[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 4.X: Tidypics] v1.5.1

Release Notes

The newest version of the Tidypics Photo Gallery. It has been updated for Elgg 1.5.

1.5.1 changes

  • fixed permissions override bug (thanks for those who verified the issue)
  • added "create album" button for widgets
  • changed default minimum filesize for image resizing to 2.5 MB (temporary until this code is rewritten) 

1.5 updates

  • improved css for new theme
  • ties in with activity river (only for album creation)
  • notifications for new album creation
  • grabs sitewide default access levels

Other changes

Rewrote a lot of core code - especially the page_handlers
More consistent menus
Fixed access bug on images that was making them private
Fixed group access bug that was prevent group members from adding/changing to albums
Many more bug fixes
Turkish language added (thanks to VeniVidiVinco)
German language file fixed (thanks to alfalive for that and bug fixes)


Other Improvements still to do

To upgrade:

  1. disable current plugin
  2. delete tidypics directory
  3. upload the code
  4. enable plugin

 This version has a hard coded limit on filesize inherited from previous versions. As pointed out in the comments, you can edit line 62 of tidypics/actions/upload.php to change this limit. The largest filesize will be determined by your server setup so you cannot just change it to a huge value and expect it to work. The current limit in this code is ~ 2.5 MB.

The next version will have a rewritten uploader that should be more robust and offer more feedback to the administrator on configuration options. We will also be adding in some hooks to allow for quotas.


  • Category: Photos and Images
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2022-10-10
  • Downloads: 144950
  • Recommendations: 231

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