[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.8.0 rc1

Release Notes

Updated for Elgg 1.8

Thanks to Brett for significant contributions. Make sure you run the upgrade script.

This is a release candidate which means there is not going to be any significant development before the final 1.8 release. Changes will be bug fixes.

Please make useful bug reports (report browser information if browser related, report server information if server related).

  • ... oh, i forgot to say something about my config:

    • elgg 1.8.8
    • Tidypics 1.8.0 rc1
  • Hi ,

    I want to upload single photo without album or may be in some undefine album. like facebook does.. I dont want every time user need to create the album is this possible cany help


    Thanks in Advance


  • one addition that would help tidypics is to code a widget for groups that elgg recognises in the appropriate way such that widget manager supports it.
    presently the only way to display the tidypics/photo widget in groups is to disable widget manager. 

  • Hello, I like it but,

    The slideshow isn't coded in UTF8 (or similar) which means that the image text can't handle the swedish letters å,ä,ö in a proper way. Is there any fast solution to this?

    Best regards

    Arne Johansson

  • Hey! First of all, thank you very much for this great plugin!! I have a problem with the flash uploader (which i have activated). When i click to choose photos, I am redirected to the basic uploader. Any idea the problem could come from? Thanks !!

  • If anyone else has the same problem, this may come from a conflict with the mod Frei Chat. Solution : Enable "Remove JQuery Conflict" in Frei Chat Admin Panel.

  • This is an amazing plugin. Thumbs up!!

  • I am receiving the following server error:

    Deprecated in 1.7: extend_view() was deprecated by elgg_extend_view()!

    I'm not experiencing any problems with the plugin's functionality, but this red error box popping up 50 times over is hurting my eyes and making my co-Admins unhappy.


  • Actually, it seems this isn't the plugin but some mystery error, unless the plugin's mal-effects are continuing despite me disabling it.

  • When a user tries to upload a picture to a group photo album she gets this error :

    Uable to save new object's base entity information.

    Enviroment: The user getting the error is not the creator of the album, but member of the group. Elgg version 1.8.9, Tidypics 1.8.0 rc1. Error persists on Crome and IE browsers (Flash uploader)

    I'm not sure if at all possible for other members of the group to add pictures to the album, but if not: it's on my wishlist *s*


  • @ Ura we have been working on a disabled group widget manager, now a river stream which tags group photos to that group, so shows up in the group river.

  • @billy - i'm not sure i gleaned your meaning there.. ;)
    what is a 'disabled group' / 'disabled group widget/manager'?

    aren't group photos already associated to the group by their being loaded into that group by their uploader?

  • @ Ura, I suppose I am not experienced enough with the newer TidyPics to be commenting on it. I was only guessing you meant you couldn't get the albums to load to an associated group, maybe they are. This is exactly what we are working on with our custom photo album plugin (which isn't TidyPics). Sometimes I wish we all had a weekend to share notes and systems.


  • tidypics already allows albums and images to be loaded to groups.. so i'm not sure what you mean..
    what i was describing is that the widget manager plugin from coldtrick doesn't allow the tidypics photo/album widget to be used in group profiles.. if you disable widget manager then you can use the tidypics widgets in groups, but you can't drag and drop/move them on the page (because widget manager is disabled). 

    coldtrick decided not to code widgets in widget manager and only support ones that are coded to already support the way widget manager deals with widgets.. for some reason tidypics and some others don't do that yet.

  • I have a question about photo tags. I have tagged a couple of photos with friends. When revisiging photos sometimes the tags have moved to the right. Any idea what might cause this, or how to fix? Elgg 1.8.9, and tidy pics photo gallery 1.8.0.rc1

  •  Whats missing is the ability to delete photos and albums,and the admin need the ability to remove files that are inapropreate.

  • First of all, very nice plugin.

    But I have a problem, if someone likes or comment an album the mail contains no album title in the quotes (see my example in german). Also the given link shows a white site: https://blafasel.com/view/4327.

    Further the site notification that comes from "comment_tracker" has wrong sender name, for example: messages/compose?send_to=3921.

    Can you help me with this issue, please?

    Example mail:
    Test Account gefällt Dein Beitrag "" auf blafasel.

    Um Deinen ursprünglichen Beitrag aufzurufen folge diesem Link:


  • @Dominion: can you test out if the problem with album title and link also occurs when site language is English? I've searched where the German translation is coming from in case I made a mistake when creating the German translation. The language string comes from the likes plugin and I don't see any mistake in the German language file there. So, I wonder if the German translation is causing the issue or not (right now I don't think so). If the problem also happens when site language is English, you might try to disable the comment tracker plugins next to find out, if this might causing the problem (I don't think so either...). Last but not least, if everything still fails to work, it might indeed be a Tidypics issue...

  • @iionly: Okay now without comment_tracker and in english. Same result ;(

    Test Account likes your post "" on Blafasel

    See your original post here:


  • @Dominion: I've tested it myself and it works for me (with German as site language but I don't think that matters). I get the correct album name (or image title respectively) and a working link within the notification when an album / an image is liked. I don't even have the latest release of the Tidypics plugin installed on the test site I tried it (but Tidypics-preview-2 instead on Elgg 1.8.9).

    I'm sure it should still work in the very latest release of Tidypics (maybe best to download it from https://github.com/cash/Tidypics/downloads. If it still does not work for you, you might need to disable any other 3rd party plugins to find out if any of them causes the issue.

  • Elgg version 1.8.9

    Browser Name & version#17.0.1

    At Which page (URL) were you just before the error. issue - Activity page

    At which page (URL) does the error.issue occur - Menu click to photos

    What results/ content did you expect to see - wanted to see site photos

    What is the error message )if any is visible) - <!--StartFragment-->Fatal error: Call to a member function getURL() on a non-object in /home/content/59/8407459/html/elgg/mod/tidypics/views/default/object/album/gallery.php on line 24<!--EndFragment-->

    What 'log' and the log item's texts did you look up to figure more about the issue - Not finding meaning ful entries in log associated with the user

  • Just cecked above - Missed the firefox - Windows XP

    The same problem is happening for Non-admin users only on other platoforms e.g. safari 6.0.2 on osx


  • Solved problem above. A photo was uploaded in a private group, but marked as public. It caused the error for non-admin users, that didn't have group access

  • @iionly: I've tried your git version now, also without any plugins except core plugins, but without any changes. There is no Album name or right link in mail ;(

    Further it would be a nice feature to scroll through an album with left/right arrow key.

  • @Dominion: "my" github version (patch-1 branch) is quite the same than the version of the official tidypics repository. I've only created the fork to update the German language file but this pull request has been included in the official master branch by now.

    Right now I can't think of the reason for your problem. The notifications are sent by the likes plugin, so the empty links / album names might not be a result of the tidypics plugin but of the likes plugin or something interferring the likes plugin. But if you have no other plugins enabled and not changed anything in core plugins I'm at a loss.

    Navigation via arrow keys sounds like a good idea. I wonder if the developement of the tidypics plugin will continue at some points - stalled for much too long and still no official release for Elgg 1.8. Your idea is surely worth to be considered for implementation. Hmmm, maybe I try it even myself - but only maybe next year when I hopefully have some other plugin projects finished (a bit too many unfinished plugins already to start yet another one right now).


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
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