[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.6.6

Release Notes

Newest release of Tidypics with some bug fixes. No new features.

  • Tweaked slideshow start code
  • Fixed bug with delete tags menu item
  • Fixed bug in en.php
  • Better error checking for ImageMagick resizing

There have been no reports of incompatibilities with Elgg 1.7 so that's good news.

  • @Dan - Cool. Thanks for posting back. What was the issue?

  • We actually fixed it by editing the files. Well, I didn't Alex did.


    However, we are having this problem with other plugins that should work with 1.7 so eventually may find that there is a deeper issue?

  • @Dan - there is nothing to fix. The token information is passed as hidden parameters in the POST rather than as a part of the action URL. Check the form php again and you will see: echo elgg_view('input/securitytoken'); in there. 

    Maybe you have a messed up input/securitytoken view?

  • I will pass this on to Alex thanks. (I'm not a coder).

  • tidypics team,

    i don't know if this is happening to everyone but the albums are out of order, check out this screen shot.


    i did not touch the css of tidypics

  • it would be cool if users could take pics from there webcam,  on tidypic and profile icon,

  • am still having the problem i posted above , i looked into the link you gave me thanks, am now not sure am getting the full wsod lol, certain parts of my pages still show up like i get a little bit of the homepage text and one users info on a plain white page with no css,

    i know its not tidypics causing it but it only happens when i enable tidypics, Could it be something to do with the database changes in 1.7? not charging correctly for me or something idk ??? as it looks similar to what my installation looked like after i had uploaded 1.7 but not yet run the upgrade script.

    greatful for any advice thanks in advance

  • @Tidypics Team Ok thanks. What checks can I do to clearify if its a problem with the cache...? Does it have to have certain CHMOD or other settings...? The strange thing is that it ONLY happends with this plugin. I have around 40-50 plugins installed at the site.


  • My slideshows appear to be broken. It was working fine until I upgraded to 1.7 and 1.6.6 tidy pics. Am I doing something wrong?

    1st, anytime I try select View Slideshow, it picks up the last album in my list of 3. Even if I select and display album 1 or 2, it always only plays album 3. And, when it plays album 3, it only play 10 of the pics. There are more than 10, but it only plays 10.

    Any idea what is going on here? It was working before I upgraded. I don't know if it is elgg 1.7 or tidy pics 1.6.6 - or both that is causing this problem.

    Same problem on 2 sites.

    Any ideas?

  • Referencing above: I take a back what I said. It's not picking up 10 pics from the 3 album, it's picks up 10 pics from 2 different albums. Now that's really screwy. Why is the slideshow showing only 10 picks and why is it grabbing the 3 pics (the first 3) from one album and 7 pics from another album (the first 7, although not exactly in order). ideas?

  • Regarding the slideshow -- I tried 3 different browsers. All the same problem. I cleaned cache. Still the same problem. Turned Theme off. Same problem. Two different elgg sites. Same problem. Two different computers (windows and mac) with 3 different browsers. Same problem. Everything else is working well, including all tidy pics functions. It's only the slideshow that's messing up. Is anyone else having problems with the slideshow? Or is this localized to me? And if so, can someone give me a lead what to try next to fix it? Thanks in advance -ron

  • regarding the slideshow - New Data. When I select any of the 3 albums, and then page to the 2nd page, and then select "View Slideshow" - no pictures come up. Just a blank viewing page. It does the same on all of the albums. Maybe that gives an additional hint as to what may be broke.


  • more slideshow data - If I have only 1 album active (1 album public and 2 albums private to the group) and I then View the Slideshow for that 1 public album, all the pictures are properly picked from that single album. BUT there still are only 10 pictures (14 pictures are missing). If I have the pictures loop, all 10 pictures loop properly, but the other 14 pictures never display.

  • @Cim - tidypics is supposed to make all album covers the same size. How did you end up with photos of different sizes?

  • @nic - that is usually caused by a syntax error in the php code. Have you turned on display errors?

  • @lifeform - why don't you start a separate thread in the tidypics group or the technical support group. This isn't the best place to work through those issues.

  • @Ron - could you confirm that the album RSS feeds are showing the same types of problems?

  • @Tidypics Team --- You hit it right square on the head. The problems with "View Slideshow" are exactly and specifically identical to problems with the "RSS feed".

    Thank you.

  • @Cim and Tidypics Team

    I had the same issue, and solved it by adding a line to the css.php for tidypics:

    .tidypics_album_gallery_item {
    padding: 4px;
    background: white;
    -webkit-border-radius: 8px;
    -moz-border-radius: 8px;
    height:240px; /* This is added */

    Hope that helps.

  • @slyhne

    omg that fixed it lol, so it was a css problem after all.

  • Hi Tidypics Team,

    I really love the plugin,

    It would be really perfect if it could be used as upload facility for blogs and pages, when file plugin is disabled (file plug has no control over size and filetype, unlike Tidypics).


    Do you think it could be implemented?

    thanx for listening

    Keep up the very good work!


  • Hi Tidypics

    I'm having problems uploading photo's straight from my SD Card, I get an error that the bytes are too large, In my tidypics settings, size is set @ 5mb and my photo's are 2mb each, am I suppose to convert them to something else before uploading them? I also don't have a slideshow option, even after downloading the highslide to add to tidypics


  • @Tidypics Team Now the thumbnails and images actually came back here.

    Though a new problem has occured: The generation of thumbnails and photos in general. They just show up blank. I am on ELGG 1.5. 

    Same happends both with GD and ImageMagick. Excellent if you can give some tips on this. 

  • Is there a ETA for the fix for the slideshow and RSS feed problem?



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