[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.7.3

Release Notes

  • Removed plugin settings which was causing a white screen of death
  • Added two language strings for the river for those using Elgg 1.8
  • Fixed issue where empty batches were not being deleted

As mentioned before, if you are having difficulty with the Flash uploader, please post browser information and the value of "Cookie only sessions" from the Tidypics server analysis.

  • @iionly: The github release is the one I downloaded. I will try removing it, re-downloading and doing a fresh install from the link you provided...

  • Same result. Could it have anything to do with with the ssl certificate I have and https configurations causing a server error?

  • @tbevel: what is the folder name of the tidypics plugin folder? Have you renamed it to "tidypics" or is it something like "brettp-Tidypics-90b3ef9"? In the latter case it won't work. If that's not the reason I have no idea unfortunately.

  • @iionly: Thank you, works like a charm now! I originally renamed it tidy_pics not tidypics. Removing the underscore solved the problem.

  • i have installed elgg 1.7.15 with tidypics plugin, kindly guide me how to make settings for it, as i see error message when someone try to upload any photo.



  • I have latest elgg version, this plugin did not work for me. 

    Please help me is there any new plugin like that where users can upload pictures?

    I am new here, please guide me at the moment users can not upload images in my website :(


  • I am using elgg 1.8.6, Version, my website does not have any option to allow users uploading photos or make albums. Only users can upload one profile pic and that's all.

    I am new to elgg, I wanna know do I need a plugin for that to allow members upload images or make albums?

    Is Tidypics the plugin which will do that for me? If yes I did tried to use but does not work for elgg 1.8.6, Version.

    Please help me friends,

    Many thanks in advance,


  • Still... No Gallery for Elgg network?

  • Any luck on the tidy Pics 1.8

  • is that only me can see only Page 1 of this plug-in page?

  • Me too, can only see page 1. It appears to be broken. Wish the 1.8 plugin was approved and ready to go so we could upgrade our 1.7 sites, but now, also wish I could see the activity here.

  • I am getting error while uploading via flashuploader 

     bad tp token

    on using brett gthub link latest on 1.8.5

    uploader works fine, but  bad tp token and describe photos link turns inactive

  • Is there any idea when an approved 1.8 compatible version for this plugin will be available? This is one of the most recommended and THE most downloaded plugin out of all the available plugins, but it's still not available for 1.8. I don't understand. And now there is talk about an elgg 1.9. We can't upgrade our sites from 1.7 to 1.8 until this plugin is available. How in the world can we even contemplate moving to 1.9?  Any idea when this will be ready for 1.8?

  • What is the most stable known version TidyPics ? for (trying) running on Elgg.1.8.X ?

    I had earlier, once worked on some bug fixes & patches [gone-fishing now b/c my contribution seemed not q. wanted, if any-1 remembers from way back then] - but I am being 60% forced to look into TidyPics @ 1.8.X for various reasons.


  • https://github.com/brettp/Tidypics is the most complete version I know of - it's the one I'm using

  • @kisssssss4ever: github is mainly aiming on developers. Brett's latest release of Tidypics on github might working fine on the latest Elgg 1.8 version. But if you are unlucky, the plugin is in a completely unusable state just at the moment of downloading due to some rework/upgrading on the code having been started but not finished yet. So, you can't rely on anyone telling you that it's working fine for them when they have downloaded it at another time and it happens to work for them.

    You can download the plugin from github for sure, but you need to test it out in any case before using it on a productive site.

  • @iionly

    Many thanks for your kind reply,

    Then I am waiting for the day when tidypics will relase for the 1.8.6 elgg version  :)


  • Yes it works well enough in 1.8.6

    a few minor issues but nothing deal breaking

  • Also, you can in fact download it at any point in its revision history.

  • DhrupDeScoop <I had earlier, once worked on some bug fixes & patches [gone-fishing now b/c my contribution seemed not q. wanted, if any-1 remembers from way back then]>

    I remember. And, I would not be able to use 1.7 tidypics at all without Dhrup's fix. Seemed everyone else dropped support for the plugin. Could not get any other help. Dhrup was the only one to step up - I say thank you.

    And now, I eagerly await a 1.8 version (approved) so that we can upgrade all our 1.7 sites. It's very confusing to me why THE most downloaded and one of the most recommended plugins is getting the worse support. Very strange!!!

  • <You can download the plugin from github for sure, but you need to test it out in any case before using it on a productive site.> 

    As a nondeveloper, that's what I've always heard. And when someone has any kind of problem the first thing people do is point to a plugin that hasn't been approved. I don't think it's good advice to lead us nondevelopers toward any kind of potential problems. We just ain't smart enough. Keep it simple, please.

  • @Ron Wallace My question is the same as yours everywhere on this site, why they don't upgrade tidypics for the current elgg version.

    I did try github tidypics on my 1.8.6 version but got so many errors. Now gonna install again a fresh copy of elgg this will be my minimum 24th installation :(

    Tidypics is a DREAM only !!!

  • WORST CASE scenario: Let's say TidyPics will be very late for 1.8.x or it will suddenly be discountinued for a future Elgg version, say 1.9.x.  And you happen to be running a site and suddenly you are faced with either getting stuck with a dying Elgg version or upgrade and lose such a fundemental social network functionality.

    Are there any substitute plugin(s)?

    Or alternatively, assuming that this plugin is late because the author(s) are busy earning their bread at a day job, then possibly one could sponsor the development of this plugin, especially if that "one" is making money on a social site using this plugin (do you know any elgg site making money?).



  • It doesn't matter what kind of software you are working with. There is always the possibility that the developer/company/community will stop supporting it. 


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-5-29
  • Downloads: 143006
  • Recommendations: 232

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