[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X: Tidypics] v1.7.0 Beta 1

Release Notes

This is a beta release.

Two primary additions: flash uploader and album sorting

Upgrade instructions:

  • Copy code
  • Go to Tidypics Administration page and click Upgrade
  • Refresh your caches by changing plugin order or disabling/enabling a plugin

Special thanks to gillie and lord55 for the translation help and to Torsten Wesolek for the original flash uploader implementation.

Note: the flash uploader may not work on some servers with older versions of Elgg (< 1.7.2)

  • New release as of November 6, 2010. Comments from previous release can be found using the links in the Releases section

  • When posting bug reports, please mention browser version

  • Used on latest firefox, Safari and IE, So far so good, I run site upgrade after tidypics upgrade and all seems to be fine, flash uploader is nice addition. Great work

  • Great work Tidypics team. Thanks.

  • Thank you for the update. It's very cool improvements with flash uploader and image sorting. Tag notification and image link in riverview works now.

    Tested with 1.7.4 IE8 & FF - localhost

    Image Upload in IE with flash loader gives a popup with the error:

    Error # 2044: unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text = Error # 2124: Loaded file is an unknown type.

    If I click Continue, I can proceed without problems.

  • Tested briefly with FF:

    • Profile widgets seem to work fine, i.e. Latest photo widgets layout is good, titles of widgets are also shown correctly (with Draggable widgets + Eager widgets plugins enabled/disabled),
    • Number of pics shown in River per uploads seems not right. I set 1 picture per upload but it shows twice (with two pics uploaded for testing). This happened each time.
    • Sorting works.
    • I missed the tidypics widgets on the Dashboard. But checking tidypics 1.6.8 I noticed there are no tidypics widgets offered on the Dashboard either - I guess as I haven't missed them so far they are not really needed. :)
    • The new uploader is nice, but maybe it could guide the users a bit better through the upload procedure: "There are three easy steps for adding photos to your album using this uploader: first choosing a picture (or pictures), then uploading the picture(s), and finishing with describing them. If you do not have Flash, there is also a basic uploader available." (in bold what's different). The three links (Choosing, Uploading, Describing) maybe could be formed as buttons, i.e. with a border, to better show that people need to click on them. If possible, the first button "Choose photos" could change its text after selecting a photo. How about first it says "1. Select a photo" (I like "select" better than "choose" but I'm not a native English speaker...) and after a photo has been chosen the text changes to "1. Select another photo"?
  • Tested online and the same error as mentioned above occurs.

    IE8 - flash player WIN 9,0,45,0

  • I don't know if it's a bug or the intended behavior, but tidypics 1.7 still resizes images even if the original size is smaller than the default size set in the admin section. If I remember correctly, this behavior started with tidypics 1.6.8 while earlier version left the resolution of smaller pictures unchanged (of course creating the smaller thumbnails nonetheless). I believe this issue was already discussed before but I don't remember the outcome of this discussion right now. The image quality surely won't get any better if small pictures are resized to a higher resolution. Would it be possible to add the option to the admin section of tidypics to decide if all pictures should be resized or only pictures that need to be reduced in resolution?

  • A question (And excuse my english): The new version allows a max width and height for a image?

    Example: I upload a 3000x3000px, but my site allows only 1024x768 images. After the upload, tidypics automaticaly creates all the thumbs and therefore resizes the original image to 1024x768.

    Is it possible? I created a hack in my site to do it, but my hack dont affect storage quota. Only resize the image because we are limited in storage.

    If the new version cant do it, may I help in some way?

    BTW, thanks. Your plugin is great.

  • Sorry I found it after disabling and re-enabling plug in I guess thats the cache at work... :D

  • First of All Very very thanks to TidyPics team for updates.

    I have tested it with 1.7.4 in FF.  No major issue is found but i notice some little things and want to share with tidypic team as this still a beta version.

    1.  Flash and basic uploaders are working verl well no problem found.

    2. Image sorting no problem found accept some distance between image and cursor.

    3.  Riverupdates working well but need to set number of pics according to riverdashboard version used by individuals.

    4 .Tagging is working great but if we tag multiple people in a single image we need to do one by one if this is updated to tag multiple people one then it would be very well other wise not an big issue.

    5. upgrade button pics up every pic very well no problem here.

    6 . when someone comment on a pic or tag a person then only url is updated in river instead of pic image if pic image is added to that part looking much better same as orkut.

    7.  No updates when pic is rated by some one.

    note:==I did not check with Imagemagick these all results are with GD only.

    Overall no big problem found accept some minor things.I hope you will fix these too in next release.

    Congratulations tidypics team !



  • I had a problem which are from previous version but it is still after upgrading to new version.

    I am getting an error to open pics from logout which are set to public access. it show me list of pics in album but when i click on pic to open then it give me an error "you must login to view that" somethinglike that.

    I already uninstall and intall lot of times changes default access to public, changes in albus access are not help full, I think there is an entry in database. please help me to solve this issue. In starting my default access was set to loggedin users. but now I want public.

    I create a new album after new version but still same issue please any suggestions about this.

  • For some reason since adding this BETA the Tag Cumulus Plugin has stopped working does anyone else get that?

  • Thanks for the comments, everyone. We'll be watching them over the next few days before working on the next release.

  • I have installed the beta version on our project server (Mac OS X). The ajax uploader returns an HTTP Error and the upload box turns red. Basic uploader works fine. I get the same error on Firefox (Mac 3.6.12 and Safari 5.0.2). My install is in a sub-directory. Any additional information required?

  • damn my tidypics beta is now playing up! some users images are not working after upload if I use basic uploader it says invalid form token field or something similair!

  • Ignore that it seems only for images over 5mb (Even though I have increased size ;imit)

    Anyway I think the flash tool should either display the file limit on it or auto deny images that are over the limit,

    also I think the flash uploaded could be changed slightly as I think its not user friendly with the click 1, 2 then 3 I was wondering if the flash developer can send me the fla so I can modify it for my needs with regards to user friendly? or try anyway cause im crap at flash coding but should be able to modify some things

  • I have a user requesting Album sorting.

    Should I install 1.7.0 now? Do people feel it is safe enough?

    Or is it due to come out of beta imminently?

  • Stephen the only major problems I'm having are related to the 5mb limit which I don't think is tidypics fault so yeah should be fine for you!

  • Question:

    Now this has me puzzeled and I thought I would post here for ideas.

    I have 2 sites one test and one production.

    Test site:

    Now when you go to the above link you can click on the image to have it enlarge

    Production site:


    Now when going to the above link the image wont enlarge.

    Trouble Shooting done so far:

    I disabled all but tidy pics on production site including theme.
    Still fails.

    I have fully replaced my tidypics folder with the latest version
    I have uploaded the latest version on elgg copying over files

    the issue is still not resolved, any suggestions?

  • are both of them running exactly the same setup? if so it may be related to the http://test. part thats the problem it would probably work better if your test site was in www.tibiafriends.com/test/

  • Juipo

    check for versions on both sites, plugin order (VERY IMPORTANT) , extra plugins you have on one site?, all site settings the same? is one clean install and other upgrade? if it is ,did you run upgrade.php?

    I don't think Elgg in sub-domain or folder makes any difference...it shouldn't...

  • Hi Guys, thanks for your thoughts.

    both are on same platform one is a fresh install which is the test site, but in saying that its been upgarded both are latest elgg version, production site has been moved sevaral times as I move webhosts, so in a way was a fresh install but not really as I needed to load the database from the previous site.

    regards to plugins loaded and the order they are in, I thought become I have all plugins disabled this would mean no other plugins are affecting it or is this not true?

    I am trying to work out what else other than the files might influence the behaviour of tidypics.

    perhaps a database setting.

    Its anoying and has been compleatly stumped.


  • Production site:
    does not work ;)

    I believe that your database has some anomaly left there after moving servers - that is preventing tidyPix from getting to the image.


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