work?

    First, have you upgraded to this version of Tidypics by first removing the old Tidypics plugin folder? Otherwise some outdated files might have remained and now cause isses.

    Have you enabled tagging on the Tidypics plugins page?

    Do the tagging instructions appear when you click on the "tag" link on an image page?

    If yes, can you mark an area on the image to be tagged?

    If yes, can you enter the tag (username or a word tag)?

    I noticed just now that the autocompletion of usernames has an issue (choices are displayed below the input box instead of above). But otherwise the tagging works for me - you only need to enter the complete username unfortunately right now.

    If you correctly installed this version of Tidypics and tagging fails to work at some of the above listed steps it could be due to a conflict with some other 3rd party plugin installed on your site. You could find out if this is the case by disabling them temporarily and then test again if tagging works.

  • @iionly I had completely removed previous version of tidypics and installed this one, but problem remains the same - when I click tag link it doesn't react at all. I've double checked the settings and photo tagging is enabled

  • @Irakli: if the Tag link is displayed on the image pages it means that the tagging option is enabled. Otherwise the Tag link would not show up.

    So, if you click on the Tag link you don't see the following text displayed above the image:

    Select the area that you want to tag or Quit.
    Type a friend's name in or add a word tag to the photo.

    If you see this text it means that you can start tagging by first selecting a part of the image (with the mouse) that you want to tag.

    If you don't see this text there must be some issue indeed. Have you checked if any other 3rd party plugin on your site is causing the issue (disabling all of them temporarily to see if tagging works then).

  • Default and fresh install of Elgg 1.8.18 and Elgg_1.8_tidypics_v1.8.1beta12 - no other third party plugins ( or if it was there, they are disabled) I am unable to to photo tag (marking on photo itself) in all browsers.

    It persistently gives the error message :
    "Photo tag failed because there was no tag entered or all entered tags were duplicates of existing tags."

    This message comes despite there being no duplicates at all and despite entering words correctly.

  • Tokenizing Autocomplete for Elgg 1.8 apparently breaks the Tag feature.

    Fresh install of Elgg 1.8.18 + Elgg_1.8_tidypics_v1.8.1beta12 + Tokenizing Autocomplete for Elgg 1.8 

    Tag won't work - gives error message as above

    Fresh install of Elgg 1.8.18 + Elgg_1.8_tidypics_v1.8.1beta12 + DISABLED Tokenizing Autocomplete for Elgg 1.8  - tAG WORKS

    But however in another install even disabling Tokenizing Autocomplete could not make Tag work

  • I can't say anything about the Tokenizing Autocomplete plugin. I'm not using it and I've not tested it. I don't even fully understand what this plugin does differently from the default Elgg behaviour after reading the description of this plugin. It seems you have asked on the Tokenizer plugin page about the problem with tagging images. If the solution given works, fine. But I can't say much about it.

    What is different between the two sites you have used for testing. Something must be different if it works on one site (with Tokenizing plugin disabled) but not on the other site.

  • Thanks iionly. I really have no idea why the two installations behaved differently - it may be some extra plugins installed (deactivated later) or different order of plugins.

    Tidypics and Hypewall both are good utilities - Tidypics actually is essential on all sites. Hypewall or similar ones will pick up more. So I think these conflicts will be discussed more in future and resolved more.

    As of you now you are right - the solution on the Tokenizer plugin page DO works. I was about to post this here.

  • When there is batch upload say, for example more than 15 to 20 photos or more the river gets somewhat clunky - can this be limited to say 5 or 7 ( x number) like "A set of upto 7 photos" with a "more" link

  • Tidypics itself is a wonderful mod/plugin and I always appreciate the hard work and the amount of time that goes into its development.

    Just keeping two small notes here

    1) more visual appeal and responsivenss like here  http://www.rolography.co.uk - note how the images move and adjust on resizing the browser to a narrower slit

    2) the notes from another similar dev http://blog.oxwall.org/2014/02/dev-diary-february-21-2014 - note VIEW PHOTOS and PHOTO LIST discussions

    As I said just keeping two small notes here. Tidypics +++

  • i am testing etklikes here (ajax likes plugin) along with the liked_content plugin (shows all liked items in a list).. and i notice that when i like a tidypics image from the river, which is added to an existing album, 2 issues arise:

    1. the image is 'liked' in the river and yet the like is not showing against the image or album when i view the image or album.
    2. the image is shown in the liked_content list of liked items as being of type 'TidypicsBatch' instead of 'album' or more ideally as an 'image'.

    from what i see, the batches are their own entity and are being liked independantly of the actual image / album - which is pretty useless for me.
    when i disable etklikes, the liking in the river points to the image that is being added, rather than to the batch.. so this points to etklikes being the plugin that needs to change.

    i have looked through the code though and am not seeing any specific area yet that i can change to resolve this in that plugin.
    i posted this issue here in case anyone has anything to add..
    i will also post this against etklikes. 

  • How can we like " a batch"? That is not the usual way thing happens in any social net - FB, G+ etc

    I think two things can be done

    if there is one image in the river - the like (as well as any comment) should go to the image itself
    if there is more than one image at a time the like (as well as comment) should go the 'album' containing the image

    At least that is what happens everywhere. The other option will be, if its river, do not show 'like' button entirely or do not show like button if its more than one image.

  • @ura: etklikes is unknown to me.

    The handling of likes is something I'll try to improve. Maybe the issue is not with etklikes but with Tidypics. I'm currently stuck with an issue with the likes that I need to solve first before I can release the next version of Tidypics. Unfortunately, coding time is rare at the moment...

  • Congratulations excellent plugin.

  • What is the form name for saving (uploading photos) that can be used in other mods?

    What I am intending to do is upload from the river activity page itself by using modriver_activity_3Cviewsdefaultpageelementsforms.php

    It has code like this:

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('blog')){
    echo elgg_view_form('blog/save');
    echo elgg_echo('Not Active');

    <div id="tab3" class="tab_content">
    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('file')){
    echo elgg_view_form('file/upload');
    echo elgg_echo('Not Active');

    <div id="tab4" class="tab_content">
    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('tidypics')){
    echo elgg_view_form('photos/album/save');
    echo elgg_echo('Not Active');

    The blog posting works okay, file upload does not work and the PHOTO does add a new album (empty album) but one cannot upload photo to preexisting album or just upload a photo. What will be the appropriate form name instead of "photos/album/save" so that photo can be directly uploaded?


  • How to make "One entry with all photos of the batch" to 
    "One entry with 7 (or 8 or 9 or x) photos of the batch" ?

    This is necessary because if some users batch uploads 10 or more photos the river gets too congested / clunky with too many thumbnails.

    The river would look better and nifty with :

    thubnail image 1 .....to ...  thubnail image 7 and "x" more

  • When there are multiple photos in one entry in river, be it 'album cover or a set of photos for new album' or a batch upload in preexisting album, I will like to set the number of thumbnails at 5 ( in a single row)

    This gives best compatibilty on various themes and devices - what is the code needed to adjust? Thanks in advance.

    Keeping with the latest trends, if thumbnail names (title or names of images) can be shown on hover on the image the album grid view can have cleaner appearance and less chance of visually breaking a row due to very long names

  • @disha: uploading images to an existing album directly is only possible within the view of this album because it's necessary to set the album the images are to be uploaded to by context. Within the other pages of Tidypics the upload of images to a new or existing album is handled by the selectalbum.php view that is in views/default/photos. This view is called by the "Upload photos" button. The view is expected to be included in a lightbox popup, so it might look weird if called otherwise. But you should be able to create a corresponding view or call it also in a lightbox popup within the river activity plugin.

    Regarding limiting the number of preview images take a look at the river view for albums (views/default/river/object/album). There's the set option for albums that limits the number of images to 7. You can modify the image upload river views in /views/default/river/object/tidypics_batch according to the album river view to limit the number of preview images to a certain number.

    Showing info like image name etc on "Hover" only has the disadvantage that there's no hovering possible on touchscreens (smartphones, touchpads etc.).

  • Showing info like image name etc on "Hover" only has the disadvantage that there's no hovering possible on touchscreens (smartphones, touchpads etc.).

    Maybe on such devices that do not support hover, the script should fallback to regular or no names on thumbnails. Since Google Plus and FB and possibly others are doing like this the 'user expectancy' is like that.

  • It is not working for me. I created an album and then uploaded the picture(didn't use flash-uploader), then i come to the page where i enter the title and entered something -> save. 

    But doesn't show the picture, only the title in the album overview.

  • @stoffal:

    Are you using the latest version of Tidypics (1.8.1beta12)? Which version of Elgg?

    Did the thumbnail image showed up on the edit page (where you entered the image title) after upload? If yes, this would mean that the upload should have been successful (and the problem of the image entry not showing up correctly afterwards is very likely due to other reasons). If not, then the image upload itself is very likely the problem. You can check if the image file (plus the resized image thumbnail files) have been saved in the data directory.

    As I mentioned on your language file issue discussion topic outdated plugins can result in problems on your site. Even some plugins written for Elgg 1.8 could be incompatible with each other (one example of incompatibility with Tidypics - and most likely other plugins - is the bad word filter plugin that totally disturbs the image upload processing). As I don't know which other plugins you currently use, I can only suggest to disable all 3rd party plugins temporarily to see if this resolves the problem within Tidypics (disabling all is the quickest check as you see immediately if any of them results in issues).

  • @iionly

    i am using elgg 1.8.17. The image does not show up on the edit page and i can't find it in the data directory.


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