[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.8.0 rc1

Release Notes

Updated for Elgg 1.8

Thanks to Brett for significant contributions. Make sure you run the upgrade script.

This is a release candidate which means there is not going to be any significant development before the final 1.8 release. Changes will be bug fixes.

Please make useful bug reports (report browser information if browser related, report server information if server related).

  • @Y'ALL: did you have any progress with the code for TidyPics' river and notifications blocks to control Albums, Fotos, Files notifications and river entries situations ?  Lemme know, *post back here, *report back - no feedback, no help lolz ;-o) -- and maybe.. I might grab some spare time to read thru the code to figure what can be done easily inside the PHP to turn those off..;-)

  • i'm experiencing upload issues with elgg 1.8.8 & GD (php 5.2):

    -> no image renders in the browser after image uploads, whether to a new or existing album. i have disabled all other plugins and this still occurs - with or without flash uploader.
    i also installed dhrup's emrache server time plugin and set it to match the timezone that is displayed for events in the server's log (using the elgg log browser plugin) - no change.

  • Check the tidypics settings - I found that there was no default dimensions for the thumbnails, and that made thumbnail creation fail silently.  The master image got uploaded, but everything on the site leading up to the full size image looked broken.  Set valid dimensions for the thumbnails and it all worked fine.

  • Http error happens in case of using photos more than 2Mb

    I'm using 1.8.8 with 5Mb limit inside .htaccess

    Any help?

  • @Patlukh: depending on your server configuration the php variables defined in any .htaccess files might not get used at all. For example in case your server it set up to include php via suphp you can't modify php variables via .htaccess files. I suspect something like this in case of your server, i.e. upload_max_filesize is still 2 MB regardless of what you set it to in .htaccess. Check with phpinfo() and ask your webhoster if in doubt.


  • When I post comment on any image in the river, site gives this error 

    I front of user avatar showing river:comment:object:default

    I'm using elgg 1.8.8 with default theme with this tidypics plugin 

    I think somewhere language is missing, I did try to find out but everything looks fine. Don't know why I get that thing

    Please help, many thanks in advance


  • Has anyone come up with a definitive solution to the HTTP error which occurs when using flash uploader to upload multiple pictures? Happens to me only in firefox. A look at console shows js error: TypeError: json is null

    It seems to be a very common problem but after scouring these forums I haven't seen anyone suggest a definitive solution...


  • vis a flash (internal) issue ;-o( i reenginered the flash to the action script souce ;) *and flash issues has been reported elsewhere wdiely as a known flash issue. me suprised that only ffox has prblm. issue arises when the flash code tries to send the multiple unload connects to the serverad server no-way-jose! i think i posted lotsa techie details on this re:action-script *somewhre, maybe cmenst @some slight older version of tpix ?

  • Yep it works fine with chrome but doesn't work with FF. Havent checked with IE. I had look through some older versions and didnt see your comments dhrup. Think ill just use basic uploader for now

  • 1 of these days me get around 2 fixing up html5 (tested oki solo|) no-nonsense, no-flunke.. thangz for multi uploads *every where, unless some1desperate motivates to get the code done faster ;) but then agin who cares? not even the 'core devs' hang around here mucho no more ;o( are they still alive ?

  • thats why i went to hypeGallery


  • "not even the 'core devs' hang around here mucho no more ;o( are they still alive ?"

    Yeah I noticed. Whats that about??



  • TidyPics was working fine but now I have empty images for both albums and photos. I have uninstalled all other plugins down to the core plugins and still no images. I have tried adjusting the thumbnails in the TidyPics settings but did not know which settings to use. But that didnt make any difference. Does anyone have a solution to this problem that seems to be stated above. As I said it was working perfectly and now seems to be broken.

  • i just noticed that viewing photos in the river on my site, via the dropdown object selector, produced an empty page (albums is ok)

  • great plugin, works perfectly, nice work

  • I use freichat and when I activated block mutiple upload I click on upload picture and it redirect to the normal upload limit 10 pict. how canI fix this because I need both plugin thanks in advance.

  • Its seems the default access for group albums is read only. I get a "Unable to save a new objects base entitiy information" when trying to upload into a album created in a group by a different person.

    The problem is the "Upload" button appears, so it looks like I should be able to contribute to a groups album.

    Any thoughts ? 


  • Little update that I should have tested.. This is not a problem on the basic uploader..



  • Hi..


    I tired to installed TidyPic on version 1.8.8.. it works fine with GD but not with ImageMagick. Path is fine even it get resolved and below information is available in pluging setting

    Version: ImageMagick 6.2.8 05/07/12 Q16 file:/usr/share/ImageMagick-6.2.8/doc/index.html Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2006 ImageMagick Studio LLC


    In Setting tab of plugin i have three choice for Image Library : GD, Imagick PHP extension, ImageMagick executables.

    Please guide how to resolve this problem.


  • Can I write a blog with the pictures which is in my album?
    How to make it? 

  • @YU-GOLD: the images uploaded to an album with Tidypics can not be inserted using the "Embed/Upload media" link of Elgg. This would only work with images uploaded to the files section of your site.

    But you can insert images uploaded with Tidypics nonetheless, if you do it with the "Insert/edit image" button of the Tinymce editor. Copy the URL of the full image view of the image you want to insert and paste it into the Image URL input field of the "Insert/edit image" dialog.

  • I installed Elgg out of the box and Tidypics om my wamp server yesterday, so I'm very new at this. That's the only items I have running. I'm using GD because I don't know if ImageMagic is available on my hosted server.

    When I try to upload multiple images using Flash on FF I get that dreaded Error, The basic uploader works fine and that will do me.

    When I access my Gallery containing 3 pics, I see the cover pic only. When I click it, I'm taken to an enlargement with forward and back arrows in grey at the top. It's all very bland. The Slide show feature doesn't work and I can't find anywhere to toggle it. As it stands, my visitors will need to know to click the Gallery name to see every thumbnail. or click through the images one-by-one. Am I doing something wrong?

    The slide show doesn't work in Chrome or IE either, but everything else seems to be okay. Win 7

  • If upload not image on "basic uploader" it create empty TidypicsImage.

    fix it:

    file: \mod\tidypics\actions\photos\image\upload.php

    line: 54 after: $mime = tp_upload_get_mimetype($data['name']);

    insert code:

      if ($mime == 'unknown') {
        array_push($not_uploaded, $data['name']);
        array_push($error_msgs, 'tidypics:not_image');
  • Hey, I installed elgg to have a communication plattform with my students and I am truely amazed about all the stuff you can do with it :)

    I plugged in Tidypics Gallery to share pictures with them. The only thing I would like to change is, if one clicks on the cover of an album, he should not be redirected to the pic itself but to the album instead. I searched google and the community site quite a while but I dind't get an answer. Maybe someone can tell me which line of code I should edit?


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
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