[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.5.1

Release Notes

The newest version of the Tidypics Photo Gallery. It has been updated for Elgg 1.5.

1.5.1 changes

  • fixed permissions override bug (thanks for those who verified the issue)
  • added "create album" button for widgets
  • changed default minimum filesize for image resizing to 2.5 MB (temporary until this code is rewritten) 

1.5 updates

  • improved css for new theme
  • ties in with activity river (only for album creation)
  • notifications for new album creation
  • grabs sitewide default access levels

Other changes

Rewrote a lot of core code - especially the page_handlers
More consistent menus
Fixed access bug on images that was making them private
Fixed group access bug that was prevent group members from adding/changing to albums
Many more bug fixes
Turkish language added (thanks to VeniVidiVinco)
German language file fixed (thanks to alfalive for that and bug fixes)


Other Improvements still to do

To upgrade:

  1. disable current plugin
  2. delete tidypics directory
  3. upload the code
  4. enable plugin

 This version has a hard coded limit on filesize inherited from previous versions. As pointed out in the comments, you can edit line 62 of tidypics/actions/upload.php to change this limit. The largest filesize will be determined by your server setup so you cannot just change it to a huge value and expect it to work. The current limit in this code is ~ 2.5 MB.

The next version will have a rewritten uploader that should be more robust and offer more feedback to the administrator on configuration options. We will also be adding in some hooks to allow for quotas.

  • Great Pluggin but There is a problem , the group members can delete photos and comments??????. Its should not be like that, the album owner should have the ability to give the group members write access. they should only have write access. Could you please fix this in next version.?

  • @prem - one person's problem is another person's feature

  • Is there any way of changing thumbnail size or position? Something like when creating avatar.


  • Can anyone help, I have over 1,000+ photos for students I would like ot import to My Albums, does anyone have a utility I can run using php to create and import these photos into TidyPics structure, it can be a new widget?? Any help would be appreciated!!

  • @ Tidypics team,Sorry that, I think you didn't understand what i mean :( . I was not asking for a feature request, just want to point you to a big security hole.

    Just think of the catastrophic situation that, some crazy user who doesn't like the group activities but is a group memebr seeing that he can delete the group albums in just two clicks, he will do that. All that photos the users uploaded will be lost in a single moment. How sad the condition will be. Every user will hate the site then!!. So the album/image delete option should be available only for group owner, admin, or the album owner. 

  • @ Tidypics team , I think you understand it and will fix it in nxt vrsion. :)

  • @vladeta - Currently the size is hard coded. We may make that a configurable option. Have not looked into using some JQuery for selecting the region to use for a thumbnail. If you'd like to look into that and then contribute it back, that would be great. See our google code page: http://code.google.com/p/tidypics/  Contributions can be uploaded by creating a new issue.

  • @Cheltenham40 - take a look at tidypics/actions/upload.php. There is a for loop over the files that have been uploaded that does most of what you want. You'd have to replace the $_FILES array with a list of your images and you'd have to figure out how you want to separate them into albums.

  • @prem - thank you for your concern. I knew exactly what you meant. Different sites will have different constraints. Some people will want to give group members full control over group albums (they are group albums after all). If someone is concerned about an album being tampered with, that person can always upload it as a personal album.

    If you want to lock down group albums so only the person who created the album can add photos, delete photos, delete the album, you can comment out this line in start.php:

    register_plugin_hook('permissions_check', 'object', 'tidypics_permission_override'); 

  • Hello,

    Tidypics is a great plugin! Thanks for the contribution! I have one question though... I currently have the previouse version on my site, with a few members albums. If I upgrade, will these members have to recreate their albums? Also, some members are not aware of the settings for privacy, and set their amlbums to private without knowing... Is there any way to set tidypics to be displayed to their 'friends' as a default setting? Thank You

  • @juser - the database structure did not change at all from 1.0x to 1.5x versions. In general, I recommend mirroring your install on a test server when trying out new plugins/making major upgrades. In this case, you should be able to upgrade without issue as many have already done.

    This new version will pick up the new default site permissions that Elgg 1.5 introduced. This means if you set your site to have a default of 'friends', the albums will be set to 'friends' by default. It will not retroactively go back and change the permissions on previous albums. 

  • I get the following error after enabling the plugin: "tidypics is a misconfigured plugin.". What could be the reason? Thanks.

  • @ Tidypics team, Thanks for understanding it. If I comment out that line, the group members will not be able to add photos to an album. I only want to remove the delete option . is there an option??

  • Hi thanx for this amazing plugin.... im facing an issue with the upload..When i add the photos to the album and upload the page goes blank . happens if i upload single image or multiple , when i return to the album the images are upload but no thumbnail is created ( the default thumbnail shows up ) and when i click download button i see the image i tried to upload

  • @Chris - Usually that error message indicates that either your upload of the plugin was corrupts, Missing files or possibly when you you unzipped the file you did not upload the 2nd folder inside the directory structure. For instance almost everything you download from here will have 2 directories named the same. You have plugin name inside of plugin name. The 2nd folder inside contains all your needed files. Does that make sense or do I need more coffee yet? anyhow hope you understand what I mean.

  • @feelarun - This will happen if you don't have GD (which is an Elgg requirement). This could also happen if the images are too large for your server configuration. Future versions will do a better job on advising you on configuring your server and catching errors like this.

  • This sounds like a great plug-in. Will give it a go and let you know of any issues I might find and mods I might make.

  • Removed album options from Group pages:

    Line 27 commented out

    Line 67:

    Change if($page_owner->photos_enable!="no")


  • Previously noted changes were in start.php

  • Is there a way for admin to remove a pic as "Inappropriate Content"? Maybe delete and replace with a "Removed for inappropriate content" type picture.

  • There is a "report content" plugin that allows people to report inappropriate content to the admininstrator. An admin should be able to delete an image.

  • is there any way i can restrict photo uploading to groups only
    meaning, disabling the photo albums for individual users

  • @Zach - you can edit start.php to remove all links to the plugin except from the groups. Start by commenting out:



  • How can we display smaller album images within the album widget?

  • Is it possible to change the albums owner?


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
  • Downloads: 144942
  • Recommendations: 231

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