[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.6.8

Release Notes

Supports 1.5.x-1.7.x

Fixed a bug with resizing images. Added some markup and css to improve photo album layout. Improved the admin settings page layout.

Install/upgrade like any other plugin. If you haven't upgraded since Tidypics 1.5.x, an upgrade button will appear on your Tidypics admin page.

  • any one know that when user upload a picture they will upload with real picture name the picture name is like 41513534523523523532523523523.jpg 

    they will show on activity 41513534523523523532523523523.jpg

    any idea that how to change like when user add picture they will be rename 41513534523523523532523523523.jpg  to 1(1)

    any idea

  • double post sorry , does this only accept jpg format , I would like for users to be able to upload png and other formats , thanks for any help in advance .

  • i tried to use this plugin.But when i uploaded a picture and not resize.

    any suggestions for me.

  • is there a known way to get tidypics images to be selectable via the embed tool as is the case with the files module and izap_videos?

    presently i can upload an image to the embed tool but it does not appear in tidypics.. or i can upload to tidypics and the option to embed does not appear in the embed tool.



  • @tunist - included in the version for Elgg 1.8. Willing to wait?

  • I created a plug-in that displays the highest rated artists in the Spotlight section. It works fine on every page except Tidypics plug-in pages, the user's profile image is scaled up and then it doesn't work, the pictures upload but we just get a giant ? in the preview and you have to click like 2 giant ? to see the picture

  • I have a problem. I cant upload photos in profile and tidypics. Appear this error: "upload of image failed"

    please I need help.

  • I am having troubles finding information on how to upgrade a plugin been lookin and lookin so after a couple days and not having to much luck i am going to ask.... Can someone point me in the right direction on upgrading the tidypic plugin


  • hello peeps sorry to just post out the blue.... but i keep getting this white page come up when i try to edit the settings saying: A file permissions error has occurred. Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again.


    Please help sorry for being a noob

  • Is it possible that users can upoad photos into there own album on there profile... but also have "latest images" on the front page like 20 at a time... e.g http://dribbble.com/


  • where the files uploaded is it possible to upload files like pictures, videos from 3rd party sites that offer free upload then call it back to my tidy gallery

  • i see an option for setting the allowed file size for photos that are uploaded, but how do you set the allowed pixel width and height allowed for an uploaded file?

  • Hello,

    Can you please add the function for admins and owners to remove/edit the pictures?


    Thanks :-)

  • @Tidypics Team

    I just tried out the 1.7.0 Beta1 and the album icon shows as "No Images" for some previously loaded albums.  The images in album count shows up as zero.  However, all  images show up in the slideshow.  With my test site, I just added a new album with 1.6.8 and it was fine.  When I upgraded to 1.7.0 Beta1, I got the "No Images" symptom.  I did notice that the files were stored in the elgg data area under the 2010 directory,  not the 2011 directory.  I am using Elgg 1.7.6 and also Elgg 1.7.7.  I am  viewing the albums using Firefox.

  • @calm - yes, it is compatible with 1.7.6

    @emanuel - see the documentation

    @spmorty - the upgrade button is on the Tidypics Administration page. If it does not show, you don't need to upgrade

    @flunkyou2 - your Apache has mod_security turned on with it set to reject urls/paths being passed in post requests.


  • @Pkjackson - yes, there is a widget for that

    @caragadatacenter - no, there is no integration with 3rd party video sites

    @rohonupe99 - there is only a filter on image size (in MB)

    @fraksken - that feature is already there

  • @Stan - did you run the upgrade script?

  • @Tidypics Team

    No, I did not run the upgrade script.  I did not find the installation instructions.  I see now they are on 1.7.0 beta1 discussion.


  • @Tidypics Team

    There is no upgrade option on the Tidypics Admin page.  Reordering a plugin helped, but I still have an album that shows photos on the slideshow that don't show up on the album.  Should I remove all the previous version files before copying the new files over?

  • @ Tidypics Team

    Sorry for last question. Didn't see the link, reported to me, and I 'forgot' to check... Sorry again

    Since it's a public netwerk site, lots of people might want to put 'unclean' (read porn) pictures on there. I'd like to avoid the trouble of going trough every photo album every few hours. Is there not a possibility to make an approval system? Every picture that gets uploaded comes into an administrator folder, administrators approve or deny the pictures.
    Or perhaps we can find out how facebook keeps those pictures out ...

    Short: Picture approval system for unwanted pictures. Admins approve or deny picture before publication.


  • I have a 1.7.7 test site that only shows a question mark when I upload a photo.  I have tried to find the answer, but failed so far... anyone got a quick pointer for me please?

  • Ah... in answer to my oun issue, I discovered that the settings did not contain the default settings for image and thumbnail sizes... fixed this and all ok now.

  • i just uploaded a tall image and the error code was produced - 'too many pixels'..

    how many pixels is too many?

    is there a simple way to edit this limit?


  • I have just installed Elgg with the Tidypics plugin.  I have selected Elgg 1.7.6 because it is the latest version with French translation available.  When the site's default language is English, the photo gallery works beautifully.  However, when I switch the site's default language to French, the photos do not show up.

    Is there special configuration I need to do to get Tidypics to works in French?  Is this a bug?  I am new to Elgg so if there is any extra information I can provide, let me know.


  • Just got back from vacation.  Since there was no feedback in 11 days, I have chased the problem myself and found the root cause.  As it turns out, there is a bug in the French translation.  The file languages/fr.php contains a byte order mark known as BOM.  When executing this file, this BOM causes three characters (0xef, 0xbb, 0xbf) to be pushed to content before the actual image.  What I have done for now is used a hexadecimal editor to remove the BOM out of that file and now Tidypics works beautifully in both English and French.

    I will try to report my finding on elgg.fr as well.


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
  • Downloads: 144907
  • Recommendations: 231

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