[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.7.3

Release Notes

  • Removed plugin settings which was causing a white screen of death
  • Added two language strings for the river for those using Elgg 1.8
  • Fixed issue where empty batches were not being deleted

As mentioned before, if you are having difficulty with the Flash uploader, please post browser information and the value of "Cookie only sessions" from the Tidypics server analysis.

  • There is already a work around for the Flash/cookie interaction in the Tidypics plugin. I have no idea why it doesn't work for everyone.

    You can follow the progress of the 1.8 version here: https://github.com/cash/Tidypics/commits/master

    Writing something as big as Tidypics takes time and right now it is just me working on it.

  • @cash, continue the good work man, wish i could contribute in some way! 

  • Oh weeellll ;) TidyPics seems to have some code in there for the flash session 'workround' but that code is not trigerred from anywhere ;(

    Also - seeing that the TidyPics 'Team' is whittled down to *one developer(used to be quite a few around)  --

    Might there be any other experienced developers a least @ 1/3 of the usual weight-class who might be interested in joining to create a new synergistic team to take care of this oh-so-important PlugIn ? Having spent waking-hours, sleeping-hours, dreaming-hours, potty-hours.. ad-hoc-hours and ad-nauseum-hours studying Elgg code -- I'm quite game if there be others qualified, capable, willing and dedicated enough ? -- to 'work' ;-oO lolz for me on this ?


  • It's not working for Elgg 1.8 because the plugin hook has changed. The function of interest is tidypics_ajax_session_handler().

  • Thats what I saw Cash (only you working on it) and your a lead elgg dev too which makes it harder for you too, you should publicly put on the tidypics page about recruiting some new devs to assist you, like I say this should be regarded as a 'core' plugin although not bundled as a core plugin as it would add too much work to you elgg devs,

  • and with regards to Pupload this is the site http://www.plupload.com/

    About Plupload

    The developers of TinyMCE brings you Plupload, a highly usable upload handler for your Content Management Systems or similar. Plupload is currently separated into a Core API and a jQuery upload queue widget this enables you to either use it out of the box or write your own custom implementation.

    Handles the Re-sizing away from the server and has many great benifits and is GPLv2! 

  • in my website www.upscquery.com the tidypic is disabling automatically. suppose i try to upload an image of 2mb but it unsucceded due to some error. when i refresh the page and i see that there is no tidypic plugin enable.then again i have to login as admin and enable the plugin gain. i am using tidypics 1.7 and elgg 1.8.1 can u help plz.


  • its deactivating again and again, i have to activate it again manually...please tell what is the reason might be, previously i thought some hacked it, i changed the admin password also again its deactivating again automatically.

  • Maybe a Christmas Release... Ho Ho Ho!

  • Hi!.

    Great Work!

    You can add a function to automatically generate, for each user, an album called "pictures of the wall"?

    For just a textbox and a button up an image from the dashboard. ;-)

  • Hello all,

    I want to upload svg images with tidypics photo gallery on my local elgg installation. I've changed the test for the file format /lib/upload.php. but the uploaded pictures aren't displayed. I only get the error picture. What do I need to do to get svg pictures working?

  • the GD or Imagick library you are using to handle your images may not accept SVG so thats possibly why TomS

  • At least my server can display svg images. I browsed the code of tidypic and it seems the code to resize svg pictures is missing. Does tidypic work with svg images for other users?

  • I just started using elgg with  the newest realseas and the photo preview. The photos are comng out great, but had trouble downloading to give you see of the test site.  I only have issues with elgg itself as something says it is deprecated in elgg 1.8.1. Something about user id and objects.

  • The Tidypics preview works perfectly in 1.8.1 but not in 1.8.0, at least it does on my test server.  I love the album

  • Just downloaded elgg-1.8.2, and Tidypics preview works even better. Please dont change anything unless it would be the ability to edit the photos-cropping that is. 

  • Any update on this?  I am still waiting to upgrade to Elgg 1.8 until this is available since many of my users have created photo albums.  The preview version is not meant for production, right?

  • Hi Cash, I have been following the changes there and appreciate you are the only one working on this.  Mainly I was just wondering about a target date so that I can plan ahead for my migration.

  • Cash... 1.8.3 gets destroyed by tidypics :( see my post in elgg tech support :


  • @djSupport: "Compatible Elgg Version: 1.7".


  • iionly - I know this... but it was working ok'ish on 1.8.2 but now its broken for 1.8.3 so I'm making him aware that the plugin no longer works for 1.8 untill the new release :(

  • Has anyone thought of making seperate directories for the different version? 

    Have all the plugins that work with 1.6 in one directory.  Plugins that work with 1.7 in another and 1.8 in yet another.

  • Waiting for 1.8.. :) recommend..

  • Just for the record I'll be closing down my site of 250 members and 6360 photos because this is the key plugin to my site as its a photographers oriented site and I'm losing members daily because they come along join then get issues with the one main bit of kit that is the most important! Its sad that I can't learn enough php to sort the problems myself or had a better than minium wage job here in the uk to pay for someone to do it but I guess thats life I always fail :(

    Thanks for your support community over the last year or so! :(



  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-5-29
  • Downloads: 142563
  • Recommendations: 232

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