3 column riverdashboard v0.3

Release Notes

This is a riverdashboard with 3 columns and using features from the latest version of riverdashboard. Should be pretty stable, i have more features not included in here that are still a little buggy - tobe released soon.

Works in elgg version 1.6.1 but i think it should work in 1.5 as well but havent tested it. please let me know if it works for you in 1.5

Any bugs and feature requests can be posted here: http://code.google.com/p/riverdashboard/issues/list

or you can join the group here: http://community.elgg.org/pg/groups/302495/3-column-riverdashboard/


This version includes 3 plugins, one is fusion_pack, it adds tipsy jquery library to elgg so we can have the facebook like tooltips - this is needed for riverdashboard and elggchat.

  1. upload riverdashboard and fusion_pack to mod directory
  2. remove any riverdashboard css from your theme!!
  3. enable plugins in admin panel
  5. click settings on riverdashboard in admin panel and configure your dashboard.
  6. in .htaccess add this: RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9\_\-]+)$ http://%{HTTP_HOST}/pg/profile/$1 [R]    before the last </ifModule>  to make the link work correctly.
  7. For any plugins that add their own river icons, open the css for those plugins and comment out or delete the lines for the river icons.
  8. ADD 'thewire:latest' => 'Latest',  in riverdashboard/languages/en.php


  • fixed auto refresh for internet explorer so it works in all browsers now.
  • fixed left column not showing in ie7

New in version 0.3:

  • added bookmarks
  • added a link tool (this has basic functions for now and requires the bookmarks plugin to work)
  • added admin settings from the plugin list
  • added ad blocks to the side columns (configurable in plugin settings)
  • added some buttons,  video,photo,links,polls,gifts,events  to under the wire text input.
  • moved most text to en.php (will be able to have translations soon.
  • im sure there is more that i cant remember atm.


  • added some new additions in language file
  • added more plugin widget support (gifts, izap video, vazco karma, polls)
  • if you dont have the extra plugins you wont get a white screen anymore
  • added a fluid center column - shouldnt have to mess with the css to get it to fit your theme
  • cleaned up some css


  • added view for my groups - uncomment line 47
  • added a view for vanilla forum - uncomment line 56
  • fixed a security hole caused by dreamweaver
  • fixed profile views - wasnt working before
  • changed the welcome.php
  • cleaned up some css and language file
  • group messages display in dashboard like on elgg.org

Supported plugins - none of these plugins are necessary for riverdashboard to function


  • play video in river
  • fix link tool to pull metadescription and title from link
  • add facebook like commenting
  • cleanup some css and language
  • add more options from inside the river
  • add bookmarks to side panel
  • add admin options for widgets to display on dash

You can see what we are working on at http://thekidcircle.com!


If there are any feature requests for this plugin please dont hesitate to ask!!




  • sorry about the screen shot forgot to resize!!!!

  • Hi Fusion, I am still getting the same issue when I try to upgrade the riverdash, (upgrade as I have your first one.) I disable original riverdash rename it, then upload new riverdash, place on bottom of plugin list, click enable, > blank site, the whole site.

    place original riverdash (yours) and the site is back.


    is it possible theres some plugin I don't have that is causing this?

    Is it possilbe I missed some icons from widgets (you said remove the lines in these plugins.)

    sadly no error msgs even when I set error log to show warnings and above.

    I am not desperate but a little sad I can not follow your wonderful plugin.

    if you have any ideas, I would welcome them.


  • @kiwi_chris are you using 1.6.1 , if you are delete the old riverdashboard completely , do a hard upgrade, make sure it is below the plugin list after your theme, delete any custom index folder in your theme, disable custom index. all these stories should solve the problem...... Darmie Akinlaja

  • @ Fusion

    The preview options I was talking about are those where you put in a link, a picture, etc. and a preview of what will be posted appears. For a link, it usually has the title of the website/article, and a little bit of text from the site... similar to how it's on Facebook. 

    Thanks for the great work. Really great plugin!

  • Re: Fusion

    Great plugin buddy. Works great as well in 1.6. Thumbs up!

    However a couple of things if you (or anyone else) can help me (please keep in mind I am no PHP Pro).

    1- How do I remove the Auto Refresh option? It refreshes back to the main page of my site even if I am in the middle of doing something (typing a post, blog or a comment, anything at all). It simply goes back to main page after sometime (I think a couple of minutes or so). The users lose data in the middle of their activity if they haven't saved it.

    2- How do I customize the views? E.g. if I want to add or remove something (not defined in the settings of the plugin), how do I do it?

    P.S. I also found another way of making the "Profile Link" on the top of the page, work. I went to /mod/riverdashboard/views/default/riverdashboard/welcome.php and changed the following:

    <div id="welcome_left_url">
    <img src="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>mod/riverdashboard/graphics/url.gif" border="0" />&nbsp;<b><a href="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?><?php echo $_SESSION['user']->username; ?>"><?php echo $vars['url']; ?><?php echo $_SESSION['user']->username; ?></a></b>


    <div id="welcome_left_url">
    <img src="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>mod/riverdashboard/graphics/url.gif" border="0" />&nbsp;<b><a href="<?php echo $vars

    ['url'];?>pg/profile/<?php echo $_SESSION['user']->username; ?>"><?php echo $vars['url']; ?><?php echo $_SESSION['user']-

    >username; ?></a></b>

    It works flawlessly, but since I don't know much about the PHP, I hope it wont cause any damage to the plugin/site?

    Thank you again for the great plugin, please keep up the good work.

  • @carter..  yeah that will work, what mine does is just give a short simple url that is easy to remember so the user can easily send people to their page.  kinda like myspace...  hit me up in private message and ill help you out.

    @rym87..  some of this is in the works, but with the link tool im torn weather to make it like that or leave it the way it is. I kind of like it how it is.

    @kiwi..  hit me up in private message, id be happy to help you get all sorted out.  No extra plugins are required for the dashboard to work. It will function with a default elgg install with just the core plugins just by turning it on.

  • Re: Fusion

    Buddy, you are the best. I reversed the change I made and put the one you suggested. Thank you

  • Hi again,

    Didn't see an answer to my question I posted earlier:

    When I try to add a link from the area where you can add an album, link, poll, etc., I get this error:  Form is missing __token or __ts fields

    Any ideas?  Must be something I've done wrong I would assume.  Also any idea on when vanillaforum will be working?  Just wondering.



  • Fusion was kind enough to come to my site and work hard at finding the issue to my problem,

    seems there is a comflict with the profile counter plugin and this plugin,

    The features provided in this version are just awesome.


    Thank you very much Fusion for taking the time to work on my site, you put in many hours work and I really appreciate the effort you put in for my community site, my users are trilled with the new features.

    Kind Regards

    Kiwi Chris.

  • Over the last few days I have had the pleasure of working with this wonderful plugin and @fusion it's developer.  @fusion has been there at the drop of a dime to help with integrating it into goofbucket . com.  We have found many issues with the site and it's hosting while working with the plugin.  After addressing these issues the plugin charges on, providing better content access by 100%.

    I have been lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the dashboard feeds and found it to be a wonderful addition to what I think is a quantum leap for the riverdashboard.   User's now have much more control from more access points right on the riverdashboard.  

    The next version may well be the best thing to happen to elgg since tidypic's and izap video.  From working with elgg since 12-08-08, I have seen many plugins come and go; mainly do to being under supported, however @fusion works tirelessly to bring the best possible riverdashboard.  This effort has brought to elgg a great developer and superb plugin.  Thank you @fusion for your hard work and dedication. 

  • Refresh  :(   would installing the old autodash change this?

  • i dont know....  you didnt give me any info as to what

  • @goof..  everything looks fine, not sure what you are asking about but everything is working over at your site

  • Well I ask some member to help test an idea I had.  And it panned out.  IE would not refresh until the video dropped off the dash. then she told me it started refreshing for her again I check with host at same time and it was still good on processes.  I am wondering if it may just be the lag when the dash is refreshed and the call to the video source is made.  What do ya think.  If it is just the lag then it is the video source slowing it down.

  • I posted before I tested idea sorry

  • @Fusion: I don't think my problem (having the timestamp remain even though I eliminated the call from the profile) is from a legacy file. When I did other changes to my profile, it continues to post only a timestamp. I'm guess it's an issue with either the core itself or I'm missing something in the profile files. Even though it's not your plug-in's issue, any thoughts?

    Also, I can't seem to set your dashboard to be the default homepage despite the settings. It seems some of my plug-ins are over-riding this one, even when I put it at the bottom of the plug-in list. Any thoughts also on how to over-ride them?

  • @lawrence..  shoot me the url to your site in a private message and ill come ny and take a look..

  • @Fusion: On another issue, as an FYI: Adding this:

    RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9\_\-]+)$ http://%{HTTP_HOST}/pg/profile/$1 [R]

    means your site categories won't work. Any thoughts on ways around it?

  • The same thing is happening on my site but I didn't know that that piece of code is the reason why.

  • Does this have a feature to disable to "ALL" tab?

    or maybe have select which tabs you wanted to appear?

    since when you register you don't have any friends yet. and "maybe" you dont want to see others activity whom you dont know.


  • and also im seeing this problem. when you view the dashboard the "Profile Icon"(photo) it is exceeding the border if the photo's width used is 400+

    any fix for this? css?

  • This is a great mod!!! I have looked through the comments... how would I turn off the option that allows the user to upload a video from below the status update textbox?

  • Hi scottmate,

    I think it doesnt have that feature yet, you have to edit the code to remove that part.

  • @matrix, thanks! Do you what file needs to be modified?


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