[Elgg 1.5-1.12 & 2.X: Tidypics] v1.10.7

Release Notes

  • Moved all JS code into AMD modules,
  • Updated Plupload HTML5/HTML4 uploader to version 4.1.7,
  • Updated jquery-ui-smoothness theme used by Plupload to 1.11.4,
  • Increase of z-index of slideshow popup to to be on top of other page content (including topbar),
  • Changed usage of input/dropdown to input/select,
  • No longer rely on use of global $CONFIG but usage of elgg_get_config() instead,
  • Testing of path to ImageMagick commands no longer requires a / to be entered at the end of the path to work.
  • Hello. On Photos page some (latest 16) photos not display. Cursor on photo link say :

    photos/image/(a number)/(name photo)

    On data directory where I must that image find? I use 1.10.7 ellg 1.12 Is data directory structuer different in elgg 1.8 and 1.12?

  • @Selen Data directory structure in Elgg 1.12 is different from 1.8. It already changed with Elgg 1.9. But the structure in Elgg 1.9 - 1.12 is then the same. When upgrading from Elgg 1.8 to a later version you have to run an upgrade script (of Elgg core) for the data directory migration. This upgrade has to be executed separately because it could run for quite some time. You'll find the corresponding section for starting this upgrade in the admin backend of your Elgg site. You would also see a second upgrade to be run when updating from Elgg 1.8 that converts the database entries of comments to the new data model of Elgg 1.9 and later.

    Do you see entries (for example on the corresponding album page these images belong to) but the images itself are not displayed or what is the problem? Had these images been correctly shown up before or have they never be displayed?

  • Thank you iionly. I run site.com/upgrade.php always. I run press upgrade button for tidypics admin one time. I think I see that button only one time.

    What you mean with second upgrade for 1.8. You mean the tidypicks upgrade button?

    What I see: Site menu "Photos" option bring me to page "all photos" (/photos/siteimagesall). On first page which is first 16 images I see no images. But when click on each link I go page photos/image/(a number)/(name photo) I see image. Problem only for /photos/siteimagesall page and only first page.

  • Dear iionly i make mistake old version data directory pointing. Correct it but still no change. This time maybe reason cash or another. But this morning works good. Excuse me for wasting your time. Thank you very much.

  • @Selen Explanation regarding the data directory and comment migration updates of Elgg 1.9: these updates are Elgg core updates but they are not automatically executed when running site.com/upgrade.php. With Elgg 1.9 a new update mechanism was introduced that allows other types of update scripts to be added. There's a new section in the admin area of your site that you can reach by the "Upgrades" menu entry in the "Configuration" section. On updating a site from Elgg 1.8 to 1.9 you should see an admin notice in the admin area telling you about these updates if they are pending. Or you simply check the "Upgrades" page if there are any pending updates displayed. On a fresh install of Elgg 1.9 or later you won't see these updates.

    If you update a site from Elgg 1.8 to 1.9 it's important that you first execute any of these Elgg core upgrades before running the Tidypics update. On a fresh install you won't see the Tidypics update button either.

  • i just ran my site's homepage through google's pagespeed analysis tool and saw that the tidypics 'small' sized thumbnails are being produced with a very high file size. the images are 200px * 200px and some of them are 80Kb. when i run them through a png optimiser, for example, they come out at around 20Kb.. so a jpeg optimisation should probably be less than 20Kb per image.
    does anyone know why the files have been produced so large by tidypics/elgg? i haven't deliberately tweaked any compression settings in the thumbnail processing code.

  • @ura soul I have to admit that I've not yet looked into possible optimizations for resulting filesize of the thumbnails. Though I'm not sure if there are even any optimizations possible with GD and imagick php extensions. Especially, the GD php extension is a very basic solution (though available on any server as Elgg core itself already requires it).

    The ImageMagick command line tools is surely the most promising option for getting smaller thumbnail files. May I ask which image library you have currently selected in Tidypics plugin settings? I would always suggest to use the ImageMagick executables if available on the server. And a brief check of the convert command options already showed me some parameters I might need to test out to see if they will result in smaller files (withough losing too much quality). I will see what I can do for the next version(s) of Tidypics.

    Btw. 200x200px is also larger than the default small thumbnail size of 153x153px. Of course you will get larger files when increasing the target resolution.

  • Elgg v 1.10.2 error "Image can not be display" on jquery popup.


  • i am using the imagick php extension. as stated, the expected image size for a 200 * 200 image is around 25% of the image size that is currently being outputted by tidypics on my server. i appreciate your willingness to explore the options!

  • @kxx4 Possible reason for this kind of error is another 3rd party plugin that is not fully compatible with Elgg 1.9/1.10 and newer. Especially, this other plugin might not correctly initialize its JS libraries. Unfortunately, I can't say which plugin might cause the problem. I can only suggest to disable all other 3rd party plugins temporarily to test if it works then. If the error is gone then, you would need to figure out which plugin is causing the problem by enabling the plugins again one by one at a time.

  • i just noticed that the list/thumbnail selector buttons at the top-right of the plupload interface don't do anything. i can switch between them, but the view doesn't change.

  • @ura soul Seems to work for me (tested just now with 1.10.7 of Tidypics to be sure). You need to have at least one image selected to be uploaded to see the difference in the upload form.


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