[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X: Tidypics] v1.7.0

Release Notes

We are enormously pleased to announce the long overdue release of Tidypics 1.7.0.

The two new big features added to 1.7.0 (compared to 1.6.x) are a flash uploader and album sorting.

Tidypics will only run on Elgg 1.7.x. We no longer support 1.5.x or 1.6.x. This will also not be fully functional on the 1.8 beta release. A 1.8 release is in the works.

Upgrade instructions if coming from Tidypics 1.6.x:

  • Copy code
  • Go to Tidypics Administration page and click Upgrade
  • Refresh your caches by changing plugin order or disabling/enabling a plugin

Contributors to Tidypics through the years are listed in contributors.txt. 

  • I am just beginning to test. So far so good. Flash uploader working fine - single uploads. Server: Mac OS X 10.6.7, Apache 2.2.17, using GD library. PHP 5.3.4. Works with Safari, FireFox, Chrome - latest versions. Can supply version numbers if helpful. Will be testing multiple uploads, basic uploader later today.

  • Forgot to mention I'm using 1.7.9. Just uploaded multiple images with both flash and basic uploaders - worked well. Crossing my fingers but I'm feeling like my problems were all due to corrupted files. Now that I have that straightened out the new version seems to be working well.

  • I have just given it another go... still no luck. T ried moving and disabling plugins, but no luck.

    On the up side, the flash loader and basic loader do all the right stuff, it is just that I get a highly frustrating


  • os: debian lenny
    web server: apache 2.2.3
    php version: 5.3.5
    elgg: 1.7.9

  • i use firefox 4 and safari 4 ...

  • I don't seem able to upgrade to 1.7.0 - I can't see an 'Upgrade' link on the Tidypics Administration page. Can you tell me which where in the settings area I should find this? I'm currently running Tidypics 1.6.8. Have I missed something or is our Elgg installation set up in an unusual way (it's Release  1.7.6).

    I was hoping an upgrade would provide a solution to a problem I posteda while ago in the 1.6.8 forum: Is there a way to prevent a user (not admin) from deleting an album created by another user?

  • on Tidypics administration > settings tab, if it needed to update it would be a hyper link above the words "Run Server Ayalsis" else it is not displayed

  • When I delete an album the album and all files are deleted. However, it leaves the album directory in the dataroot. I don't see code in the delete action that would delete this directory unless the core is supposed to be cleaning up (seems doubtful).

    Is this expected behavior? If so, is this by intention and is there a reason for this? It does trigger a delete album event - but I find nothing registered to act on it... 

  • One more bug I found , Pagination is missing from all site albums page. and did not found any css to change All albums tabble color and timestamp color under album on all album page...

  • When I click on the image on the river it becomes too large (4000 x 2250 pixels), I have tried to reduce the size of Tidypix Administration, bringing to 540 x 400 pixels but does not work, the image is still too large.

    I read: You must edit the CSS if you change the default sizes
    What does it mean?



  • Hi everybody,

    first of all, many thanks to the tidypics team for this great plugin!

    Though it does work for me now -with the changed uploader- I have an issue with the slideshow. In my case, it does not provide pagination. It will only show the first 8 pictures of the album. Is there any way to improve this?

    I tried the version 1.7 on elgg 1.7.8 and current nightlybuild of tidypics from google code.

  • I want to change the view on the group albums page from the 'tile' version to the 'list' version - which file do I have to change to do this?

  • Faults on my Tidypics are

    • Slideshow only shows 8 images
    • Flash uploader will not work!

    My server stats are the same as everyone else except I am using Suse Linux 11

  • The download link is damaged?

  • I worked out why I was not getting a proper upload/image display... for some reason the thumbnail size defaults had dissapeared in the TidyPics Settings page, restored the default settings below and way-hey-hey!  Even the flash loader works perfectly too... very pleased now :)

    Thumbnail Size

    You must edit the css if you change the default sizes

    Primary image size
    width:    height:

    Album view image size
    width and height:    

    Thumbnail image size
    width and height:   

  • Yet another fault - when you start a new album the page only has 8 images on it...

    I suppose we are going to have to wait six months for a fix?

  • Just go to mod/tidypics/views/default/object/album.php and change the "8" in line 110 -    " echo $album->viewImages(8, $offset); "  to 12, 16, 20 etc. if this is you problem, it is very easy to fix... no need to wait :)

  • Hi everybody, and really a great thanks to the tidypics team, that permitted me to create my own elgg website with their great plugin.

    I've a particular question:

    Being my website based on the photos, I replaced the elgg dashboard (elgg version 1.7.1) with a "custom dashboard" (using custom dashboard plugin) where to show the latest photos uploaded on the website.

    For doing that, I simply pasted in the new dashboard php file the line:

            $max = 32;
           echo tp_list_entities("object", "image", $user_id, null, $max, false, false, true);   

    copied from the tidypics plugin.

    that line, in a really simple way, "recall" the latest images from the tidypics plugin.
    Now I'd like to change a litlle this function, showing all the photos uploaded in the website, but in a random order.

    Do you have any ideas on how to do that?


    Thank you



  • Hello!

    I still have the same problem a month ago. My slideshow only shows ten pictures although there are a lot more pictures in the album. Does anyone know a solutionin the meantime?

    Everything else working super!

  • @Tidypics Team:  I would like to know if there are any way of rearranging images as FIFO while saving images added to an album so that images are listed accordingly. Thanks, Jacob


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2018-9-16
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