[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.8.0 rc1

Release Notes

Updated for Elgg 1.8

Thanks to Brett for significant contributions. Make sure you run the upgrade script.

This is a release candidate which means there is not going to be any significant development before the final 1.8 release. Changes will be bug fixes.

Please make useful bug reports (report browser information if browser related, report server information if server related).

  • @stuartsloan: the tidypics plugin code seems currently still in an unfinished state. It seems the file where the rating view is called might be obsolete or at least the rating view called within it does not get used anymore. Maybe the final release of Tidypics for Elgg 1.8 (if that will EVER happen...) will restore the rating functionality again.

    In the meantime - if you use the Elggx Fivestar rating plugin - you can bring back the rating functionality by modifying mod/tidypics/views/default/object/image/full.php:

    echo '<div class="tidypics-photo-wrapper center">';
    echo elgg_view('object/image/navigation', $vars);
    echo elgg_view('photos/tagging/help', $vars);
    echo elgg_view('photos/tagging/select', $vars);
    echo $img;
    echo elgg_view('photos/tagging/tags', $vars);
    echo '</div>';

    if (elgg_is_active_plugin('elggx_fivestar')) {
        echo '<br>';
        echo elgg_view('elggx_fivestar/voting', array('entity'=> $vars['entity']));

    if ($photo->description) {
        echo elgg_view('output/longtext', array(
            'value' => $photo->description,
            'class' => 'mbl',

    At the code shown in bold above and you should see the rating widget being available below images.

  • i dont know how to push these fixes to git. but i hope dev are not going to abandon this plugin. 
    we moved from lightpics to tidypics thinking it was a good long term choice.

    i wish we could all participate in the clean up of the community plugins site and say has a user, X plugins is dead or is not being dev anymore or is not working with elgg 1.8, hence after some time, the plugins list would actually show working plugins, and have all the others one for 1.7 in their own section. 

    that would give a better overview of what's actually available. what is going to be updated to 1.8
    and what not...well just a tought, probably not the best place to put it... 

  • Hi,

    lately, our users are reporting a lot of HTTP-Errors (including IOException:BaseEntitySaveFailed)

    Here's some information about the specific system:

    • Release 1.8.11, Version - 201212050
    • Installed plugins:
      • Tidypics 
      • Facebook-Theme
      • Group Tools
      • Profile Manager
      • Embed Extender
      • Polls
      • Friend Requests
      • Target Blank
      • Chat (Webgalli - Freichat)
      • Google Analytics
    • Tidypics-options:
      • There's no quota set
      • upload limit is 30MB
      • I'm using GD
    • Browser
      • Firefox 18
      • Chrome 23.0.1271.97

    I already looked through the Apache-logs but couldn't find any useful information.
    Can someone give me a hint where to look?

    Thank you!

  • When I make a album and insert a image from flickr. It says "No images" and when I click the "no images" picture it shows no pictures. Only when I click the album name it shows the picture?

    What is going on here?



  • Because the pics are not actually inside the album, they are on the album cover so to speak, you did not upload photos inside the album, you just used photos from another server to display. Try actually uploading a cover image and use the basic uploader to upload inside the album you created.

  • Ah now I found it, you can only see the "basic uploader" when you click on the name. When you click on the photo it does not show this. Seems like a bug to me. Can this be fixed, that the picture uploader also shows when you hit the no image button?



  • I can sit around and talk about enhancements and features that should be added to tidypics all day and night but choose not too, it is a great plugin but needs some work. As for navigating it, can be confusing at first, until you get the hang of it, overall works good but needs some tweaking I think.

  • i just added an issue with white screen for some but not all images *relating to previous/next images* to the github issue list:

    i'm also wondering if anyone knows how to trigger the regeneration of ALL image thumbnails, rather than just one at a time (via the admin page)? since, if i change the size of the thumbnails in the admin area, the existing one remain the same size.. which is not much use.


  • Hi, i try this Plugin on Elgg 1.8.12 and its don't work. Installation of the plugin is no problem, but if the plugin runs on the community, they dont upload photos. No error will report, but if the photo upload is "finished" you will see a red X on the place who i want the photo to view.


    please help, thanks.




  • @drrobbi: best use the latest version from https://github.com/cash/Tidypics/archive/master.zip. Both versions (here and on github) are not yet final, so there are some bugs still included.

    Then it's best to not use the flash uploaded. Disable the use of the flash uploader in the Tidypics settings. The basic uploader should work better.

  • Thanks for the quick answer, but if i install the plugin and activate it, i nowhere found a button like "photo" so one on my community page. i have configured the plugin in the admin menu allready.

  • does anyone have any info on what's occurring with updates to tidypics? i see in github that there are no updates for 7 months..

  • @drrobbi: if you download the latest tidypics (development/preview) release from github - see the link in my last posting - you need to rename the plugin folder from "Tidypics-master" to "tidypics" after unzipping for the plugin to work. I would suggest to use the github version because it's slightly newer compared to the latest version available here. There are still some bugs included - mainly the Flash uploader does not really work nicely - but it's either that or no tidypics (or any good photo plugin) at all. I would suggest to give it a try with the basic uploader. If you rename the plugin folder when downloading from github - and maybe removing the old tidypics folder from your server before installing the new version - it should work as best as currently possible. You might also want to disable for example image tagging in the tidypics plugin settings and test a bit what works for you and what does not.

    @ura: well, the tidypics developers are more or less the Elgg core developers. I guess it's simply a matter of available time to spend on tidypics. It's a pity that the development until a final release is completely stalled for so long already but they might have other more important projects to deal with first.

  • @iionly - Thanks for clearing that up, that release at github fixed a few issues I was having with the older version here, appreciate it.

  • Is it possible to change the compression level for the displayed full size image. The thumb and mid sized images compress very well and have good resolution. My test image was 1.3Mb but compressed to only around 1Mb. This is way too large unless I want to really waste bandwidth. For the full size image 300kb should be more than enough for decent web display. Am using GD libraries.

    Am also wondering where the images are stored. They are not in my Elgg data folder.

  • I download a watermarked image via download button on the page, but ,downloaded image has no watermark. It kill the whole idea for watermark, no?

  • I wish that when I clik on a picture and a window opens that arrows on the right and left or display for easy to navigation.

    Can you tell me where I can put the two arrows on each side? for the moment no windows open when I click on a photo.

    Merci :)

    it's for my professionnel site It's better if y have it's more modern site !

  • Re. my previous (unanswered) post about jpeg compression - if it's a problem maybe you could just let me know where the images are actually hiding. I've looked in all folders of tidypics, in my elgg data file and other places. I would like to be able to delete the master (full size) images as don't want hundreds of multi megabyte files stealing my account disc space.

  • @jon666: the images uploaded via tidypics are stored in the data directory. You need to look in the subfolder (year/month/day/user_guid) of the account used for uploading the pictures. Within the corresponding subfolder you should find a folder named "image". Inside the "image" folder there are subfolders for each album of this user (folder name is GUID of album).

  • Found another little bug I'm curious if anyone noticed this.

    When commenting on the photo in Full view, those comments don't show on river

    When commenting on the photo in River, those comments don't show on photo page (Full)

    Anyone noticed this and maybe have solution?


  • iionly,

    None of the files you mention appear in my elgg root "data" folder. I cannot see them via my Filezilla ftp client or the Direct Admin file manager. So that's a mystery!

    Re my other question about the master image file size, you may want to consider in a future release, having tidypics compress the master image or delete it completely. This for people who don't have unlimited server space. Thanks' for an otherwise excellent plugin.


  • The folder structure in your data directory is not named "year/month/day/user_guid" literally. Instead you should have for example a folder named "2012" or "2013". Within these folders you should have folders like "01", "02" etc for the months. Within the months folder follow the day folders ("01", "02" etc.). The next level in the days folder is the user_guid numbered folder. These folders are the "users data subfolders" and all files uploaded by this user is within his/her data subfolder.

    These folders (together with the overall folder structure) will only get created when a user uploads something (Tidypics image, profile image or some other file). To find a users data subfolder you need to know when this user joined your site and the user's guid. So, a user joined on 9th Feb 2013 would have his data directory in

    /path_to_data_folder/2013/02/09/<user's guid>

    In the long run it won't help to delete the master image or compress it if your server space is too limited. Compressing might be a nice feature indeed. But deleting the master image does not seem a good idea. This is the original sized image after all and you would want to offer it for download on the vast majority of sites.

  • When put albumwidget on customindex page and set the right of an album to public, then the customindex page gets broken, for non-logged in users.

    Is this an issue with tidypics?

  • 1.8.13

    Fire fox 18.0.2
    add photo to album page   http://pmfonline.biz/photos/upload/119


    for some reason my photo uploader does not work.

    the error message is http ERROR.

    With the basic uploader it works fine.

    any idea why it does not work?

    thanks for your help!

  • Great plugin!
    Read through requested features and am really, really interested in being able to close an album (similar to function at VK.com). This would work as a treat for photo competitions and assignments for instance.

    Additionally non-cropped thumbnails would be a cherry on top..;)

    Thanks once again for a great plugin, guys! Recommended!! 


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
  • Downloads: 144596
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