[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.7.0

Release Notes

We are enormously pleased to announce the long overdue release of Tidypics 1.7.0.

The two new big features added to 1.7.0 (compared to 1.6.x) are a flash uploader and album sorting.

Tidypics will only run on Elgg 1.7.x. We no longer support 1.5.x or 1.6.x. This will also not be fully functional on the 1.8 beta release. A 1.8 release is in the works.

Upgrade instructions if coming from Tidypics 1.6.x:

  • Copy code
  • Go to Tidypics Administration page and click Upgrade
  • Refresh your caches by changing plugin order or disabling/enabling a plugin

Contributors to Tidypics through the years are listed in contributors.txt. 

  • congratulations on your success team! keep this great plugin coming for years to come :)

  • Great, looking forward to installing it tonight!

  • My site always shows an error if i want to upload a picture:

    248068_1015018855708... (53.79KB) - HTTP Error


    after the upload the picture is not show but its in the data ordner listed...


    please help !

  • @flirx - does the basic uploader work for you? Does the error depend on what browser you are using?

  • I cannot use the flash uploader but I can use the basic uploader...

  • Hallo! My slideshow only shows ten pictures?!? although there are a lot more pictures in the album. Does anyone know a solution?

  • Tried the new version. Quite buggy on my install. Flash uploader works intermittently then crashes (reported in my browser). I use a mac so I am not too surprised given the war between apple and adobe. Uploader often reports success but is red in color - seems wrong. Checking the dataroot however I find the file has uploaded - but pics do not show in the album. Basic uploader fails as well.

    I'd be happy to debug this further it it is helpful. Backing out to previous version did not work. Had to reinstall the DB.

  • yes i can upload via basic uploader but not via flash uploader....

  • my elgg verison is 1.7.9 ... tidypics version 1.6.8 runs perfectly

  • en chrome cargador dice pagina no responde 

  • <Backing out to previous version did not work. Had to reinstall the DB.> Yiikees! That's scary. So, is the 1.7.0 ready for prime time or not? Too busy at the moment to install it and find it isn't working right. All I see is problems mentioned here. Anyone having good upgrade experience? 1.6.8 has been running well for us.

  • Will release a new version that allows administrators to turn off flash uploader as that seems to be where people are having problems.

    For those experiencing problems with the flash uploader, need to know if it is browser dependent and some server information (operating system, web server, php version, and Elgg version).

  • I've tried this on my development site as well.  I'm not sure what the flash 'should' look like, but I appear to be getting a standard file system browser window for 'one at a time' picture uploads when the flash broaswer is enabled.

    • Using Elgg 1.7.9
    • Firefox 4 on Fedora 15
    • Firefox 4 on fedora 14
    • Firefox 3.6.17 on Fedora 14
    • Konqueror on both of the above
    • Firefox 4 on WinXP
    • Chrome on all of the above.

    I do not seem to be experiencing many of the issues alluded to above with errors or tokens - but I did run the upgrade script that was part of the server configuration before trying anything.

    The slideshow seems to track the pagination.  It only runs the slideshow against what is on the current page.  In my case 8 - so that may be an individual template and/or layout thing.

    Hope that helps. Love this plugin and kudos to the team for all the work they do for this community.

  • @bpreston - Thanks for the comment. You should be able to select multiple images with the file system browser when using the flash browser. The slideshow bug shouldn't be hard to fix. Just need to make sure the offset and limit parameters are set correctly in the next release.

  • I have installed the new version without any problems although I have a non typical system (elgg 1.7.8, IIS 7). Nearly everything works fine. I have upgraded the german translation (should i upload it somewhere - where?). One small problem continued: when I start the slideshow, only ten pictures appear although there are much mor in the album. When i go to the seconf page of the album and start the slideshow again, no more pictures are shown. As there are shonw ten pictures and the first page of the album mostly show 8 pictures it is very strange.... Does anyone have an idea. the former version of Tidypics worked perfect, but the new flash uploader is really great. Thanks for help!

  • hey i saw a file of highestrated.php in tidypics\pages\lists

    how can i use it? i just want to hve widget in side that have most rated photos..

    i already install the rating by miguel montes..

    please help i really need it. thanks a lot.

  • I tried the flash uploader, all seemed fine, but there were no images, just the "?" place holder...

    I tried the standard loader and got the same. 

    The plugin was working fine before I upgraded (although I have not tested it for a little while), but when I went to the older version, that too was not working.  Any idea how to get it uploading images again? 

    I checked the data file, it is writable and I can upload and create user icons etc

  • @elggisthebest - take a look at the code in that file and then use it in a new widget

    @Mark Bridges - Did you run the upgrade script from Tidypics Administration? Are you able to upload an image with the file plugin distributed with Elgg (preferably test with a new test user)?

  • @markbridges that matches my experience as well. I took the easy way out and reinstalled my site - an easy option for me since I am in development. I did run the tidypics upgrade. When I looked in the data folder the images were uploaded and thumbnails created - but neither upload would work. I too only showed a ?. I had recently upgraded to 1.7.9 and only had a few test uploads prior to trying the new version of tidypics. Since my installation is easy to reinstall I'd be happy to test further if it is helpful. Really like this plugin...

  • @ Tidypics Team; The core file plugin works fine for me.  Interesting that Brian Chapin has the same experience... something is going on I think.  I have another installation (exactly the same 1.7.9 version) which has not been exposed to the latest version and the tidypics upgrade script and it works fine.


  • Thought I'd update my status with the new release. Seems there was an odd problem with another plugin. Appeared the plugin folder and some of its files were corrupted. Just having it in the load order broke TidyPics image rendering. Corrupted the file or truncated it... Not exactly sure. Restored from backup and all seems to be good... Flash uploader working well - even in Safari. Basic uploader seems to be broken... but I'll have a look at it tomorrow. Many thanks to the TidyPics team for this great plugin.

  • it seems like tidypics flash uploader has bugs in it, everything works fine except for the uploader. i'm running an unmanaged vps with CentOS 5 32bit OS and using firefox 4.

  • @Brian - thanks for the update. Corrupted files can cause PHP to echo some content which will corrupt images. Still surprised the basic uploader is not working for you as not much changed with that from 1.6.x release of Tidypics.


    For those experiencing problems with the flash uploader, need to know if it is browser dependent and some server information (operating system, web server, php version, and *Elgg version*).


  • my server specs:

    os: centos 32-bit linux
    web server: apache 2.2.3
    php version: 5.3.5
    elgg: 1.7.9

    anything else? let me know

  • For me Flash loader upload only first photo and after that it show http error except that everything is working same problem in every browser basic uploader is working.

    one more thing if I add more photos to existing album by basic uploader with  admin user account then I am able to upload but it don't show any thumbnail only ? marks are shown.

    my server specs are :-

    php- 5.3.6


    MySQL -5.5.11

    Apache -2.2.17

    server 2008 64 bit

    Elgg 1.7.8


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
  • Downloads: 145202
  • Recommendations: 231

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