3 column riverdashboard v0.3.1

Release Notes

This is a riverdashboard with 3 columns and using features from the latest version of riverdashboard. Should be pretty stable, i have more features not included in here that are still a little buggy - tobe released soon.

Works in elgg version 1.6.1 but i think it should work in 1.5 as well but havent tested it. please let me know if it works for you in 1.5

Any bugs and feature requests can be posted here: http://code.google.com/p/riverdashboard/issues/list

or you can join the group here: http://community.elgg.org/pg/groups/302495/3-column-riverdashboard/


This version includes 3 plugins, one is fusion_pack, it adds tipsy jquery library to elgg so we can have the facebook like tooltips - this is needed for riverdashboard and elggchat.

  1. upload riverdashboard and fusion_pack to mod directory
  2. remove any riverdashboard css from your theme!!
  3. enable plugins in admin panel
  5. click settings on riverdashboard in admin panel and configure your dashboard.
  6. in .htaccess add this: RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9\_\-]+)$ http://%{HTTP_HOST}/pg/profile/$1 [R]    before the last </ifModule>  to make the link work correctly.
  7. For any plugins that add their own river icons, open the css for those plugins and comment out or delete the lines for the river icons.
  8. ADD 'thewire:latest' => 'Latest',  in riverdashboard/languages/en.php


  • fixed auto refresh for internet explorer so it works in all browsers now.
  • fixed left column not showing in ie7

New in version 0.3.1

  • i will fill this all in later...  but it does include videos in the river and it has more of an elgg feel to it.  Everybody should be able to install it with no issues...
  • there are different folders in here so dont try installing the whole thing as one plugin!!!
  • elggchat is unchanged
  • fusion pack is changed
  • izap folder just changes one file for izap, you dont need it unless you want it to look nicer.
  • riverdashboard has lots of changes and fixes in it

New in version 0.3:

  • added bookmarks
  • added a link tool (this has basic functions for now and requires the bookmarks plugin to work)
  • added admin settings from the plugin list
  • added ad blocks to the side columns (configurable in plugin settings)
  • added some buttons,  video,photo,links,polls,gifts,events  to under the wire text input.
  • moved most text to en.php (will be able to have translations soon.
  • im sure there is more that i cant remember atm.


  • added some new additions in language file
  • added more plugin widget support (gifts, izap video, vazco karma, polls)
  • if you dont have the extra plugins you wont get a white screen anymore
  • added a fluid center column - shouldnt have to mess with the css to get it to fit your theme
  • cleaned up some css


  • added view for my groups - uncomment line 47
  • added a view for vanilla forum - uncomment line 56
  • fixed a security hole caused by dreamweaver
  • fixed profile views - wasnt working before
  • changed the welcome.php
  • cleaned up some css and language file
  • group messages display in dashboard like on elgg.org

Supported plugins - none of these plugins are necessary for riverdashboard to function


  • play video in river
  • fix link tool to pull metadescription and title from link
  • add facebook like commenting
  • cleanup some css and language
  • add more options from inside the river
  • add bookmarks to side panel
  • add admin options for widgets to display on dash

You can see what we are working on at http://thekidcircle.com!


If there are any feature requests for this plugin please dont hesitate to ask!!




  •  I really like this pligin but a lot of issues with 1.7, so ihave no choice but to disable it. hope fusion will make an upgrade.

  • I have most of this working with Elgg 1.7.

    I did what fusion said and removed the sitemessage line:

    //$area3 .= elgg_view("riverdashboard/sitemessage");

    This fixed the right column but my footer was still off to one side. It has to do with this '</div>'in index.php:

    $river = elgg_view_river_items($subject_guid, 0, $relationship_type, $type, $subtype, '') . '</div>';

    if I remove the </div> the footer alignment is correct but the right column is underneath the center column.

    My solution, which still has some problems but manageable, was to go into pageshells and put the layoutcanvas <div> at the button of the page which then encompasses the footer inside of the layout canvas.

    This makes me think as others have pointed out that there is a missing <div> somewhere in the riverdashboard code, but I turned of all the RDB widgets off and left just the </div> in:

    $river = elgg_view_river_items($subject_guid, 0, $relationship_type, $type, $subtype, '') . '</div>';

    $river = "</div>"

    and the footer was still out of alignment.

    And finally, I cannot post on the wire via the riverdashboard page with Elgg 1.7. But from the wire page all is well.



  • Found another problem with using elgg 1.7, iZap videos 3.55b and the riverdashboard. When I link or embed a new video from iZap the riverdashboard displays a blank white screen. If I disable the the river the page loads with no issues. So I thinking its the iZap update to the river that's causing the riverdashboard to fail. Anyone know how to fix this?



  • What about changing the Sponsors details? I have been dumped by Google like many others, so I dont want to run any of their ads. What files controls this?

  • I just changed the details in the riverdashboard 'settings' from the administrators 'Tools' menu.

  • Thanks Mick. I totally missed that one.

  • Can someone tell me where I can edit/add to the helpful hints section. I saw it somewhere but I can't seem to find the file today.

  • Found it here -


    By the way, this plugin has worked as advertised "Out of the Box" for me. I didn't need to make any adjustments to the script.

  • I have a problem with group comments to a subject: river shows the te same comment to  everyone who have commented. For exemple, when i say smth like: good morning, in a group topic, the river shows that everyone who have commented at that topic sayd good morning... I dont know how to solve this. Please, help me!

  • I get an error message that izap videos is a misconfigured plugin. Any ideas on how to solve this one?

  • I have found what I think is a clue to the IE alignment issue, but I'm not sure where to find the bit of code that needs changing.

    The image settings for the profile icon on the dashboard are too big. The width is set to 200px and should be 175px max.

    Anyone know where we might find the code?????

  • The wire doesn't seem to be working on Elgg 1.7. could anyone please tell me how to fix that!

  • Nice Plugin. For those interested, I made a few hacks in it. :

    - I removed the autorefresh, it's weird when you want to look at a video and the page refresh itself.

    - I mixed it with another plugin (facebook like riverdashboar, don't remember the name now).

    I put a link to the results, if anybody wants to use it.


    (No warrantly at all!)

  • Hey Dom, if i just wanted commenting and to swith off the refresh, what would I need to do?

  • Still having issues with Elgg 1.7.  Anyone have any leads on how to fix this?

  • chambo67, to turn off refresh, i think I just commented out the line refreshStart() in riverdashboard/js/refresh.js.

    For the comments, I added all the annotate.php and actions/comment.php from "facebook like riverdashboard" module.

  • Dom Why not upload as a plugin, so more can find it??

  • Dom when posting a comment, I was sent to a white page, the comment worked though.

    Is this meant to happen?

  • Kiwi_chris, you have to modify the actions/comment.php to remove the friendly_forward() call at the end. to forward to the riverdashboard. As for uploading a plugin, this is not really my work.

    (I updated the link in my post).

  • will there be an update version of the plugin so that it would work for the latest elgg installment.

  • Hi evryone? To those that are having issue with the posting of riverdashboard 0.3.1 on the lastest Elgg installment. I believe I have an solution to our dilemma. Go to the activity_view.php which could be found in mod/riverdashboard/views/default/riverdashboard. On line 55 to line 66 delate it and replace it with this code.

    <form action="<?php echo $vars['url']; ?>action/thewire/add" method="post" name="noteForm">
            <?php echo "<div class='thewire_latest1'><b>" . elgg_echo('thewire:latest') .":</b> " . $content . " " . $time . "</div><div class='clearfloat'></div>"; ?>   
                $display .= "<div class='thewire_characters_remaining'><input readonly type=\"text\" name=\"remLen1\" size=\"3\" maxlength=\"3\" value=\"140\" class=\"thewire_characters_remaining_field\">";
                $display .= elgg_echo("thewire:charleft") . "</div>";
                //$display .= "<h3>" . elgg_echo('river:newpost') . "</h3>";
                $display .= "<textarea name='note' value='' onKeyDown=\"textCounter(document.noteForm.note,document.noteForm.remLen1,140)\" onKeyUp=\"textCounter(document.noteForm.note,document.noteForm.remLen1,140)\" id=\"thewire_sidebarInputBox\" onfocus =\"changeCol(this)\">{$msg}".elgg_echo('river:newpost')."</textarea>";
                echo $display;
                echo elgg_view('input/securitytoken');

    Save it and you should be able to post without get that token error message. Now i'm not sure that this is the case for future upgrades of Elgg but for now enjoy.

    Please let me know if any issue

  • Thank you very much, Mr. Achiever! Your help worked like a charm. ☺

  • When I press the 'mine' tab the tab menu disappears and at the bottom of the river the following error message appears:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function izapvideonotconverted_izap_videos() in /home/select/public_html/mod/riverdashboard/views/default/river/object/izap_videos/create.php on line 28

    Does anyone know what might be causing this?  (I'm using elgg 1.71)


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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