[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.8.0-preview

Release Notes

This is a preview release of what's coming for Tidypics. It is a complete rewrite of Tidypics for Elgg 1.8. Still to be finished are album sorting, photo tagging, and the multi-image uploader. The rest of the functionality should be there. Please do not run this on production sites.

  • Blank uploads

    Tried this version and got blanks in my upload.... Two pictures on the left in old tidypics, two pictures on the right using 1.8

  • Do you can estimate a date when this new version will be released? Because i want to implement tidypics and when i now implement 1.7.3 i have to upgrade in a couple of weeks, what isn't ideal... would be nice to have some estimations. 


    So far, DAMN NICE WORK !

  • Great Work!

    Eagerly awaiting.


  • Using elgg 1.8.2, and when uploading an image from mobile phone, it does not show up.

  • Hello, I am working with Version: 1.6.8 in an Elgg Release 1.7.3

    I do not why, but for any reason the $token and $_POST variables are empty (if a trying to upload a big file 9.5MB).

    I changed my .htaccess and the plugin settings over this value.

    Someone have this problem?

  • what exact parms / values did you change from/to ?
    shared hosting or vps or dedicated ?
    what does php info() say about the limits - both columns ?

  • @Daniel:

    Have you also increased the allowed image size in the Tidypics settings? It might not output an error warning, if the size defined in the settings is exceeded but might fail silently.

    Also, it could be that you might need to increase max post size to twice the desired limit due to the image file(s) getting copied to the data directory.

    Maybe adding large images fail on your server due to memory consumption of the GD extension during image resizing. Again, the $token and $_POST variables might only be empty because this failure is not caught.

  • I have added plugin in my elgg-1.8.16/mod/
    then i have uploaded some images but I am not able to see the preview. How can I solve this ?

  • @kani: I think the problem is simply that this version of Tidypics (or any other version available on this page) does no longer work on Elgg 1.8.15 or newer. Try http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1194049/1.8.1beta9/elgg-18-tidypics instead.

  • thanks for your reply....

    same problem retains. i had tryed Tidypics beta 7 and beta 9 version. 

    And i get that image URL as http://localhost/elgg-1.8.16/photos/thumbnail/160/small/ 

    even there is no preview.

    can u pls help me to find image(photo) uploaded location.

  • @kani: sorry, but I can't access any content on your localhost computer. Only you will be able to access it.

    If you only see thumbnail images that show a question mark the image re-sizing / creation of the thumbnails is not working. Do you see the original image when you click on the smaller preview / thumbnail image? If yes, the image upload as such is working. Then you might need to figure out if the GD php extension is working correctly (can you upload a profile image for your user account or does this also fails?). You might also want to upload a smaller image for testing to see if the server settings regarding upload file size and memory limit might result in failure for larger images.

    The uploaded images and re-sized thumbnail will be saved in the data directory of your site. Every user has his/her own subdirectory within the data directory and within these subdirectory you will find an "image" directory respectively. Within the image directory there's yet another folder for each album and inside the album folders are the image files. For each uploaded image you should see 4 images: the original image + three thumbnails with different sizes.

  • yeah its not stored in my data directory

  • @kani: can you upload images to be used as profile images (avatars) or upload images to the files section (the bundled files plugin needs to be enabled)? If this also fails, the GD php extension is either not installed or not correctly working. If you can upload profile images and they show up, the GD extension should be working. Next question would then be if Tidypics is configured correctly. Do you get any error messages when trying to upload images?

  • i can upload profile images(avatars) and also it is stored in data directory like thumnails,small image... while installing (tidypics-preview) there is no error.

    i can upload images no error while uploading, but uploaded images are not stored in data directory and no images in preview .


  • @kani: the Tidypics-preview version will not work anymore on recent versions of Elgg (>= 1.8.15). It fails to create the album folder in the data directory and therefore the images can't be saved. There is no error message about that but you might see a log entry about that in the server logs.

    You would need to use http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1194049/1.8.1beta9/elgg-18-tidypics instead. This version of Tidypics fixed the album folder issue. If you currently have installed any other Tidypics version you need to first remove it (disable the plugin and remove the tidypics folder in the mod directory) before installing the alternative Tidypics version. Otherwise some outdated files could remain that might result in problems.

  • thanks a lot........great job


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