[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.6.8

Release Notes

Supports 1.5.x-1.7.x

Fixed a bug with resizing images. Added some markup and css to improve photo album layout. Improved the admin settings page layout.

Install/upgrade like any other plugin. If you haven't upgraded since Tidypics 1.5.x, an upgrade button will appear on your Tidypics admin page.

  • Could you tell how to move tidypics album added in one group to another group? I guess I have to make some update call in the DB and I am looking for the appropriate command but I can not find appropriate table and records :/

  • @Alfonso - the php extension is not needed to use the ImageMagick command line

    @FluffedMojo - it's in the works

    @caledosphere - check the Elgg Docs for this error message. It is not a Tidypics issue

    @djeph - you will have to write code to integrate that with Tidypics. It won't be as easy including a few lines of code

    @benmax - Yes, it is possible but will require writing code.

  • @Ice - if you have checked that the file exists at that location the next thing to check is its permissions

  • @Robert - find the GUID of the album, look in the entities table, the group id is the container_guid.

  • I want to increase the number of images shown on the album page - How would I do this?

  • @ Tidypics Team - Thanks to this answer.

    Can you write the code to integrate or help me to create this code?

  • @jededitor - take a look at the object/album view

    @djeph - sorry - too busy to help right now

  • Wow Tidypics Team you sure work hard at responding to everyones questions.

    Good on you.


  • @Tidypics Team - thanks!

    My next question is: On the album page how do I change the default Gallery display to List view?

  • I'm having a problem uploading. I'm sure (hoping) it's an easy fix, but this is my first time using Elgg & I just don't know where to look.

    I'm using Elgg v1.7.2, Tidypics is enabled & shows up everywhere it should, but when I try to upload an image it opens a status box saying it's uploading, then I'm redirected to a white screen with the following error:

    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 32505856) (tried to allocate 11520 bytes) in /homepages/11/d246612207/htdocs/creativetechies/elgg/mod/tidypics/lib/resize.php on line 137

    Can anyone help me with this? I'd be ever so appreciative!


  • If I choose to show a set of photos for new album in the river. Where do I edit the number of photos to display?

  • Why aren't my images displaying?

  • Hello I'm Spanish, I think It were great an option to erase de original uploaded picture, because of storage capacity of the servers... and let only the resized picture online, I think that there isn't very difficult, it's only an idea, thanks a lot for the plugin ;)

  • @Adrian -

    ImageMagick has functionality that can be used to "compress" the file size for larger images. I believe that TidyPics does only the "resize" for uploaded images. You can also wite code to scan the data directory for images and issue the ImageMagickcommand that will compress and re-write the image files. And no.. its not very difficult -- just need to write the code.

  • Yes but I don't say "compress" the original image, I say to upload,make a resized copy for thumbnails, and after that, erase the original.

    And my idea was to change the link when we click on the thumbnail, in the gallery, that normally links to the original uploaded image, to a link, with the same functionality of the "next" link, above the large thumbnail...

  • Does anybody know where I can set the number of images to display in river activity when people add a new album.

  • @gillie: You can set in Tidypics's admin settings if there should be "None", "1" or "All" images displayed in the river.

  • Thank you. Yes I have seen the setting "How many entries in activity river for each batch of uploaded images". I think that's for how many images to display when uploading new images to an excisting album.

    Setting for albums are "Cover" or "Set". I'm looking for the code to limit the "Set" option to 4 images :)

  • @FluffedMojo from page 8 :) It would only need a simple flash uploader to do that I know my flash but Im not skilled enougth to do that....

    You select the files in flash and all flash then does is queue them up and upload them 1 by 1 but makes it seamless and selecting images is quicker

  • Problem: (Tidypics and Cash's Eager Widget's plugin)

    Would you please fix this in a future Tidypics release?

    Tidypics offers two profile/dashboard widgets: "Latest Photos" and "Photo Albums". Everything is fine with the "Latest Photos" widget but as soon as the Eager Widgets plugin is enabled instead of the title of the "Photo Albums" widget only the laguage tag "album_views" is shown.

    CASH SAYS --  Ron - found the issue with Tidypics. Open up tidypics/lib/tidypics.php and change these lines

    function tp_get_latest_photos($num_images, $owner_guid = 0) {

      $prev_context = set_context('front');


    function tp_get_latest_photos($num_images, $owner_guid = 0) {

      $prev_context = get_context();


     -- end

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    I am having a problem with images since I moved my elgg installation to a sub directory.  Everything seems to be working fine except for the images that people have uploaded.  New uploads work fine.

    The url is not updated for the new sub directory.  Anyone know the trick to get this right?

    The site is http://www.treetosea.org/social/



  • No answer to this?

    Does anybody know where I can set the number of images to display in river activity when people add a new album.


  • New version coming soon with bug fixes.

    @gillie, it is the river view for the album

    @mark - as long as the data directory did not change, the images should have still been there. Did you also change the data directory?


  • And there it was, thank you :)


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
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