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JConnekt is a Integration Engine on Joomla! and This is the External Application plugin which does integration with Joomla!

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  • JConnekt 1.0.2 Preview is now available for Download

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  • Nice!... but what exactly is this supose to do and how do you use it?

  • available features can be found here (http://code.google.com/p/jconnekt/wiki/FeatureList)


    how to setup can be also found here (http://code.google.com/p/jconnekt/wiki/GettingStarted)


    Breifly , in order to use this you've to install JConnekt Core into Joomla! and then install this plugin into Elgg..
    and then configure them. (not the rocket science)

    and how to do that can be found on above documents...

  • Great plugin again, Arunoda.

    However, I have three questions for you:

    1- What if your joomla site already has a bridge connecting it to a forum or something like community builder?

    2- How many joomla sites ( or elggs) can be connected through this one plugin?

    3- Joomla has a plugin called Jfusion that can somehow allow user synch between joomla and elgg. How does your plugin differ from that?

  • Hi Sem,


    1. Doesn't matter. all what JConnekt does is extend Joomla for allow External Applications to connect.

    2. JConnekt is based on Joomla! and allows you to connect multiple ExApps. (even multiple elggs).

    3. JFusion's bridge is not released yet. anyway It's hard 2 configure. and it does not provide all the features JConnekt provides.
       eg:- We do cross domain Single Sign On and Single sign out...

    and JConnekt is a Engine and it openup a gateway in Joomla! to connect with other apps. And if any app OK with the JConnekt protocol provided by JConnekt API.. They can connect with Joomla!

    JConnekt developed with both Developers and Endusers in mind...

    any problem. pls ask.

  • > JFusion's bridge is not released yet

    I normally don't post on pages like this, but had to as the above statement is completely wrong. This is very incorrect as JFusion has supported Elgg for many months now and has been released for 2.5 years :)

    Here is how Joomla users rate JFusion:


    And here is a statistical comparison between the projects:



    Each project has their own merits and you can try both for free :) Thanks, Marius

  • Hi mariusvr nice to see you here anyway...


    > This is very incorrect as JFusion has supported Elgg for many months now and has been released for 2.5 years :)


    I doesn't said that JFusion is not released and I just said Elgg bride is not. (because I didn't even see that in the JFusion site. and in the forums it's said that new developer has arrived. that's y i said so..)


    >And here is a statistical comparison between the projects:

    yes JFusion is old and mature. No arguments.. 
    and the same time don't compare with the codebase.. coz jconnekt is designed in a way that it really minimized the code has to be written to a particular thing..
    and there is so many ways to do same thing ..


    and I don't need to start a fight or something with JF coz JConnekt does things in a different manner. and I believe with JConnekt we can do a lot ;) (that's y I started it..)

    finally who got the benefits.. am I? or the JF team?
    the whole FOSS community.. think about that.... 

  • I have looked at both JFusion and JConeckt to put my Joomla & Elgg together.

    I couldn't quite get either to work properly with seamless sign ons. But thats probably my problem not the software.

    Both are top quality pieces of work.


  • with JConnekt seamless sign ons. is available when you clicked the JConnekt Login button in Elgg. (no need to re-enter the password)...
    But It looks awful.. I know...

    that also will be fixed in JConnekt 1.0.2 version. which is the next... 

  • Well that sounds great. I look forward to the next installment of JConeckt.


  • hi,

    looks like great plugin. i installed sucessfully on joomla and elgg plugin. but if i try to logout from elgg i am getting the following error.


    You don't have permission to access /cms/index.php on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

    logout url :


    please help me to fix this issue.

    elgg installed in main root folder

    joomla installed in mysiteurl.com/cms/

    my test host url is : mysiteurl.com

    port : 80

    key generated successfully and the key successfuly sent to elgg from joomla and configured with above detatails automatically with jconnect from joomla.


    thanks and regards,


  • and one more problem is under joomla jconnect bulk syncronization -) it is showing all users are not validated by exapp.

    what is that? how to validate users?

  • @jagadish..

    anyway thanks for ur response..

    I'll first answer for the second-one..
    yes.. not validated means..

    these users are synced from the Elgg and but not with passwords.. (coz there is no way to get them)
    No we need to validate those users...

    So it's very simply ... each user need to logged into at least one time from the Elgg Login System . so in that time JConnect system @ Joomla will get the password and do the validation. 

    after that Those users are synced. and can be logged in from Joomla or Elgg..
    PS: in order to achieve Single Sign On.. when Loggin to elgg use JConnect Login button..

    For the Bug

    tell me how do you logged into the system.. (using default Elgg Login or from JConnect Login Button)
    and does ur Joomla Installation works...


  • hi,

    thanks for the support, great work. thank u

    yes  i logged in through elgg  login only not Jconnect button.

    my joomla works fine before the plugin install. after plugin install i successfully sincronized all user deails from elgg to joomla and after that i loggout from joomla administrator and i try to login again but its not working. i checked the data base through phpmyadmin for joomla. in the user table i changed the usertype "user" to "super administrator" but still the admin login details not working in joomla. i am unable to login joomla admin but i enterd details are correct but no use. finally i am unable to login to joomla admin. meanwhile i disabled the plugin in elgg for temorary due to the logout problem in elgg.

    thanks and regards,


  • For the joomla admin user thing I've the anwser.....

    that coz you've same a admin account in Elgg and you've matched that usergroup (elgg) to registered user-group in Joomla.. (this can be set in the ExApp Configuration in the JConnekt admin)

    then you've done the sync.. then that Admin user has been converted to an Registered user in Joomla. 

    > in the user table i changed the usertype "user" to "super administrator" but still the admin login details not working in joomla

    this is not the place where user group thing is done in Joomla!

    and for ur Logout problem I 'm still working on it..



  • Yes ur correct. i am using same admin login user name and password for both elgg and joomla. how can i fix this problem. how to make the user login to admin login in joomla?. please help

  • the easiest way to do so is just install a fresh copy of Joomla. (If that's a Testing site ;)  ). 

    Otherwise you've to edit the DB.. (If so let me know)

  • ok looks like fresh copy is better than db edit.

    thank you.

  • Is there already built install of Joomla with this Jconnect to Elgg?

    I would like to start a fresh site for my products, would be nice to have a functioning place to start.


  • Ahh.. yes

    accounts for both Joomla & Elgg 

    username: admin


    and jconnekt.org is to be released with as a all in one JConnekt resource place next week

  • Ahh.. yes


    accounts for both Joomla & Elgg 

    username: admin


    and jconnekt.org is to be released with as a all in one JConnekt resource place next week

  • Forums on jconnekt.org are now online!

  • Please note that this version of JConnekt should NOT be used under any circumstance. It has critical SQL injection vulnerabilities that can compromise your system. Anybody running JConnekt should update immediately through the jconnekt.org website to avoid being hacked.

Arunoda Susiripala

I'm a student of University of Kelaniya - Sri Lanka.


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