[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.8.1beta11

Release Notes


  • Some general code cleanup,
  • Fix of river entries appearing twice on image uploads in case the Flash uploader is used and the plugin option is set to create separate entries for each uploaded image (issue introduced in beta10),
  • Added TidypicsBatch class (that extends ElggObject class) used for creation of objects of subtype "tidypics_batch" (used for handling "batches" of uploaded images) instead of creation the objects as ElggObject and assinging the subtype,

Improvements on slideshow:

  • a slideshow can be started on all pages that display a suitable list of images (but the slideshow feature is only available if the slideshow plugin option introduced in beta10 is enabled in the plugin settings),
  • start of slideshow via title menu button,
  • slideshow will include the next 64 images (i.e. 5 pages of images) of the current displayed image list taking into account the current page offset (i.e. on page 1 the slideshow will display pages 1-5 while on page 10 it will display the images of pages 10-14 etc.). (Longtime goal for future Tidypics versions: no limitation of number of images in slideshow and most likely replacing the PicLensLite slideshow by something else / something better. Currently, the number of images to be included in a slideshow is somewhat limited by avoiding running into memory issues. Also, the PicLensLite slideshow library requires the Flash plugin on client browsers which is annoying and the 3D wall feature does no longer work),

Improvements on image orientation correction at image uploading:

  • using best methods available depending on image library selected,
  • update orientation information saved in image file after a change of image orientation if the image library used supports this (GD library unfortunately does not support it but the exif info saved in the image file is lost on image orientation correction anyway),
  • support of orientation correction not only of rotated but also of mirrowed (and possibly additionally rotated) images,

Some remarks regarding which image library to use for Tidypics:

  • if possible and available on your server use the "ImageMagick executable". Generally, this library has a much smaller memory requirement compared to the GD library both for image resizing (i.e. creation of thumbnail preview images) and orientation correction of images. Additionally, the exif information saved in an image file will be preserved both during resizing and orientation correction processing,
  • next best choice after "ImageMagick executable" is the "imagick PHP extension". It also has a low memory consumption compared to the GD library but you might lose exif information during image processing,
  • the GD library should be available on any server (as Elgg core requires it anyway). The memory requirement of the GD library can be quite high both for creation of thumbnails and image orientation corrections. The memory requirement is depending not on the image file size in the first place but on image resolution, color depth per pixel and color channels per pixel (so even a small sized image file might require more memory than available on the server). If you use the GD library for Tidypics on your server, your users might not be able to upload larger images. Additionaly, exif information saved in the image files might get lost during image orientation correction.
  • Hi iionly,

    Any idea of why the photo preview when you select a photo in an album whould give the following message:

    The requested content cannot be loaded.
    Please try again later.

    This option was working fine before but suddenley stopped working.

    elgg version 1.8.16

    tidypics 1.8.1 beta11

  • @clu55ter: check out if there's a conflict with another 3rd party plugin installed on your site. "Stopped working" for images that you know to have worked before sounds like some other plugin is causing the problem. This might be connected with this other plugin not fully compatible with Elgg 1.8.16 anymore. If "stopped working" refers to new image uploads while old image entries still work the problem might be caused by the new images not getting correctly saved on upload. But this explanation would only explain when only new image are affected.

  • Hi iionly


    have just noticed that in the server info that my max upload size says 0.03kb please see image below.



    But I have set this higher in my server php.ini and in the elgg site .htaccess

    When I check the info.php it clearley say 32mb

    I also have other elgg sites running on the same server but these display the correct information in the server settings info. Any ideas on what this could be? I'm getting a bit worried as the site users are now having problems uploading images to the site.

    Would really apreciate your help!

  • Are you really sure you haven't entered wrong values for upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in .htaccess? It almost look like there is 32 and 64 respectively set instead of 32M and 64M as I think you want them to be. Php.ini is server-wide but .htaccess of Elgg is site-specific. So, even if other sites on the same server are working okay it will fail to work for this very site, if there are wrong (i.e. too small) values in its .htaccess file.

    If the values are too small this would also explain why new uploads fail - though I'm not sure why you wouldn't see an error message telling you about the image size exceeding the upload limit in this case.

    If .htaccess contains the correct values and Tidypics still shows the too small values, are you sure that this is not caused by some other 3rd party plugin that is only installed on this Elgg installation? While Tidypics does not set any limits it is possible to set limits in php code. So maybe some plugin restricts the limits ini_set() functions (for whatever reasons) and this caused problems for other plugins then.

  • Hi iionly, I have deactivated all the plugin and just left easytheme and tidypics 11beta on, I flushed cacah and upgraded but it still displays the same into in the server information.

    below is the info from my .htaccess


    <IfModule mod_php5.c>
    # limit the maximum memory consumed by the php script to 256 MB
    php_value memory_limit 256M
    # register_globals is deprecated as of PHP 5.3.0 - disable it for security reasons.
    php_value register_globals 0
    # post_max_size is the maximum size of ALL the data that is POST'ed to php at a time (64 MB)
    php_value post_max_size 65536
    # upload_max_filesize is the maximum size of a single uploaded file (32 MB)
    php_value upload_max_filesize 32768
    # on development servers, set to 1 to display errors. Set to 0 on production servers.
    php_value display_errors 0


  • As I suspected you entered wrong values in your .htaccess. The values you entered for post_max_size and upload_max_filesize are BYTES (and not Megabytes). Change the lines to

    php_value post_max_size 64M

    php_value upload_max_filesize 32M

  • iionly thank you so much!

    this has seem to fix the tidypics photo uploads! I cant thank you enough!

    The thing thats a mystry to me is my other site upload sizes are in kb but they seem to be work fine, should I leave them as they are or would you recommed I change these aswell? 

  • Are you really sure they are in kBytes? If you don't provide the unit its bytes (not kBytes or MBytes). Personally, I prefer to enter the value in MByte (i.e. 32M) as it's simply easier to set than entering for example 33554432 (if you want to set exactly 32Megabytes). But there shouldn't be any difference depending on what unit you enter as long as you really enter the size you intend.

  • Thanks for your help and advice!

    I think I will use old saying "if something isn't broken don't try to fix it!"


    Your a star!

  • Hi all, this is a really great plugin!

    I'm a bit of a noob, but I'm experiencing a strange display behaviour: when I get into the view "Add photos to album", the link number 1. ("Choose photos") seems to partially overwrite another option/link (could it be "cancel"?)

    The link number 2. ("Upload photos") is displayed correctly.

    Anybody experiencing the same issue?

    Thank you in advance for your help!


  • @Luca: there's no second link beside "Choose photos" on step 1. But the Flash uploader script creates the "Choose photos" link on top of another (placeholder / not working) link (a inconvinient implementation to get the Flash uploader script working but unfortunately necessary). The underlying link should not be visible though but complete hidden by the Flash uploader link.

    In case the link is visible on your site it might be a browser issue I've not noticed yet. Could you tell me which browser you use? Does the same problem also occur when using another browser? It might also be some interference with the theme you use on your site (if any). Could you test if the problem persists when you temporarily disable your theme plugin?

    The problem should only occur when using the Flash uploader. If the problem persists I would suggest to use the basic uploader instead for now.

  • Fatal Error.

    object_notifications is a private function and should not be called directly , this is error i see when i try to upload images to album

  • @worldopensources: what version of Elgg are you using? Is it some Elgg 1.8 release or a Elgg 1.9 dev release from github? In case of the latter I'm aware that there are some changes necessary for Tidypics to work on Elgg 1.9 and I'll release a version of Tidypics for Elgg 1.9 soon (hopefully during first week of 2014).

    If the error occurs on Elgg 1.8: which version of Tidypics are you using? Have you used any older version of Tidypics before? If yes, re-install the latest version of Tidypics but remove the Tidypics folder completely before copying the new version on the server.

  • @iionly  yes you are right i am using Elgg 1.9 from Github

  • @worldopensource: you "could" try https://github.com/iionly/Elgg_1.9_tidypics for testing. But please ONLY FOR TESTING! It not up-to-date with what I have already coded for Tidypics on Elgg 1.9 and especially there is an update script missing when updating from Elgg 1.8 to Elgg 1.9 which requires updating Tidypic's entries in the river table. Also, the slideshow fails to work for me on Elgg 1.9 completely. I intended to have finished working on an Elgg 1.9 version of Tidypics by now but some unexpected things happened in December that prevented me from coding anything. I hope I'll find some time next year and Tidypics for Elgg 1.9 is the top priority for me right now.

  • Great plugin. I had beta 9 installed before and now installed beta 11 - I noticed that delete album option has been deleted. Is this by design or an error? How can I delete or edit an album in the latest release?

  • @gluck: I'm not aware of any changes between beta9 and beta11 causing any issues with the album edit and delete links no longer showing up. Maybe something went wrong when you upgraded Tidypics, e.g. some files were not copied. Best would be to re-install the Tidypics plugin: disable the Tidypics plugin on your site, then completely remove the Tidypics plugin folder from your mod directory and then copy the new version again on the server. Now enable the Tidypics plugin again. Your existing albums and images won't be affected by doing this but there shouldn't remain any possible outdated files of former Tidypics versions now.

    If this does not solve the issue: have you made any other changes on your site beside updating Tidypics recently? If yes, maybe another plugin installed/updated results in the problem with Tidypics independently of the version of Tidypics.

  • @iionly: I found the issue. It seems that in beta11 this line is missing from tidypics\views\default\object\album\full.php line 20. If you add this line the toolbar appears.

        'class' => 'elgg-menu-hz',

    I think this is an issue in beta11 and everyone should be experiencing it. Hope this helps for people struggling with missing edit toolbar for albums.


  • @gluck: if it's missing for you then you must have modified this file on your own at some point. In beta11 this line is not missing (I've just downloaded beta11 here from the site to verify). Anyway, I've just uploaded beta12 anyway. :-)

  • help


    cant upload pics


    PHP WARNING: 2014-06-01 18:23:14 (CEST): "exif_read_data(php3JPs3j): File not supported" in file /var/www/vhosts/mysite.de/httpdocs/mod/tidypics/classes/TidypicsImage.php (line 206)


    plugin is on fresh install elgg 1.9


    Server Information

    PHP Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.11  
    GD Enabled Elgg requires the GD extension to be loaded
    imagick Enabled  
    exec() Enabled Required for ImageMagick command line
    Memory Available to PHP 128MB Change memory_limit to increase
    Memory Used to Load This Page 18.27 MB This is approximately the minimum per page
    Max File Upload Size 128MB Max size of an uploaded photo file
    Max Post Size 8MB Max post size = sum of photos + html form
    Max Input Time 60s Time script waits for upload to finish
    Max Execution Time 60 s Max time a script will run
    GD imagejpeg Enabled  
    GD imagepng Enabled  
    GD imagegif Enabled  
    EXIF Enabled  
    Cookie only sessions Enabled Cookie only sessions may affect the Flash uploader



  • @Gexor:

    1. Which version of Tidypics are you using? For Elgg 1.9.0-rc.1 use ONLY Tiypics version 1.9.1beta13 and no older version!
    2. Which image library are you using - GD or imagick?
    3. What kind of image file (file type, image file size) are you trying to upload? Does it fail with any images (even with a single small image file for a start)?
    4. You should incease max_post_size in .htaccess to >128M. While you have set upload_max_filesize to 128M the current setting of max_post size is 8M which won't work for any larger upload (Max post size = sum of uploaded photos + some overhead).
  • ok many questions :-)


    Tidypics Photo Gallery 1.9.1beta13

    2  used GD and try imagick

    3 i try jpg and png size 120kb and 230x150 (settings of plugin -->Primary photos sizewidth:1600x1600 and Album view photos size

    standart and Thumbnail photos size standart too


    4 its my standart config of my root server,some other projekts running on this.



  • @Gexor:

    If you are not already using the basic uploader try it with the basic uploader instead of the Flash uploader (just for testing - I've just checked out the uploading with the Flash uploader and it works for me but you never know).

    If you have already other 3rd party plugins installed on your Elgg 1.9 site (I hope you use it only for testing right now as 1.9 is just a release candidate and no final release yet), disable all 3rd party plugins to see if the proble with image uploading is maybe caused by a bug / conflict with another plugin.

    Does uploading of files / image files using the bundled files plugin work? Just asking.

  • dont work with all of your infos ,flash and basic work for upload but no image create on page only border with cross.

    i was use the tidypics on 1.8 and work fine on this ver.

    no 3rd party plugins online only the plugins inside the ver 1.9 of elgg


    its possible open_base dir problem?

  • @Gexor: I think an open_basedir problem specific to Tidypics is rather unlikely. If there's a problem with open_basedir it would also cause issues with the data directory in general. As I asked before: can you upload files (maybe testing even with an image file) using the bundled files plugin? Does uploading of a profile image work? If these two options work, there shouldn't be a problem with open_basedir. If not only the upload of images with Tidypics but any other upload fails, too, the problem is with the Elgg installation or the server configuration (if you have other Elgg sites on the same server it's maybe rather an issue with Elgg itself).


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