[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X & 3.X: Tidypics] v1.8.1beta10

Release Notes


  • Some preparations for compatibility with Elgg 1.9 (though I will release a separate version of Tidypics for Elgg 1.9!),
  • Replacement of a deprecated function,
  • Small improvement in Flash uploader error handling,
  • New plugin option: use of slideshow optional,
  • Fixed check of memory requirement for image re-sizing on upload when using GD php extension,
  • Slightly better catching of missing images / thumbnail situations,
  • Improved image orientation correction on image upload. When using GD library it will only be done when memory requirement is fullfilled. Additionally, Imagick php extension or ImageMagick library is used when defined as image library in Tidypics plugin settings,
  • New tab on Tidypics plugin settings: image deletion by providing GUID of image (in case the image entry can't be deleted via site front-end),

Includes the following changes in Tidypics from official Tidypics repo at https://github.com/cash/Tidypics:

  • correction of text in notifications about image uploads in case the uploader is not the owner of the album (by Jerome Bakker).
  • Nice Work on update but have couple of issues still!

    1. GD not working on mobile uploads from iOS giving error
    2. Using ImageMagik executable option and loads pics from iOS but if pictures taken vertical it loads them landscape view on mobile devices!
    3. Talked about it already but recent pics widget needs to have way to arrange order of pics base on widget box size and not just be set at a vertical 1 column set..!

    Any advice in correctiong these issues would make my day!!!!  Thanks

    (210.importedition.com  tester/tester)

  • @LT:

    My possibilities to test for Apple devices are very limited... more precisely: non-existing!

    1. What errors exactly are there with GD on mobile devices?
    2. Regarding image orientation from Apple devices: I just did a bit of a research and apparently Apple devices strip the EXIF info on image upload (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16297730/image-upload-from-iphone-strips-exif-data). As the image orientation value saved in the EXIF data is necessary to be able to correct the orientation, this makes it impossible to automatically correct the image orientation - say thanks to Apple for that! Maybe I need to add the option to rotate images manually instead - after upload. Regarding flipping of images when viewing them: does it happen with all images or only with images that have been rotated on image upload? My guess at the moment: Apple might be exceptionally "user-friendly" and rotate images even if you don't want that... I have to think about modifying the automatic orientation process to take this into account...
    3. As I already replied: the thumbnail entries in the widgets have a fixed width. This width is defined in the "tidypics-gallery-widget" class in Tidypic's CSS file. This width is used for ALL widgets and already at the lower limit, so I don't think you can reduce it more. The number of thumbnails shown per row depends on the width of the widget. There are as many entries included per row as possible and then the next line starts. The entries are not vertically arranged by definition. This only seems so on your site because the column you have added the "Most recent images" widget to is too small to include more than a single thumbnail per row. The only way to get more entries per row is by increasing the width of the column. You would need to modify your theme (or is it the Widget Manager plugin you are using?). There's nothing within the Tidypics plugin that can change this.
  • When using GD option and uploading from iphone gives me this error!

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate
    9792 bytes)
    line 278

    As far as the image orientation is only affects the mobile view but not the desktop view???  When viewed on desktop it has correct orientation but when viewed from mobile site it flips it sideways, weird?

    And for the thumbnail view i've messed with the with sizing and doesnt' do any thing?  All i want is for it to show in grid form as i've placed it in the middle section thats wide and it just shows images straight down?  I'll place the widget in middle section so you can preview it!

  • @LT: I need to look into the memory issue in more detail. Right now I think the problem with the image on your site is that the memory requirement for rotating the image with the GD library is even higher than the memory requirement for resizing the same image. During testing I haven't come across this problem unfortunately.

    Regarding the widget that shows the latest images vertically I'm not sure what could cause this. It surely is not happening for me. Are you using Widget Manager plugin in addition to a theme plugin? Have you checked what happens when you disable the theme plugin temporarily? Did you modify anything on the Tidypics / Widget Manager / Theme plugin code on your own?

  • i've been testing this version and have appreciated the delete function..
    i've now cleared out the erroneous entities on my site. thanks.

    i also noticed that the sidebar elements you have added for 'most viewed this month' and the many other options would mostly be useful for other entity types too, such as videolist and blogs... maybe that could be a core layout option for future elgg versions.

  • oh, i just saw an error..

    i added an image to an existing album and the river entry for the image says:

    {username} added an image to the album {image name}

    (so the image name is being used instead of the album name)

  • @ura:

    This is not the correct text that should show up for river entries. The text should be

    {username} added {number of photos} photos to the album {album name}

    in case there is more than one photo uploaded and the river entry option is set to "One entry with all photos of the batch" or in case there is only one photo uploaded or any other river entry option is selected (this is what you are describing) the text would be

    {username} added the photo {image title} to the album {album name}

    The reason why in your case the image title shows up instead of the album name is because the language tag used is not the language tag defined in Tidypics language file. My guess is that you either have another language file in use that is saved elsewhere (after the Tidypics plugin) or you might use the Translation Editor plugin that might mess up a lot.

  • ah.. yes.. the second %s variable token was deleted/missing from the string that was being used on my site for that label; so the issue is resolved now. thanks

  • @LT: as you might have noticed I participated in the discussion you have linked. The code to correct image orientation in Tidypics that's listed in this discussion IS already included. I've only enhanced the orientation correction to also work natively with ImageMagick / Imagick if these libraries are available.

    The problem with orientation correction to fail with Iphones is due to the necessary EXIF data missing in the uploaded images. Any Apple device will remove these info prior an upload. So, it's impossible to correct the image orientation on the server because there's no way to find out how the image is orientated. I don't know if image correction might work on uploads to other sites (like Facebook). If this works I guess it only works because of a client side image rotation (i.e. by an app). But this goes beyond the scope of the Tidypics plugin.

  • U know anyone from FB to see how they corrected the problem! lol

  • @LT: unfortunately, these links won't help much as they mainly refer to methods that are already implemented in Tidypics to correct the image orientation. What I'm lacking is information what's different on Iphones. Also, I don't know anyone at FB. I don't even know if FB can handle the image orientation of images uploaded from Iphones correctly. I was just assuming that it would but I can't verify myself.

    The only explanation I have why it fails on Iphones (apart from Iphones stripping the exif data completly which would simply make it impossible to fix the orientation at all) is that the images are not only rotated but also flipped - like viewing them in a mirror. I haven't implemented a fix for that as I assumed that it would be enough to only rotate the images.

    You could help me in several ways:

    • send me an example image (iionly@gmx.de) which would allow me to check on my own what image orientation is saved in the image. You could also send me several images with the phone rotated in different positions for each,
    • upload an image (or images) yourself to your site and tell how exactly they are orientated wrong. If there's some text visible in the image, does it appear correctly (apart from maybe wrongly rotated) or does it appear like in a mirror?
  • Ok will do that PM you webpage and user/pass

  • I've been messing around with WP stuff and came across this plugin i know its not elgg but uses same scripts and works pretty cool you might want to look into also they seem to have figured out the problem with the iphone cause there photo uploads have been working fine..!


  • @LT: I'm almost done. I think the problem has been that the orientation info saved in the image wasn't updated after the image was rotated to fix the orientation when using ImageMagick executible or Imagick php extension. Some browsers check the orientation info and try to display the images correctly. In consequence an already rotated image was rotated again. The next release sets the orientation info and hopefully everything will be alright then (though you would need to test the upload from Iphones as I can't do this). I will check out the buddypress mod code to see if they implemented anything that goes beyong what I've coded. I hope I will get the next release out on the weekend.

  • Glad to hear that and hope my feedback has been helpful I know all Elgg users will be thrilled once theres a correction made.

    "Wish I knew all this code stuff have so many ideas just dont know how to make it!!!!"

  • "Wish I knew all this code stuff have so many ideas just dont know how to make it!!!!"

    Start small: "learning  by doing"!

  • The basic uploader does not work for me. No image is uploaded, no thumbnail is created. Any help?

  • @Ali: can you upload anything to your site at all, e.g. profile images and files to the files section (using the bundled files plugin)? If not, something is wrong with the permission settings of your data directory.

    What version of Tidypics are you using? You posted two messages but both not on the page of the latest version (1.8.1beta11). Are you even using my version of Tidypics (the official release does not work on the latest releases of Elgg anymore)?

    You say, basic uploader does not work. Does that mean the Flash uploader would work (though I would rather guess not as the basic uploader is normally rock solid)?

    Have you tried with a single small image file? Larger images could be blocked due to php upload file site settings.


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