[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.6.5

Release Notes

The newest version of the Tidypics Photo Gallery.

For list of features, go to the Tidypics Group

Changes from 1.6.4

  • Bug fixes
  • Danish and French transaltions added (thanks Fx Nion and erikernstm)
  • Better plugin hooks for lightboxes and slideshows
  • Developers: Added container_guid parameter to tp_list_entities()

Not yet: photo ordering, flash uploader

Our tracker list is here: http://code.google.com/p/tidypics/issues/list  It includes bug reports and feature requests.


New Install

  1. FTP code
  2. enable plugin
  3. go to Tidypics Administration page
  4. save your settings

Upgrade - copy over files and refresh view cache (turn plugin off and then on)


Server Analysis - find off settings page. Some documentation in docs directory on how to use this

Want images on your front page? see tidypics/lib/tidypics.php

White screen - probably not enough memory allocated to PHP

Uploaded images giving up question marks - that's an issue with your image processing library (GD, ImageMagick, imagick extension) - check your server error log for more information

  • @Tidypics team:

    I checked the docs. max_upload_time is 120 seconds and max_execution_time 180 seconds on my server. That seems okay to me and unfortunately my hoster doesn't allow me to increase it anyway. I have to use GD. Apart from that I haven't seen any hints in the documentation. But I don't think there's a general problem on my server with a slow connection or too much load. It works for everyone else and also the use of izap_videos is no problem. Also the user who managed to upload images into an unnamed album not always has this problem. I forgot to mention that while the album has no name on the site, the uploaded pictures end in a subdirectory in the user's image folder named "0".

    The upload problem might be caused by a Javascript problem that only occurs with the Chrome browser. The user told me that only with Chrome the upload stalled a few times while it worked without problems with Firefox. Still, if the upload fails because of a timeout problem either on the server side or user side, there shouldn't appear an unnamed album that can't be removed.

  • Is it for elgg 15 or works as well with 1.6.1?

  • Tidypics 1.5.1 is the last one working for me under new elgg 1.6.1.

    In any newer version of module i can not see the photos, wheter i see question marks or just thumbnail text. Any idea why?

  • @martinez - I think I already went through this for you before. Between Tidypics 1.5.1 and this one was a version that required an upgrade link to be clicked on the Administration page. That ugrade link should be displayed as long as your install has not been upgraded. Once upgraded, the images should be displayed. Good luck.

  • Tidypics Team As far as I remember your answer was slighty diferent last time. If I found solution in the instruction I wasn t bothering you. Thank you for solving my problem, it worked out finaly! Great module.

  • The core developers did a great job making it so plugins should run on Elgg 1.7 without any or very few modifications. We have already done a small amount of testing on 1.7 from svn and everything has checked out so far. If you find any problems with Elgg 1.7, please report them on our bug tracker.

  • Hi.

    I'm trying to use the tydipics plugin, but I still have a white screen when uploading a picture.

    I'm running XAMP on my windows test server.

    The "server analysis" says that PHP memory limit is set to 64M, but I set it to 128M and this is confirmed by my phpinfo().

    Do u think there is some problems linked to the use of XAMP on a windows machine?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I'm new to Elgg and I was trying to set up a website using TidyPics, but I'm having a problem and I don't know if its been addressed before. Whenever a group album is created anyone who is not a member of the group is no longer able to access the site. When they log in the riverdashboard gives them an error "Fatal error: Call to a member function getURL() on a non-object in /home/matth41/public_html/test/mod/tidypics/views/default/river/object/album/create.php on line 10" I hope someone can help me fix this or point me in the direction of a fix if it already exists. (I hope I didn't miss it if it did. I spent the past two days searching for it if it was out there.) Thank you!

  • @pacochan - read the help section in the Tidypics admin page.

  • @Matt - you must have invisible groups on your install, is that correct? The invisible group capability is a little flaky on Elgg. Regardless, this is a bug in Tidypics. We should handle the case where a group is not readable by a user.

    One thing that is odd is that the group album created is readable by the user but the group itself is not. I'll have to figure out how that was done.

    As a quick fix:







    if ($group_album) {  


        $group = get_entity($album->container_guid);  


        if ($group) {  


            $group_name = $group->name;  


            $group_link = $group->getURL();



  • beforehand I thank you for this great plugin, I have a question when I use it all comes out perfect slideshow but I want aparesca also the comments below the picture or if you have comments that appear with fields to discuss how I can do this thanks for collaboration, and sorry my English

  • Sorry but which is the tydipics webpage? I tought it was this one...

  • anyway if the solution is just to increase the PHP memory usage, i did it.

    It worked on one of the 2 PCs where I'm working. So weird

  • @maikol - I think you are asking if comments can be shown in a slideshow. With the default slideshow, I don't think this is possible. You could write your own custom slideshow plugin to do this.

  • @pacochan - this is the community download page for Tidypics. There is also a Tidypics group on the community site. We also have a google code repository.

  • Tidypics Team, in what way was this plugin updated, about 20 minutes ago? Code or description?

  • When you see "updated a plugin" it means metadata/description has been updated. When you see "uploaded a plugin", it means a new version was uploaded.

  • Is there anyway to turn off the posting of an image in the activity river.. when someone adds to their image library it fills up pages of the activity river - most annoying!

  • @Jed

    un-annoy --> comment out that add_to_river code in upload.php ;-O

        if (count($uploaded_images) && $img_river_view == "1") {
            if (function_exists('add_to_river')) {
                add_to_river('river/object/image/create', 'create', $file_for_river->getObjectOwnerGUID(), $file_for_river->getGUID());

  • Why not just change the setting for this in the admin section? That seems a lot smarter than hacking the code.

  • Ok... I'm starting to understand how it works ( little by little )

    I would like to modify one thing and I don't know it I'm on the right way.

    Actually, when I click on "view slideshow" i call the PicLensLite through this link:

    $slideshow_link = 'javascript:PicLensLite.start({maxScale:0,feedUrl:PicLensLite.indexFeeds()[0].url})';


    What i would like to do is using the lytebox instead.

    Could u suggest me what I should pass to $slideshow_link in order to "call" lytebox?

    ( I alreaddy tried the tidypics_lightbox plugin, but I would like to start the lytebox just when clicking on "view slideshow" )

    Thanks to all in advance

  • Jed asked, I gave one smart solution, now we have two smart solutions LOLZ[-O, thanks to you ;-)


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
  • Downloads: 144915
  • Recommendations: 231

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