[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 5.X: Tidypics] v1.10.8

Release Notes

  • Updated Plupload HTML5/HTML4 uploader to version 2.1.8,
  • New plugin setting to define maximum number of images allowed to be uploaded in one batch,
  • New plugin setting to set the forward of the site menu entry ("All photos" or "All photo albums"),
  • New plugin setting for perfoming some optimizations on creation of image thumbnails that should result in smaller filesize. Works only with ImageMagick command line tools used as Image library,
  • "is_trusted" attribute added to navigation arrows (previous/next image) when viewing an image,
  • extract GPS location data from images on upload if available (location data is not yet used by Tidypics itself but it is of use in case you use the jssor slideshow plugin available at https://elgg.org/plugins/2272330),
  • New tool on "Delete image" tab of Tidypics plugin settings to allow searching for and deletion of image entries that have no longer their image files in the data directory (e.g. part of data directory got lost). Use with this tool with care!!!
  • @ura soul

    Tidypics has now all JS code implemented as AMD modules. Therefore, elgg_load_js() will no longer work. Instead you load it with elgg_require_js(), i.e.


    Do you even need the Tidypics JS code for the profile images to be loaded in a lightbox? I guess you need it because you use the "tidypics-lightbox" class. Alternative could be usage of "elgg-lightbox" class. In this case you wouldn't have a dependency on Tidypics but would only need to load the core lightbox JS and CSS with

  • ah yes, thanks. my local version of tidypics had for some reason not been updated to have the AMD module call in the river create views that i was referencing.. so i didn't realise the AMD call was needed. i have put that in and all is well now.

    i did test the elgg-lightbox method but for some reason the result was that the lightbox contains a character stream version of the image, rather than the image itself in a rendered form. rather than look for the cause of that i thought i would just use tidypics as this is in my site's theme, not a public plugin. i am interested to know why the elgg version isn't working though.

  • Hi all

    I am VERY new to using ELGG as Admin and I am currently testing ELGG for our workplace. We use Windows 8 and IE11 or Chrome. I created an Album and tried to upload a pic and get some AJAX errors:

    In Chrome: 

    Unexpected error when performing AJAX Call.  Maybe connection to the server is lost.

    In IE11: You cannot access AJAX views directly

    I cannot even open the control to create an album /upload a photo.

    I have to assume others have found a way to get through this. Please can you let me know what your did as a workaround?

    Kind regards and many thanks for helping.

  • @Len Are you using version 1.10.8 of Tidypics? If this is the case, try it with the latest version of Tidypics instead, i.e. version 1.10.10 for Elgg 1.10 - 1.12 or version 2.0.2 of Tidypics on Elgg 2. Does the problem still occur when using the latest recommended version of Tidypics for the version of Elgg used on your site?


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2024-5-7
  • Downloads: 147563
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