[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.7.3

Release Notes

  • Removed plugin settings which was causing a white screen of death
  • Added two language strings for the river for those using Elgg 1.8
  • Fixed issue where empty batches were not being deleted

As mentioned before, if you are having difficulty with the Flash uploader, please post browser information and the value of "Cookie only sessions" from the Tidypics server analysis.

  • @Adam : If tidypics is your key plugin, then why you upgraded to Elgg 1.8 before the plugin is released?. That is why it is adviced to take a backup of your site before installing new plugins / upgrade the site. Also no plugin should be put on the live site directly without testing it. If you can get a DB backup from your host try to revert back to it and use a lower version of Elgg until the official release of TP for 1.8 is out.

  • @Team Webgalli... you want the truth? 1.7+ looks sh*t, the layout and design is sh*t and the way it handles is sh*t,

    I spent a hell of a lot on advertising and 1.7+ was confusing. anoyying and upsetting new members so I was kind of in a desperate situation I had to upgrade asap to try and hold onto the members that could understand 1.7 and entice new members with an easier system...

    Once the upgrade was done it was mainly the flash uploader giving issues (apart from the sh*t look of tidypics because it wasn't intended for 1.8) plus I wish they'd integrate that Pupload as mentioned before so there is some other way than using imagik and GD for image resizing, I'm trying to put a professional spin on things but when my members register and can't upload large photos and I have to try and explain why everytime they think 'f*ck this facebook can do it why can't this site?'

    So there ya go... 

  • I have error like this: "Deprecated in 1.8: isadminloggedin() is deprecated by elgg_is_admin_logged_in() Called from [#6] /home/content/39/6600839/html/network/mod/tidypics/start.php:261"

    on my web: SKSLink.com/network

  • SKsLink thats unfortunate but wait six months and it will be fixed :)

    Oh and iionly 1.8 was a great acheivment from the elgg team by the way... 

  • Nudeler2


    Have the Liang Lee fixed version installed (with 1.8.2). That works so far.

  • Sorry to hear that djSupport, right now I'm holding off an ad campaign until I can move to 1.8 for similar reasons as you describe above.

  • Yeah I started my ad campaign a year before 1.8 topdog08, so My members came in flurries and I quickly increased my member base within weeks but 1.7 quickly killed them so I was desperate for anything...

  • @Cash, what is keeping you from being finished? And why isn't the Plupload an option for uploading images?

    Last question: If we all donate up to a certain amount of money on the project, could this help you use more time on it, to finish it?

  • @TheMuller - This is a low priority for me as I am not using it anywhere right now. Same goes for adding any other capabilities to it like Plupload. I'm not interested in money so that does not affect the timeline.

    The good news is that another developer has a project that needs this and is contributing some code to it. It's not that far from being finished for 1.8 (In fact several are already using the 1.8 preview 2 release).

  • @Cash: Can you estimate how much work / time is still necessary to get to a final and feature-complete release of Tidypics for Elgg 1.8 ("feature complete" meaning all previous features included and working again not implementing anything new)? I'm asking to get a feeling if more help might speed up the process (in case there is still a considerable workshare necessary) or if it might even slow down the development (in case there's not that much to do anymore and getting into the code might take even more time than fixing it). I'm also waiting for a final Tidypics for Elgg 1.8 release like so many others, but I also have still some other smaller plugins I would like to get working in Elgg 1.8. These plugins are small enough to work on them on my own anyway, so I wonder if there's any sense in taking a break with working on these plugins and helping with Tidypics or if this might not accelerate the release of Tidypics anyway...

  • @Cash, thanks for your reply. The 1.8 preview don't work for me. No thumbnail, no image. I understand that it is not a priority for you, fiar enough. Very nice to hear the other developer is helping. Hope a by iionly meantioned "feature complete" version can be released soon.

  • The thing I feel concerned about is that this plugin not working for 1.8 will only harm the whole of elgg itself as I belive this is an essential plugin and should be ranked and developed more than anything in the plugin system itself!

  • Hehe, I think we all got that point.. :) But besides that, I agree right now. The fundamentals of Elgg are working. My users are using filer upload for images right now... I have written to Elgg about this issue. It should be prioritized. The Elgg project could (maybe already has) loose users on this issue.

  • @djSupport: have you tried out Preview 2 for Elgg 1.8 yet? While it might not be feature complete yet it might at least help you to keep your site running in Elgg 1.8 until the final release is out.

    And I think I found out who's the developer Cash mentioned to work on getting Tidypics finished right now. I think the development is in very capable hands right now. There is indeed progress on getting Tidypics finished and hopefully it won't take much longer until we can fully use and enjoy it again in Elgg 1.8.

  • iionly i've lost my members... my buisness (well I did it not for profit as it was a free site...) is lost... my £300 in advertising bills gone...

  • Hi,

    I'm using tidypics 1.7 and the images are not showing, the upload it seems to work fine, but the watching of the images don't.

    Is there any knowed issue that can be causing this?


  • Need Tidypics for 1.8.3 Any help there please guys ?

  • https://github.com/brettp/Tidypics

    My understanding is this is the version Cash is referring to above and it seems to have more to it than Elgg 1.8 preview 2 did.  I'd recommend giving this a try although I haven't tried it myself yet.

    I believe these are currently open issues:


  • Brett's version is the latest version of Tidypics currently available. But be careful when using Tidypics from github directly. It's under development and might not be fully working when the coding on a feature has been started but not yet finished. Better try it on a test site first.

  • Further to what iionly said, my version so far should be considered a fork and unofficial. Some of the features might not end up in the official release, and some of them might be merged back in changed. It's still a work in progress.

  • @djsupport I must take issue with you on 1.7. If you take a while to work with the css,and maybe pay for a few plugins,it's an outstanding software.Sure 1.8 is great and I'm using it on a new site,but I would never try and intergrate my large site to it.Elgg is great!

  • we don't have issues with 1.8 actually launching our new $site wirh Elgg.1.8

  • I am experiencing an HTTP error on uploads using tidypics.  This occurs with Opera 11.61, IE9 similarly shows the status bars for the uploads, but they never progress which is the same as Firefox 10.  Here is the TidyPics server analysis:

      PHP version 5.3.10 GD Enabled

    Elgg requires the GD extension to be loaded IMagick PHP extension Enabled exec() Enabled Required for ImageMagick command line Memory Available to PHP 64MB Change memory_limit to increase Memory Used to Load This Page 7.41 MB This is approximately the minimum per page Max File Upload Size 32MB Max size of an uploaded image Max Post Size 32MB Max post size = sum of images + html form Max Input Time 60 s Time script waits for upload to finish Max Execution Time 60 s Max time a script will run GD imagejpeg Enabled GD imagepng Enabled GD imagegif Enabled EXIF Enabled Cookie only sessions Enabled Cookie only sessions may affect the Flash uploader 

    Any help is appreciated. 

  • Where is that Link for TidyPics (1.8.3?) at GitHub ??

    I kinda need to install TidyPics para mi hermosa amiga, and so -- gotta do what a developer's gotta do ;-) para ella - installed 1.8.3 already and now need TidyPics also. Of course needless to say - any issues - I *will debug and fix and ;-) push my changes back here for y'all too.

    So peoples - help me and in return i will help all re: TiyPics Link -- ! I kinda cain't find it @ GitHub ;-( Where is that 1.8 GitHub Link ??




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