[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.7.1

Release Notes

  • Added a toggle for enabling the flash uploader
  • Fixed bug with slideshow only displaying 10 photos
  • Showing 16 photos on an album page by default
  • From the comments on the previous thread, many were able to work out the issues with the flash uploader. There are still a few reports of problems and we'll try to add more logging/debugging in the next release to diagnose those.

    Look for the next release in late August. A 1.8 compatible release is in the works also.

  • Also, if you do experience problems with the uploader, please post if it was with one specific browser or all browsers and post what version of Elgg.

  • Thank you very, very much! Everythings works fine now!

  • Hi,

    Very nice plugin thank you, I have a question is it possible to have a restriction on the number of pictures that a user can upload per day example 2 each 24 hour ?



  • @Gilles - If "is it possible" means "can code be written to do this", the answer is yes. If "is it possible" means "will you implement this feature", probably not. Anyone is welcome to contribute code. I'll probably be moving from Google code to Github near the end of August to make this easier.

  • in mod/tidypics/pages/world.php at line no. 25 pagination has to be true instead of false

    otherwise only 16 recent albums will be shown.

  • Smith

    How to Fix the bug with slideshow that only displaying 10 photos without donwload this new version?

    I've made a lot of css changes, can i ask you what file i need to edit?

    Thanks you very much for this plug-in. :)

  • Smith

    To change the limit of images for the slideshow go to the file:


    go to  the line 45 before this string:  46   $images = elgg_get_entities(array...etc... and paste the follow:

    $limit = get_input('limit', 100);

    go to  the line 51 after this string: "container_guid" => $album->guid, and paste the follow:

    "limit" => $limit,

    you can change the number 100 with any number you want.

  • Its posible to do a slideshow at home with ramdom photos of user with a div text label with username and name of photo?

  •  I'd like to show a random list of all the images uploaded in my customdashboard. To show the latest photos, I simply pasted  in my content.php file:

            $max = 32;
           echo tp_list_entities("object", "image", $user_id, null, $max, false, false, true);   

    from the tidypics plugin. Do you know how to randomize the order of listing?

  • (1)

    try :-

        $latest_images = elgg_get_entities(array(
            'type' => 'object',
            'subtype' => 'image',
            'owner_guid' => $owner_guid,
            'limit' => $num_images,
            'full_view' => false,
            'pagination' => false,

    -- then can sort the array $latest_images and render with a view.



    Wrap the generated view's images using lightshow or similar - as tidy pics does inside it's own slideshow code.

  • forgot -- shuffle ( $latest_images ) - not sort ;-)

  • I got this error

    DSC03532.JPG (4.48MB) - <br /> <b>Fatal error</b>: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16000 bytes) in <b>/home/thesite/public_html/folder/elgg/mod/tidypics/lib/resize.php</b> on line <b>137</b><br />


    same error on 3.80 mb, 1.80, even on images of size 400 kb . Working fine for images under 200 kb. PLEASE TELL HOW TO SOLVED THIS ERROR. i tried editing my .HTACCESS also increased image upload size to 10 mb. and increased my server upload file size restriction but not worked.

  • Just loaded to 1.7.10

    The tabs on the Tidypics Administration screen go to blank screens except for "settings"




  • @DhrupDeScoop

    Thank you so much for your help, your coding was simply great and really solved my problems.

    I've done my homepage without a slideshow, but simply showing the images previews in a random order, with your code, the shuffle and a final line:

        $max = 32;
        $latest_images = elgg_get_entities(array(
            'type' => 'object',
            'subtype' => 'image',
            'owner_guid' => $user_id,
            'limit' => null,
            'full_view' => false,
            'pagination' => false,

        echo elgg_view_entity_list($latest_images, $user_id, null, $max, false, false, true)

    now, I'm not sure on how to manage these attributes (as you see, I repeated them twice somewhere), but I still need to show in my list of images the pagination "1, 2, 3, 4, forward" on the top of the page, when the list exceed the max number of images displayed (32). It happens in the normal lists in tydipics...

    Do you have a simple suggestion for doing that?

    Thank you again



  • I get no EXIF data out of my pictures.

    Checked twice:

    - EXIF info is in original pictures to upload

    - tried GD, Imagemagick CmdLine and imagick PHP Extension: no effect, no exif info displayed.

    - Pictures uploaded long ago, and uploaded just today with different settings: no effect, no EXIF info displayed.

    Check your own at:


    On my Server Tidypics 1.7.1, elgg 1.78,

    Server analysis:

    PHP version 5.2.12-nmm2  
    GD Enabled Elgg requires the GD extension to be loaded
    IMagick PHP extension Enabled  
    exec() Enabled Required for ImageMagick command line
    Memory Available to PHP 150MB Change memory_limit to increase
    Memory Used to Load This Page 22.84 MB This is approximately the minimum per page
    Max File Upload Size 100.00 MB Max size of an uploaded image
    Max Post Size 100.00 MB Max post size = sum of images + html form
    Max Input Time 60 s Time script waits for upload to finish
    Max Execution Time 30 s Max time a script will run
    GD imagejpeg Enabled  
    GD imagepng Enabled  
    GD imagegif Enabled  
    EXIF Enabled  


    Major Settings

    Gib den Text für den Wasserzeichen ein - ImageMagick Cmdline muss ausgewählt sein für die Bildbibliothek

    Maximale Bildgröße in Megabytes (MB):

    Benutzer/Gruppen Speicherplatz in (MB) (0 = Kein Speicherplatz)

    Image Library Settings

    Image Library: :
    Note: If you want to select ImageMagick Command Line, first confirm that it is installed on your server.


    EXIF data under the pictures:

    Model: N/A
    Shutter: N/A
    Aperture: N/A
    ISO Speed: N/A
    Focal Length: N/A
    Captured: N/A



    any ideas?


  • @Francesco,

    'pagination' => true,

  • @ DhrupDeScoop

    I've already tryed setting pagination true, but it didn't work.

    I think it doesn't recognize the $max parameter, maybe because it is missing in the first list that you gave me, and for some reason it does'n work in the list I made to show the images:

        echo elgg_view_entity_list($latest_images, $user_id, null, $max, false, false, true)

    Is there a parameter that I could include, to set with the value $max ?

  • Smith

    Francesco, Please, do you know how to show images in gallery mode?

  • @ smith

    I'm not sure about what d'you mean with "gallery", but I show my gallery with the most recent images by this simple line that I paseted before...:

            $max = 32;
           echo tp_list_entities("object", "image", $user_id, null, $max, false, false, true);   


    Where 32 is the namber of images shown in  each page

  • Please tell how to solve this error


    DSC03532.JPG (4.48MB) - <br /> <b>Fatal error</b>: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16000 bytes) in <b>/home/thesite/public_html/folder/elgg/mod/tidypics/lib/resize.php</b> on line <b>137</b><br />


    In tidy pics 1.6.8 also I am getting error on uploading images of size more than 2 mb, I tried with inceasing allowed size in tidypics admin and also by incease server images upload size restriction. 

  • Smith

    adoi, you must talk with your server support for this problem.

    You have to increase the php memory limit in htaccess and php.ini files, but call your server support first.

  • hi:

     i want upgrade my old tidypics , i ask if i should remove all files in my old tidypics and upload the new files , or ther is another way ?

      i tested it in localhost , but it's not upgreded succesfully . thanks for help .

      and sorry for bad english


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