[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.8.0 rc1

Release Notes

Updated for Elgg 1.8

Thanks to Brett for significant contributions. Make sure you run the upgrade script.

This is a release candidate which means there is not going to be any significant development before the final 1.8 release. Changes will be bug fixes.

Please make useful bug reports (report browser information if browser related, report server information if server related).

  • This tidypics thing is a bundle of trouble. I have been laboring over this for months for my brother. The thing is, there are so many lacklustre plugins on here made by so many people, nearly everything you do is affected by someone elses mumbo jumbo. As is the whole site. I would love to get this going but all I find is page after page of people saying it doesn't work and not getting answers from those that should know what to do. Yes I know it's free, but god's sake, it is so much hassle.

  • @Colin: have you tried the updated version of Tidypics yet? Try it from http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1194049/1.8.1beta11/elgg-18-tidypics. I did point out that more recent version several times already here in comments. That's all I can do...

  • If i upload a picture, the picture is blank... The size is OK and the format to... Whats need i to do?

  • @GeoZz: have you read my comment just visible above your posting? This version of Tidypics does not work anymore on recent releases of Elgg.

  • <Noob  Need some help here, please.   Absolutely cannot get this work....will post morte later....keep getting the question mark and have tried changing the .htaccess but hasnt helped....think I might be doing it wrong

  • Installed this and seeing ? mark - not sure exactly how to change the htaccess mem limit....when I do the server info in the plugins setting doesnt recognize the change?  Help. please.

  • @Russ: if for example suexec runs on your server it's not possible to change php variable values in any .htaccess file. Instead you would need to change the values in php.ini. Ask your hoster support if the server might be configured in a way that prevents changing of php variables in .htaccess.

    Btw.: this version of Tidypics will not work anymore on recent versions of Elgg. Use http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1194049/1.8.1beta11/elgg-18-tidypics instead (this has nothing to do with setting of php variables but the problem is that the creation of album directories in the data directory fails with rc1 on Elgg 1.8.15 and Elgg 1.8.16).

  • My site shows "dimagio.jpg (19.48KB) - Security Error" at flash image upload! Where could be problem?

  • @Dmitry: If you use this version of Tidypics it might be the cause of the problem as there are some open bugs included and it does not work anymore at all on recent versions of Elgg. I've published an improved version of Tidypics with bugfixes and more features. Try it http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1194049/1.8.1beta11/elgg-18-tidypics. Is the same error occuring with it?

  • Hello,

    I've installed the latest version of this plugin, but photo tagging doesn't work. Clicking tag link doesn't react at all. Have any ideas what's wrong?

  • This is a great plugin and everything works beautifuly.

    I do have one question however.

    When a user clicks on another user's profile, then clicks photos in the menu, he's presented with every photo on the site. I realise there's a link under the avatar, but it's not as noticable as the one in the menu.

    How do I make it so that only the photos relating to the particular profile are shown when the menu link is clicked?  People can then request more photos from the options on the right.

    I've tried (almost) everything, but nothing works. I'm not into heavy programming.


  • @John: would the newer version of Tidypics (http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1194049/1.8.1beta12/elgg-1819-tidypics) do what you have in mind?

  • @iionly, I only downloaded Version .11 a week or so ago. I'm not sure how I missed .12 unless I thought it was for 1.9.

    I installed it but as far as i can see, if I go to another profile and hit Photos from the main menu I still get everyone elses photos except his. I realise Photos is meant to mean all photos, but as that's an optionin the right hand side bar, I think it would be better if the Photos link just showed pics for that profile. Just my thoughts. I do have another question . . . .

  • From what I can see, Tidypics reduces large photos to a very reasonable 600 or whatever Admin selects.

    On looking at the photo directories, I noticed that the huge (say 3 meg) original  photo is retained and used only when someone clicks on the photo in the gallery and a popup appears. Maybe this popup is what's controlled by the Admin options?

    In any case, I believe only one person in a thousand would actually click on the gallery photo. The popup is a feature I can certainly do without, but more importantly, I'd love to see the huge photos deleted once they've been converted. My site will be photo intensive and I don't need my directories clogged with large photos just because my users don't know how to resize them.

    Oxwall has the facilities to delete or retain original photos. How hard would that be to implement in Elgg unless I've simply missed it?

  • The original image file is not only used for displaying the full size version of a single image but also within the slideshow and it's the original image file that is offered for download. Keeping the original image file also makes it possible to create the resized images at a later time (by the admin) if they failed to get created during upload time.

    Still, some site admins might want to go without the original images files to save disc space. It should be possible to modify Tidypics accordingly. Actually, I already thought about it and might add such an option in a future version of my Tidypics fork (not the next one yet for sure though). Adding such an option is not completely trivial as the full size image file is currently used for a few features (as I mentioned above), so these other features have to get modified accordingly, too.

  • Hi IIonly. Please forgive me for a slow response, but I wasn't able to visit the site until now. I really appreciate your responses and feel as though I'm using a extremely well supported plugin. I appreciate your comments, but in Australia many of us are still conneced to inferior Internet services or paying heavily for bandwidth. I pay $50 for 10 gig up and down! My site will be photo intensive and one user alown has uploaded 240 meg of potos in a matter of days. The same photos reduced will be under 7 meg.

    To me it's a very serious issue and the 600 pixel high photos being displayed are considered ideal by every one of my users. As such, I've had to consider alternatives and I've been spending a lot of time playing with Oxwall. It's nowhere as good a Elgg, but it does have a facility to remove large originals which is ideal for me and no-doubt plenty of others.

    I also apreciate your interest in making a mod sometime down the track. In the meantime, do you know of any 3rd party script that can recursively run through directories and resize photos? I did it manually when there were only thirty photos in the directories, but I had to download them, resize and upload them again. It took hours then but now it would probably take me days.

    Hopefully I could run such a script once a week.

    Thanks in advance, John

  • For later resizing / downsizing you would require the original unmodified images. Otherwise the results are very likely not good.

    I don't know of any existing plugin that would resize all images. It does not necessarily have to be a complete plugin to perform this job. A script that processes all images would be enough. You can take a look at the file mod/tidypics/actions/photos/admin/create_thumbnails.php that creates the thumbnails for a single image. If you take it as a starting point for your own script that processes through all Tidypics images you can automatically resize images after changing the thumbnail sizes.

    It might take a while before I can add a "Remove original image" option. Coding goes slow at the moment...

  • Thanks IIonly,

    My server was never meant to be an archive for peoples photos or somwhere to download them from. In fact I much prefer sites where the 'save as' option isn't available.

    I'm not much of a programmer but I'll look at create_thunbnails.php and see if I can make sense of it.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Hi,

    I have just set up a social network and dowloaded and installed tidypics. I activated the plugin and can download photos but the images for the thumbs and the larger downloaded image do not show or load. Just the default img icon shows under photos. When I checked the URL for both the thumb and the image the address shows a directory that does not exist on the server. The thumb directory shows as http://soulofurantiainfo.powweb.com/SFN/photos/thumbnail/64/master/

    and the image link shows as http://soulofurantiainfo.powweb.com/SFN/photos/thumbnail/64/large/

    both of these directories do not exist on the server. Does anyone know why the program failed to create the storage dirctories? Any help would be appreciated.

  • @Paul: this version of Tidypics does not work on recent versions of Elgg anymore. Use http://community.elgg.org/plugins/1194049/1.8.1beta12/elgg-1819-tidypics instead.

    Also, the url does not directly point to the location the image files are saved on the server. The images (and thumbnails) are saved in the data directory of your site under the user's subdirectory.

  • ok everyone i need help tinypics is being a pain for me..


    it working ok, but when u done a album create, thats fine, but when u do a upload of a photo i get a http error message on the end of the progress bar... any suggestions



    and yes i am using version 1.7 as the domain doesnt like 1.8 or 1.9, those versions dont work on the domain i am using...

    tinypics version i am using 1.7.3

  • @darkdaz: are you using the Flash uploader of Tidypics? I think that might be the reason. It's had only been introduced in Tidypics with the 1.7 versions and is not working well in these version. Only with the more recent versions of Tidypics (for Elgg 1.8) the Flash uploader works better. But the Basic uploader should work more reliable on the old 1.7 versions of Tidypics.

    I would also suggest trying to get Elgg 1.8 installed on your domain (if you have some trouble then you might open a discussion topic here on the Community site asking for help). Elgg 1.7 won't get any support anymore once the final Elgg 1.9 is out. And you can also no longer expect any new 3rd party plugins to be released for Elgg 1.7 and very likely also no bugfixes for existing Elgg 1.7 plugins. Generally speaking, installing Elgg 1.8 (or Elgg 1.9 once the final release is out) should work on any server that allows installing Elgg 1.7. So, if it fails for you, it's most likely only due something that can be fixed to allow for the installation to work successfully.

  • ya i no the latest elgg will have bug fixes, but like i said, the domain that we using isnt allowing the elgg 1.8 for some reason,. and no we aint changing hosting, 

    and i have tired the basic uploader, thats not working either i get another error, as follows

    Admin of this site has not set photo album settings.


    but theres no settings for the plugin... that i can see


  • @darkdaz: Tidypics has a settings page (also the 1.7 version). You can access it in the admin backend of your Elgg site via the "Tidypics Administration" menu entry in the left sidebar menu. The "Admin of this site has not set photo albums settings" error occurs, if there haven't been entered any thumbnail sizes on the settings page. These settings are necessary for Tidypics to create the preview images used for example on the album pages. I think it might be a bug that in this version of Tidypics that no default sizes are set. Defaults are:

    • primary image size: width 600, height 600,
    • album view image size: 153,
    • thumbnail image size: 60.

    Maybe these settings missing is also one explanation why the Flash uploader fails (though it has several other bugs). You can select other appropriate config settings on the Tidypics settings page, too, e.g. disable the Flash uploader. In the long run it would also be better to use either the "ImageMagick Cmdline" or "imagick php extension" image libraries instead of the GD library, if any of these is available on the server. Both image libraries will require much less memory for resizing the images (another very buggy part of the 1.7 versions of Tidypics).

    So, try to make the settings and hopefully Tidypics will start to work then.

    I wasn't trying to suggest moving to another server to be able to use Elgg 1.8. The "for some reasons" Elgg 1.8 not working is surely something that can be solved while staying on the same server. You would only have to provide some more details about the "some reasons" and I'm sure someone here on the Community site would be able to give you a solution.


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