[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.6.8

Release Notes

Supports 1.5.x-1.7.x

Fixed a bug with resizing images. Added some markup and css to improve photo album layout. Improved the admin settings page layout.

Install/upgrade like any other plugin. If you haven't upgraded since Tidypics 1.5.x, an upgrade button will appear on your Tidypics admin page.

  • New version as of May 1, 2010.

    If you have recently commented, responses are on the previous version.

  • I don't understand, how to use the image resizer? Will it compress the images automatically or will just show a notification that the image is larger than the limit?

  • Images are automatically resized when you upload them. The admin sets a limit on the maximum image size (in MB) that can be uploaded. This has more to do with not crashing your server than anything else. It also keeps the storage space down on your server - but the quota is better for that.

    If a user uploads a photo that is too large, a notification is displayed that explains that.

  • I've tried the Thumbnail creation in the admin section for a picture that had these missing so far. Elgg version 1.6.2 + tidypics 1.6.8 + ImageMagick. There was a "Form is missing __token or __ts field" error.

  • will this version make my images broken when i set it to private from public?

  • @iionly - Elgg 1.6.2 does not have the action token requirement so there is no way for that error message to be thrown. Also make sure that you are running with the correct .htaccess file. There have been some subtle changes to that file through the different versions. 

  • @Cim - just tried to reproduce and was unable. I created a private album, uploaded a photo, changed the album to public, logged out and tried to download image. It worked.

  • take a look at this


    i'm using 1.7. it was uploaded on the 31st of march, i turned it private last week and then turned it back to public a few days ago. download button and inline function doesn't work. gives me a big question mark. idk why?

  • @Cim - have you confirmed that the original photo is still on your server? The photos are stored in the user's directory in a subdirectory called image. Each album has a directory there. I was able to get the same results as you are seeing by deleting the image. 

  • @Tidypics Team - I'm fully aware that it's very very strange that the "Form is missing __token or __ts field" error occurs with Elgg1.6.2, but it does.

    Am I using the wrong identifier? If the URL ends for example on /pg/photos/view/1740/592921 the number I have to use is 1740, isn't it?

    I've three Elgg installations and I tried the Thumbnail creation on all three sites today:

    • Productive site, Elgg1.6.2: that's where I had tried it yesterday and where I have two pictures with missing thumbnails. The site (including tidypics 1.6.8) is running smoothly, so I really don't think there's any problem with .htaccess. Nonetheless I got the token error.
    • Test site, Elgg1.6.2, local computer: in the same state than the productive site. I've tried the thumbnail creation with a picture that had already all thumbnails. Same "Form us missing..." error.
    • Test site, Elgg1.7.1, local computer: the same error when calling Thumbnail creation.

    I've tried it with ImageMagick called via command line and with GD. Always the same error message.

  • @iionly - check your .htaccess to make sure that it does not have this line:

    RewriteRule ^actions\/([A-Za-z\_\-\/]+)$ engine/handlers/action_handler.php?action=$1

    This was part of Elgg 1.2 and earlier and could lead to this problem. You should only have one line like this and it should be this one:

    RewriteRule ^action\/([A-Za-z0-9\_\-\/]+)$ engine/handlers/action_handler.php?action=$1

    Notice that there is no 's' on action in the correct one.

    You are correct on picking out the GUID. It is the number after view in the URL. I'll add that to the documentation.

    Actually, I have thought more about this. The create thumbnail is called through ajax which means even if it registered this error message (which it doesn't), it would not appear until the next page. When you click the submit button, it does not load a new page. If you are clicking submit and seeing this error message pop-up, there is something different about your code than the standard Tidypics code. So you either are not giving me all the details necessary to understand what is happening or your code is different.

  • @Tidypics Team:

    Well, it was not the .htaccess file. Everything alright there.

    I should have cross-checked for side effects with other plugins before reporting a possible bug, because the error message indeed only occurs, if the izap_videos plugin (latest version 3.61beta installed) is also enabled. If izap_videos is disabled the thumbnail creation in the tidypics admin section works fine. Apart from this problem the two plugins seem to work fine if they are both enabled.

    Sorry, for keeping you busy. :-)

  • @tidypics team

    i just checked my own folder and there's none in there, i also checked another user's image folder, nothing too. the only folder with imagesin theme are 2009 and 2010

  • @Cim - the upgrade to 1.7 should move all the images into the 2009 and 2010 directories. Before your directory was based on your username (first four letters creating four directories and then your username as the fifth directory). Now the first directory is the year you joined. The second is the month I think and then maybe your user GUID.

    This definitely looks like an issue with your data directory and not a Tidypics issue.  

  • @iionly - okay, it may be that there is a problem in the iZap plugin. Here is how you can check:

    1. Open /engine/lib/actions.php

    2. Find the line (around line 166):


    3. Change it to:

    register_error(elgg_echo('actiongatekeeper:missingfields') . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

    4. When the same problem occurs, you should now have the URL causing the problem.

  • @tidypics team

    so how do i fix it?

  • @Cim - depends on what's wrong. I haven't heard of any other problems with losing files during an upgrade. Your best bet is to ask for help in the forums as this is out of the scope of this plugin.

  • @Tidypics Team:

    The error message after changing actions.php had been:

    Form is missing __token or __ts fields/elgg171/mod/tidypics/actions/create_thumbnails.php?_=1272837252014&guid=228

    Now I'm not much wiser... :-)

    I've posted the bug report also at the izap_videos developement site. Hopefully, there will be a fix in any of the two plugins at some point. I may try to find out more as soon as I've a bit more time. It wouldn't be the first time that the izap_videos plugin produces some strange side effects (http links not clickable in comments and messages - at least they fixed it fast after the bug report).

  • @iionly - it is definitely the izap plugin causing this. It has some bad code in its library.

  • @tidypics team

    before i go ask the community, check this out. am i in the right folder?


  • @Cim - that is the old directory. I think the 1.7 upgrade script moves the images into the new directory structure. Your nem directory is based on when you created your account:

    $base_dir = date('Y/m/d', $user->time_created);
    $base_dir .= "/$user->guid/";

     You should be able to figure out where it is looking for the file by editing /mod/tidypics/pages/download.php and adding this line:


    before the grab file call. Then check your error log when you try to download the file.

  • i added the code before this line of code

    $contents = $readfile->grabFile();

    i renamed the original error log just in case i need it for future use. when does the new log generate?

  • Apache should create the new error log file the next time it needs to write to it. If you have ssh access to your server, a useful trick is to run this command:

    tail -f error_log (or whatever your log file is named)


  • yeah i don't have ssh access since i'm in a shared server. so how do i make tidypics write into apache? upload a photo?

  • @Cim ;- )
    Even $5 shared ISPs do offer SSH access
    My ex $8 ISP HM gave me SSH access
    I only dumped them last week for my fun & test elgg stuff
    because I've got more powerful dedicated boxes..


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