[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.6.6

Release Notes

Newest release of Tidypics with some bug fixes. No new features.

  • Tweaked slideshow start code
  • Fixed bug with delete tags menu item
  • Fixed bug in en.php
  • Better error checking for ImageMagick resizing

There have been no reports of incompatibilities with Elgg 1.7 so that's good news.

  • @Tidy Pics Team  Categories would be awesome!! Also, have you checked with Vazco about "latest pics" working in his new main page in 1.7 (2 column and 3 column)?? Vazco suggested he may have to do another mainpage upgrade once the new "tidy pics" was out, and I assume that is this version, no? I would love to know where we are at with Vazco main page compatability, it's so hard to plan when you don't know when plugins will work together again...sigh.

  • Can someone help m, Tidypics not load my images up to 1024 * 768, thank you

  • Would it be possible to modify the code (resize.php) so it can download images of different sizes ( 1024-768, 1500-1000 ...) and resize them to 640-780. thank you

  • @rjcalifornia - the file plugin does that. I suppose you could extend tidypics to do it.

    @kenyonj - if I had to guess, I'd say you had a permissions issue with your data directory. Does the file plugin work for you?

    @lifeform - 1.6 is a solid version. Plugins that work in 1.5 almost always work in 1.6. The only issue is 1.6 uses a new version of jQuery (javascript library) so you have to be careful with your theme - it shouldn't override the html head view (page_elements/head.php I think).

  • @TB - I don't know what Vazco is talking about. Sorry. This is a minor update over the previous version. We made sure to support 1.7 long before it was released so upgrading wouldn't be an issue.

    @djeph - if you are having problems uploading images, you'll want to check the help that is provided with Tidypics. A common issue is not allocating enough memory for your server. Yes, you could modify the upload code to create more thumbnails - the calls are fairly straight forward.

  • TP Team - Just for the record I think Michal said he needed to update Vazco Mainpage and/or 3 Column one more time after you had the plugin update. I am only trying to find our when and where the fix is for these issues in 1.7! Hopefully Michal finds the issue...

  • only registered users can see images. how can I allow everybody to do this?

    elgg 1.5, tidypics 1.6.6

    thank you!

  • Hello,
    Could you help me in integrating http://fotoflexer.com/api.php/ tidypics.
    Thank you

  • Hello,

    When I added photo in river create file name. How can I disable this function?

    Added photo n620541028_1270925_6528.jpg <---- dont like very well...

  • Hi David Stawowy,

    I am not a programmar, (but work asking  from elgg gurus in this site :) )  I also saw this problem. Now I can see,  in the link \mod\tidypics\views\default\river\object\image   the file called create.php takes the value of the image name 

    $string = sprintf(elgg_echo("image:river:created"),$performed_by->name, $image_link, $album_link);

    I "guess" if you change something in the file(!!)(say image_link with something?)...it should at least do something else! Now I am at school...so can test my self... I ll try to comeback again... meanwhile please keep us updated! Sorry, if it does not really help you!
  • Many thanks! :) Where can I read more about the question mark problem...? All images shows up like this.

    Is it a server configuration problem ?

  • @Tidypics

    Some users take very long titels for albums, so the album view "breaks" (shifted presentation). A break of to long album titels would be nice. But as always a great plugin :)

  • Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8128 bytes) in /web/monamo/www/mod/tidypics/lib/resize.php on line 148

    picture 2032*1924  /  720 ko

    Why this error?


  • Hi tidypics team,

    I want to know:

    Can I upload Raw image file in to Tidypics ? Does it support ?

  • @Tidy Team  Any commitment yet to adding "categories" for any one uploaded album?

  • @djpeh - no enough memory

    @Hanaka - supports png, gif, jpeg

    @TB - yes, said we would add categories

    @Anatoly - the language files are in the language directory. There are plugins that help with translation. If you don't use one of those plugins, delete the en.php file and then you will see the raw string that needs to be translated.

  • @Ron Wallace - both bugs were caused by Elgg 1.7 and should be fixed in Elgg 1.7.1

  • @Tidypics -- Thank you for your help. We eagerly await 1.7.1.

  • Hi Tidypics,

    here there are a pair of wishes/suggestions:

    1. An option to make users able to enable/disable comments on their photos/albums. A global admin swicth to disable comments would be appreciated also.

    2. Actually images are resized if pixels width/height exceed what admin had set. Will it be possible to resize photos in terms of bytes, also? ( through imagemagik I suppose ). Instead of that message that warns the size in byte is too large and the img can't be uploaded, I mean...

    thanks and happy Easter!


  • @Tidypics is this normal

    when i upload a picture with transparent color ( gif , png )

    it show black color instead ???

    do you plan to support "animated gif" in a future release ?


    thanks for the great work anyway

  • still i am getting this error while generating thumbnail image in the admin section

    "Form is missing __token or __ts fields"

  • @rufuz - those are all possible with a little work

    @Georges - this does not support animated or transparent gifs. That is a low priority item. If someone wanted to submit some code that handled that, we would integrated it. You can submit code here: http://code.google.com/p/tidypics/issues/list

    @scvinodkumar - check your .htaccess file. The only line with action in it should be: RewriteRule ^action\/([A-Za-z0-9\_\-\/]+)$ engine/handlers/action_handler.php?action=$1

  • Initial categories plugin integration is done. Unfortunately, the categories plugin is broken in Elgg 1.7.  

  • A question about the support of animated gifs: is it really not supported (has never been supported respectively) or is it just a problem of GD vs. ImageMagick?

    I notice that it works on one of my installations without problems (with ImageMagick). Unfortunately, there are some problems with creation of thumbnails on another installation although it uses ImageMagick, too. On this installation some of the resizing fails, strangly enough not always the same sizes. Some of the thumbnail files are missing or have file size zero after the upload via tidypics and the question mark placeholder is shown instead. Replacing/adding the missing files in the data directory doesn't help unfortunately, as the question mark is not replaced with the new image file.

  • Hello everybody, I would like to know if it's possible to change this plugin in order to accept all type of file (pdf, txt...) and not only images.

    Sorry for my english ... Lucie P


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
  • Downloads: 144948
  • Recommendations: 231

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