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JConnekt is a Integration Engine on Joomla! and This is the External Application plugin which does integration with Joomla!

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  • Has anyone been able to make this work with elgg 1.7 ?


  • This is should work with 1.7 too.. 
    coz 1.7 is major bug fix release (did not add any features over 1.6)

  • I had a couple of issues here. One was when typing in the paths and other information, the send info button does not appear until I hit apply. I do not know if this was part and parcel of the problem or not but as someone who is still relatively technically challenged, it was disturbing and indicated to me that it may have been a problem whether it was or not.

    Additionally, I do not know if it was the ports or what, but I tried every path I could think of to the mod/server.php file including the Joomla wrapped url and the direct path and neither one would work. I saw some comments about port 8888 but I kept mine set to 80 as it was said this is the most common.

    These were encountered with Elgg 1.7 and Joomla 1.5 both on a clean install.  No other plugins or anything had been tried or installed yet.

    Working on trying out JFusion now and if that works, great but if not, elgg seems to be sturdy enough to survive in a wrapped environment so if it does, I will leave it that way and just make it one of two places that need to be signed in to see on my site. Now I have to go back and figure out where I adjust the frames on the Elgg template but it seems easier than messing with a bunch of coding I know nothing about yet.

    All  in all I would have to say this plug-in has really great potential, and as always, while I cannot help with the coding, I can help with the documentation if you want to pursue it. It is the least you deserve for your efforts but the most I can do at the moment.

    Thanks for giving it a go!

  • Let me clarify some information for my own purpose: This extension will allow someone to have components from ELGG and JOOMLA working together? Because if that is the case, then ELGG for network and JOOMLA for content would be a deadly combination. my email is rvaidy[at]smartblab.com and we are considering ELGG to start off our new project [which is open social and also a content management portal, providing unique services to members through subscription]. Your feed back is welcome. Best regards Raman

  • I have successfully installed the plugins on both my joomla and elgg sites, but what do I do after that ?

Arunoda Susiripala

I'm a student of University of Kelaniya - Sri Lanka.


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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