[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X - 5.X: Tidypics] v1.10.8

Release Notes

  • Updated Plupload HTML5/HTML4 uploader to version 2.1.8,
  • New plugin setting to define maximum number of images allowed to be uploaded in one batch,
  • New plugin setting to set the forward of the site menu entry ("All photos" or "All photo albums"),
  • New plugin setting for perfoming some optimizations on creation of image thumbnails that should result in smaller filesize. Works only with ImageMagick command line tools used as Image library,
  • "is_trusted" attribute added to navigation arrows (previous/next image) when viewing an image,
  • extract GPS location data from images on upload if available (location data is not yet used by Tidypics itself but it is of use in case you use the jssor slideshow plugin available at https://elgg.org/plugins/2272330),
  • New tool on "Delete image" tab of Tidypics plugin settings to allow searching for and deletion of image entries that have no longer their image files in the data directory (e.g. part of data directory got lost). Use with this tool with care!!!
  • Hello I have tidypics 1.10.7. For long time.

    Today my site show no pictures. in log i see

    filesize(): stat failed for

    maybe you know why?

    thank you.

  • @inca Is it just the images of Tidypics that are no longer showing up or are the profile images of user accounts and files uploaded using the bundled files plugin no longer displayed / downloadable either? Are you referring to uploading of new images no longer working or are existing image entries failing to show up?

    From the log entry alone I have no idea what might be the problem. If it's not only the pictures of Tidypics but also profile images etc., I would guess there's some general issue with the data directory - maybe something has changed on the server (done by the webhoster?). Or have you made any other changes on your Elgg site (upgraded Elgg core, added a new plugin or updated another 3rd party plugin)? If you added/updated another plugin, it could help to disable this plugin temporarily to quickly see if this other plugin is causing the problem.

    • Profile images show. No problem.
    • Images uploaded with Files plugin or Tidypics do not show. But when click on name of image (upload with FILES) then it show. But when click on image (upload with TIDYPICS) it give error: "The image xxx cannot be displayed because it contains errors".
    • I can upload new image with FILES. It does no show. But I click on file name it show. I try upload image with Tidypics it give error: Sorry bad request. The request is invalid or incomplete. Also give error  (right up corner)=: You cannot access AJAX views directly)

    Before everything fine. I update data directory owner to "user" and folder file permissions to 755. After problem I try 777 for permission and owner user or root. But no solution.

    Before problem, I update a plugin and change position. Now I disable it. Same problem. So problem is not this plugin.

    What is problem?

    Thank you iionly for help.


  • Also maybe relate to another problem (elgg_users_sessions table too big): PHPmyadmin not possible to repair this table. So I use command line command to repair with big buffer size:

    myisamchk -r -q elgg_users_sessions.MYI --sort_buffer_size=2G

    Maybe related?


  • I don't know if the issue with the users_sessions table is connected. If the problem with the images started at the same time as the problem with the table, they might be related. But I would expect that the image issue would no longer occur after logging out and then logging in again at the latest once the table has been fixed.

    If profile images show up correctly, I don't think there's any problem with the data directory.

    The error "Sorry bad request. The request is invalid or incomplete." makes me suspect that another 3rd party plugin is causing the problem (as it also occurs for file plugin entries and not only for Tidypics). The same error has shown up for others in the past if they used some plugin originally released for older versions of Elgg and not fully updated (specifically regarding initializing its JS libs) for more recent versions of Elgg. So, maybe the problem is caused by some other 3rd party plugin nevertheless even if you haven't added or updated it recently. It could also be the case that the plugin loads some library from an external (CDN) server and loading the lib from this server no longer works for some reason. At the moment, I can only suggest to try it with disabing other 3rd party plugins to see if you find some plugin that is causing the problem with the images.

    Regarding uploading of images with Tidypics I would suggest to update to version 1.10.8 of Tidypics. I've updated the plupload script used by the HTML5 uploader to the latest version as the version formerly used seems to have failed to work on some browsers. But this should relate only to uploading new images (if there had been some issue with that in the past) and not with displaying existing image entries.

  • Thank you iionly.

    I forget to say I already disable all non-bundle plugins. I use only tidypics but problem still is.

    Error "Sorry bad request. The request is invalid or incomplete." only give for tidypics images. For FILE images it displays (but only when you click on file name). But default displays (activity, files or album displays,) both tidypics and file do not display. File only display when you click on name.

  • Has the problem with the images started after you repaired the users_session table or this table has been crashed respectively? Or were the images already not showing up before there was a problem with this table? I'm trying to understand if there's a connection between these two issues or not.

    Which version of Elgg are you using? Have you also disabled your theme plugin for testing? I'm just asking the latter because it has happened in the past that some people did not consider their theme as being a plugin. If only the Tidypics plugin would show up some issue I would suspect the problem being somewhere within the code of Tidypics - event though it's quite unlikely that a problem starts suddenly on its own without something having been changed before. But as the file plugin shows up some problem, too - even if not exactly the same - I suspect the reason for the problem with the images is to be looked for somewhere else and not within the code of Tidypics (alone).

  • Problem start after I repair tables. But I can never say if OK just before repair. I must repair table because my host has problem. Every time my host has problem elgg start not. Normally problem with elgg_users_sessions table.

    This time I try repair on PHPMyAdmin. But it does not work. It say "no space for temporary file" (something like). I check internet. I see people use command line command in so problems. So I try "myisamchk -r -q elgg_users_sessions.MYI --sort_buffer_size=2G" only for this table. It work. Table repaired. I can use elgg. But I don't remember if images show. Later (maybe after image problem?) I repair all table with PHPMyAdmin.

    Yesterday all image work. I can never say just before repair worked. But yesterday worked. I think no problem with tidypics. Problem is what changed yesterday. 5 change yesterday:

    • Yesterday I change data folder file permissions to 755. But after problem I make them 777 still problem.
    • Yesterday I change data folder file owner to user. But after problem I make them root then user I tried everything. Still problem.
    • Yesterday I updated a plugin. I disable today. Still problem.
    • Yesterday I change plugin order. Today I disable everything non-bundled. Also Aalborg theme (bundled). I activate tidypics. Still problem.
    • Yesterday I use command "myisamchk -r -q elgg_users_sessions.MYI --sort_buffer_size=2G". Maybe buffer size still 2G and it is small/big and this trigger a problem with image?

    My Elgg 1.12.4. Tidypics 1.10.7 Always worked before no problem.

    Thank you.

  • Possibly, something is currently wrong with the permissions / owner / group of the data directory. Specifically, the subfolders and files within the data directory might not have the correct permissions and/or ownership. Suggestions: check for one user (e.g. your own account), if the corresponding user subdirectory within the data directory has correct permissions for all folders and files within. If the webserver can't access the content of the folders, can't read the content and can't write into them, the images wouldn't show up on your site and you also wouldn't be able to upload/save new images.

    Generally speaking, it should work to set everything (recursively) to 777 permissions. Check if this is currently not the case for example for your user accounts subdirectory within the data directory (assuming you have also uploaded images yourself using this account). If the permissions for this accounts subfolder are correct, the images uploaded by this account should show up at least (and then you could fix the permissions of all the other files and directories within the data directory, too).

  • i am seeing an error page when i load the 'basic uploader' in elgg 1.12 and this in the log:

    Call to undefined method ElggPlugin::getTitle() in /mysite/mod/tidypics/pages/photos/image/upload.php on line 40

  • @ura soul Does it only happen on Elgg 1.12 (I need to set up a test installation of 1.12 first to be able to test myself)? On Elgg 1.11 I don't get any errors. Are you using v1.10.8 of Tidypics and in case you updated Tidypics from an older version had you removed the Tidypics folder before installing the new version? Are you sure that it's not another plugin (theme) that is causing the problem? Line 40 of this file is

    elgg_push_breadcrumb($album->getTitle(), $album->getURL());

    with $album being the album entity the images get added to. Therefore I'm currently at a loss why it should mix up this with an (undefined) ElggPlugin method. Also, the same code is used with the html5 uploader. So, I'm even more at a loss why the error should only occur with the basic uploader.

  • i am really unsure what is occurring here too. i just tested the elgg 2 version of tidypics in elgg 2.1 and kept getting an error saying that i cannot access ajax views directly when i clicked on any 'upload photos' button. i had disabled all of the other plugins i could think of that could possibly be interfering and it made no difference.

    when i went into the plugins page to check the plugin version of tidypics, after i clicked the plugin name i was taken out of the admin area and into the front end, where i saw the same 'you cannot access ajax views directly' error and the URL was: http://mysite/org/ajax/view/object/plugin/details?guid=44

    so that appears to possibly be an elgg core bug of some kind that is effecting elgg 2.1.

    the original issue in elgg 1.12.4 is with version 1.10.8 of tidypics. i don't recall if i completely deleted the old version of tidypics before installing that one. i don't usually use the basic uploader, so i don't know how long the issue has been present.

    i just attempted to test the situation by deleting the old tidypics folder and installing 1.10.8 of tidypics on my test site (currently 1.12.0) and got a different outcome again. this time i see no message about the basic uploader when i view the plupload upload page and the plupload box is not rendered at all, so i can't upload anything. when i disable plupload in the tidypics admin page, the basic uploader displays correctly.

    i would say that this could in some way be related to me recently having moved to a new server OS installation, but i haven't had any problems with other plugins and the problems with elgg 2.1 are not on my server at all. so overall, i am quite shocked and confused at how many bugs i am finding on all these different installations. so much so that it makes me think i have badly configured the servers - but i have no idea in what way!

  • @ura soul I can't say with 100% proof but I think the problem isn't Tidypics. It would really surprise me if there are issues with both uploaders and in the admin backend both on Elgg 1.X and 2.X and no one would have mentioned any of them yet. I can't reproduce them either.

    Possibly, it's something server related thing. Are you using nginx on both servers? Could it be a problem with the nginx setup / config? What's new on the new server OS? Php version? Could it be something related with some php setting / session handling?

    Or could it be something related to the site url / http(s) / certificate?

    Maybe you should also try with really all other 3rd party plugins disabled (especially on Elgg 2.1) and not only with plugins disabled that you think might be problematic. Any entry in the logs or in the browser console might be helpful in figuring out what the problem is.

  • prior to these issues i have not had any problems of this kind with the uploaders (that i recall). both machines are running nginx, with fedora 23. the upgrade to the server was from fedora 20 to fedora 23. the nginx config for elgg 1.12.x version on my machines has stayed the same before and after the upgrade. the nginx config for 2.1 elgg is the stock one that comes with elgg 2.1 (plus some minor changes to make it work on as my site). there's nothing i can think of that would be causing the issues from the nginx configs.

    the php version on both machines is 5.6.19.

    i am not aware of any issues at all with the encryption certificates, php version or anything else that would be causing this to occur. nothing has significantly changed (that i am aware of) between me seeing these features working and them being broken. although my remote server was upgraded to fedora 23, i was already using fedora 23 on my machine at home and have seen tidypics' uploading processes working on both machines until recently.

    i just attempted to disable all the plugins in my local install of elgg 2.1 and after pressing 'deactivate all' on the plugin screen, the page appears to hang with a spinner / loader animation at the top of the page. so i am not able to disable all the plugins in one go. there is nothing in the log for that.

    i will continue to explore.

  • so after deactivating all the plugins, one by one, i found that 'target_blank' from coldtrick was responsible for causing the ajax view errors in elgg 2.1. so i have opened an issue with them for that. so now i just need to find what is causing the problem with the basic uploader in elgg 1.12.

  • @ura soul Please check if there's a corresponding issue with another 3rd party plugin on Elgg 1.12 on your site. The issue with the target_blank plugin seems not even directly affecting Tidypics only, if there's also a problem on the plugin list page in the admin section of your Elgg site. Maybe the target_blank plugin is just not ready for Elgg 2.X yet (as it hasn't been released for Elgg 2.0 and newer anyway). As for the basic uploader issue I suspect also some issue with another 3rd party plugin because the basic uploader should really work very, very reliable. Not that I want to complete deny the possibility that there's really a bug in Tidypics itself with the basic uploader. But I can't reproduce it and it's not much use if I try if it turns out that the issue only occurs with some other plugin or some specific server setup that I would need to know about to test if there's something wrong in the code of Tidypics.

  • Hello, I use 1.10.7 Elgg 1.12.4. Problem images dont show. But different reasons. For some no thumbnail display and click on image link gives message "This image failed to load". For other default error thunmnail (quiestion mark) display. When click it display bigger quiestion mark. What is difference this 2?

    thank you

  • @inca Most likely your problems are caused by post_max_size in Elgg's .htaccess being set too small to process the image upload / thumbnail creation / file saving without errors. You would need to increase post_max_size to be at least as large as (max number of simultaneous image uploads - by default 10) X (max allowed size of an image) + (some overhead to be on the safe side). I would suggest to set it to 64M at least.

    My suggestion is to start by testing with a single, small image to see if it works for that. Maybe other reasons also cause the image upload / image display to fail. The error message "This image failed to load" is almost always a sign that some other 3rd party plugin is not fully compatible with the Elgg version used resulting in problems not necessarily for this plugin only but also for other plugins.

  • @iionly I change post-max-size but same problem.

    I think somwhow relate owner and permission. But still no work

    start position: For some no thumbnail display and click on image link gives message "This image failed to load". For other default error thunmnail (quiestion mark) display. When click it display bigger quiestion mark.

    Step 1: I find APACHE_RUN_USER and APACHE_RUN_GROUP value in Apache envvars file. Say that they are valueUser and valueGroup.

    Try 1: I run find elgg_data_dir -exec chown valueUser.valueGroup {} \;

    I also run: find elgg_data_dir -exec chmod 777 {} \;

    result: Now all image display default error thunmnail (quiestion mark). No more error message "This image failed to load".

    But: Now user images are also default error thunmnail (quiestion mark).

    Try 2: I run find elgg_data_dir -exec chown valueUser.user {} \;
    result: same start position.

    Try 3: I run find elgg_data_dir -exec chown user.user {} \;
    result: same start position.

    Try 4: I disable all unbundle plugins. I enable Tidypics: Same start position.


    Make difference what linux user and permission with a photo created? Maybe. But I change file owner and permission anyway?


  • Tidypics has no way of influencing the owner or group the files are saved in the data directory. The files should be saved with the correct permissions, owner and group by the webserver and the webserver should be able to access any files perviously saved by the webserver itself IF there hasn't been made any changes (changed to WRONG values!). The same for other type of files in the data directory (e.g. avatar pics). As these are now no longer displayed you surely have made something wrong when chanding permissions, owner and group of the data directory. I don't know what could be wrong to be honest, because permissions 777 should work even with owner and group not matching the Apache user and group. But the fallback image showing is an indication that the webserver can't access the data directory content at all and this is more or less equal (from the point of view of Apache) that the files do not exist (they webserver does not know that the files might be there but inaccessible).

    Have you moved your site to another server and/or the data directory to another location on the server? Have the Tidypics images been displayed correctly in the past and only stopped to be displayed now? What I'm lacking to know is if you made any changes resulting in the problem or if there was a problem from the beginning causing the images not to show.

    Where's your data directory? Is it within the Elgg install directory on the server or is it outside? If it's inside, the permissions 777 might causing the problem if your server uses su_exec because the access would then be blocked for security reasons - that's why you shouldn't have the data directory inside the Elgg install folder / within the document root directory in the first place.

    For now I would suggest to figure out if the permissions, owner and group of the data directory are really correctly set. And you also would need to set these not only for the data directory itself but also for all files and directories within it.

    Right now the "This image failed to load" error most likely no longer shows because the access to the files is not possible anyway. The question is what happens if the access issue is resolved. If the error shows up again then, there still could be an issue with another plugin. And the increase of post_max_size will also only help to fix an upload issue for NEW uploads. For the past additions of images the question is if the original images was at least uploaded to the server correctly and only the thumbnails have not been created correctly. If the original image is available, you can re-create the thumbnails for the options available on the Tidypics settings page (but I would do try that only after you have made sure the server config is alright and new image uploads work). If even the original image is missing and the Tidypics image entry is therefore not more than a stub, you can't do much if anything at all to fix it apart removing the image entry.

  • there is a way beyond rename the image after sending to a hook for standard image title not be for example: "img.12345.jpeg"

  • There is no standard defined how the images are named. If the user doesn't enter a name at the time of uploading the images (on the edit page after the files have been uploaded and the thumbnails created), the image filename is used. This fallback on the filename allows to set the image names already before doing the upload (while you can always change the name when uploading or at any later time). If there would be some standard name defined, you wouldn't be able to give the image names already by naming the files as you want the names to be.

  • i just noticed that on my site, if i filter the activity river by 'images' then i am only seeing the first 5 that i ever uploaded to the site years ago. the rest don't show up. i think that's because they were uploaded as batches and the first 5 weren't. is that correct? is there a simple way to resolve that, so that all images show in that list?

  • Hmmm. I'd not checked this for quite some time and indeed the river entries about image uploads are not displayed as intended. I also think it's connected with tidypics_batch being the subtype of the corresponding object_guid's entitiy of these kind of river entries.

    Problem is that the activity page filter works on registered entity types. Entity types are registered first of all to show up in a search. For Tidypics the subtypes image and album are registered while tidypics_batch is not. Right now I can't say how to solve the issue with the activity page filter. When registering typics_batch you would have the corresponding filter option (in addtiotion to the filter for images...) but a search would likely return unwanted results also. It might be possible to fix the search part by provinding a search handler for tidypics_batch entities that suppresses these kind of hits. But I don't know how it would be possible to not getting the unwanted entry in the activity filter selection.

  • does anyone know why the tidypics JS file would fail to load on an installation of 1.12.10? i have used this line on my user profiles to load the main profile image as a lightbox, but it doesn't work on my live site because the JS file is not being loaded in the footer:



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