[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.7.2

Release Notes

  • fixed admin tabs
  • fixed pagination on all site albums page
  • added check for session only cookies
  • If any feature does not work for you, please post what browsers you tried the feature with.

    If the flash uploader does not work for you, please post the browser(s) and the value in server analysis of session only cookies.

    Also post the version of Elgg in any problem report.

    This is a Elgg 1.7 release but it is semi-functional in Elgg 1.8 (most of the JavaScript features like tagging do not work). A 1.8 release is still at least a few weeks away. 

  • Nice, seems to work fairly well to 1.8!

  • @Tidypics Team

    I'm using Comodo Dragon (it's a chrome browser from Comodo) and Firefox. With Comodo Dragon I always get HTTP error and in Firefox I would get the HTTP error after the first file. Any ideas? Flash uploader only. Basic works fine.

  • Also I found some what of a problem. I can hit the images directly even if I am not logged in? for example


  • I mean they can hit the image directly even if they are not logged in and the access is set to loggedin users only

  • In plugin´s settings, clicking in "/mod/tidypics/pages/admin.php" I see the error below:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function admin_gatekeeper() in /mod/tidypics/pages/admin.php on line 6

    Missing the "include once engine/start.php"?

    I will make more tests, realocate the plugin, etc...

  • Friends, the error is showed only if a click in the plugin´s settings link. The link points to "/mod/tidypics/pages/admin.php" directly, without loading the engine.

    If a click in plugin settings on left menu, the link points to "/pg/pluginmanager/admin/tidypics" and the error does´t happen.

  • @Ray: I already reported this issue for tidypics 1.7.1... hopefully it will fixed in the next version... As you observed, adding

    include_once dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))) . "/engine/start.php";

    in /mod/tidypics/pages/admin.php" before the line with


    solved this issue (for me).

  • @iionly: The code from tidypics is correct. The problem is with the hyperlink only. The url make a direct call to the php file. The correct way is call the plugin´s page handler.

  • Hey all,

    This plugin works pretty well. I am running the most recent version of Elgg (1.8). Two things:

    Tagging doesn't seem to work correctly. It will let me draw the box for the tag area but then the box goes away and doesn't allow tagging.

    Previews aren't working, in the widget, on the activity stream, on upload, and on define. Just a box with a "?" with a circle around it. I have tried different file types -- it doesn't seem to matter. The images do show up just fine once you are in the album and it seems as though the album "cover" shows up fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • I have a quick question.  If a user that has no photos uploaded yet, the widget reads "Create a photo album" with a link to create a new photo album.  how can I get this same message in the pg/photos/owned/ page wrapper?  Great plugin BTW.

  • When someone comments this comes up in the river


    instead of the persons name who commented

     i use elgg 1.8

  • @Ibrahim: Tidy pics for ELGG 1.8 is not fully done yet. You have to wait untill ELGG 1.8.1 is released. The issue mentioned by you may be solved after that.

  • k thanks but when will it be release in under a month or over a month caz i need to release my site in the next month

  • @seth01 - will take a look at the image access issue for the next release

    @sarah - some of the JavaScript like tagging does not work with Elgg 1.8 yet. Haven't heard of a problem like you are describing.

    @stuartsloan - I think you'd need to change the page handler for that page to return use that string if elgg_list_entities() does not return anything

    @Ibrahim - will take a look at that

    @Malik - I am too!

  • Hi, sorry for the bother but i am trying to use this plugin and have installed it, Activated it, but when i try and go to settings Tidypics Change Tidypics Settings I just get a blank page. Same for Run Server Analysis and Tidypics Administration. Any Ideas? oh elgg 1.8 and Tidypics 1.7.2



  • Hi!! I'm running tidypics 1.7.2 on an Elgg 1.7.13 and I'm having 2 big issues:

    - The famous admin error (Fatal error: Call to undefined function admin_gatekeeper() in /home/ocioadul/public_html/separadosyseparadas.com/mod/tidypics/pages/admin.php on line 6)

    -Can't get to upload any photo! I've tried flash upload, basic upload, Chrome and Firefox. Impossible. It even says that the upload has been successful.


  • Hi, me again with the whit page, so I have enabled debugging and php errors and this is what I get when I try and go to the Change Admin.

    WARNING: Deprecated in 1.8: The use of unlimited optional string arguments in elgg_view_layout() was deprecated in favor of an options array Called from [#1] /var/www/mod/tidypics/pages/admin.php:15

    WARNING: Deprecated in 1.8: page_draw() was deprecated in favor of elgg_view_page() in 1.8. Called from [#1] /var/www/mod/tidypics/pages/admin.php:15

    WARNING: Deprecated in 1.8: admin plugins should route through 'admin'. Called from [#4] /var/www/engine/lib/views.php:466

    Any ideas?

  • @e5foxer you can change the settings by opening settings.php and it will start to work well with elgg 1.8 except a few known probs like tagging which will be removed once the 1.8 version of the plugin comes.

  • Im having an issue wih the flash uploader in Elgg 1.8. When choosing phtots in the "add photos to gallery"  process, I select choose photos. But when clicking open, there is no indication that the plugin is working, and the 2. Upload Photos, and 3) Describe Photos links remain grayed out.... although they still work if you select them.


    Not sure if it matters, but I'm using the Version 1.8.1b of ELGG, and the Purity theme

  • I am also having a problem with flash loader first pic is loaded successfully and rest of pics display http error in all browsers. Itried both versions with 1.8 and with 1.7 both have same problem.

    Basic loader is working very well.

  • i have the same problem but all we can do for now is to wait for tidy pics 1.8 plugin release.

  • Is possible to change the size of the upload images?

    I want to resized all!!

    thank you

  • sorry, I want to aclarate it.

    I want to show the images to 100 x 100 px, now wihth the news images works perfect but with the old images upload at 156x156, desconfigured the gallery.

    I want to know if is possible to resize the old images to 100 x 100 px.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-5-29
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