3 column riverdashboard v0.2.2

Release Notes

This is a riverdashboard with 3 columns and using features from the latest version of riverdashboard. Should be pretty stable, i have more features not included in here that are still a little buggy - tobe released soon.

Works in elgg version 1.6.1 but i think it should work in 1.5 as well but havent tested it. please let me know if it works for you in 1.5



For any plugins that add their own river icons, open the css for those plugins and comment out or delete the lines for the river icons.


  • complete change of auto refresh
  • add facebook like commenting
  • cleanup some css and language
  • add more options from inside the river
  • add bookmarks to side panel
  • add admin options for widgets to display on dash


  • added view for my groups - uncomment line 47
  • added a view for vanilla forum - uncomment line 56
  • fixed a security hole caused by dreamweaver
  • fixed profile views - wasnt working before
  • changed the welcome.php
  • cleaned up some css and language file
  • group messages display in dashboard like on elgg.org

0.2.1 Only has some new files that were not included in previous release... SORRY!


  • added some new additions in language file
  • added more plugin widget support (gifts, izap video, vazco karma, polls)
  • if you dont have the extra plugins you wont get a white screen anymore
  • added a fluid center column - shouldnt have to mess with the css to get it to fit your theme
  • cleaned up some css

if you do not want a certain widget to show on the dashboard comment out or remove the line in index.php

You can see what we are working on at http://thekidcircle.com its compleatly different from what you see here!


remove existing riverdashboard and install this one.  Remember to backup your files first! This is a replacement to riverdashboard.

rename or delete theme/views/default/riverdashboard/css.php from any external theme your using

in .htaccess add this

RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9\_\-]+)$ http://%{HTTP_HOST}/pg/profile/$1 [R]

b4 the last </IfModule> to make the url link work correctly

PLACE PLUGIN AT THE BOTTOM OF PLUGIN LIST! - it needs to override some other views so better off with it at the bottom

if you are missing the url.gif i put it here for you.


If there are any feature requests for this plugin please dont hesitate to ask!!




  • Absolutely beautiful. Works in 1.5 like a charm also.

  • when you going to add facebook commenting. i am eager to see that :)

  • Elgg 1.6.1.  I'm not using a custom theme, and I did add the rewrite rule.

    I am not getting the left column to render.  Columns 2 and 3 show up properly.

  • @Mark..  can you shoot me a url and i will take a look..

  • The first column works perfectly in Firefox 3.5 and mostly in IE6.  It does not render in IE7 or IE8.

  • hi Fusion,

    Good mod, very interesting. As always i have a request. Inline comment doesnt seem to be included. I uploaded a separate plug in for inline comment but it didnt seem to work.
    I personally think that the mini profile is better replaced with an tag-cloud mod.
    Sorry for the suggestion above.

    Thank you

  • @the_one..  the commenting will be in a later version..  if you look in index.php you can move stuff around and take stuff out.  The work is already done for tag cumulus so if you look at the lines for $area! you can take out the first line for mini profile and move the line for tag cumulus up and of course install tag cumulus plugin.

  • Hi Fusion.

    This plugin improved in big steps.

    Is there a way to move the user icon a bit to the left, so the badjes will be at the right place?

    I'm looking for the right code but find nothing.

    Thank's... yoram


  • @yoram..  i think it would be easiest to edit the css for user badges  i beleive its the top and bottom in the css.  thats user badges css not mine.

  • left column absent in my IE 7........... :(

  • @Jayadeep..  if you look in index.php line 86 thake the 2 off where it says three_column2 it will give you another layout for the page.  you may have to adjust css let me know. you can shoot me the url and ill take a look as well

  • k i will check the css files to fix it........

  • Hi Fusion,  I am having some issues with getting this plugin to work.


    I run Elgg 1.6.1 and I installed your first attempt at this plugin and that worked without any issue, every realease since your first I have not been able to get it to work.

    Issue is after adding the new Plugin i.e disable original riverdash rename, upload new and enable.

    When I enable I get blank screen right after pressing enable,

    this white screens the entire site, I saw from one of your previous riverdashboards you said if you don't use plugin's i.e photocumulas etc, then you needed to remove them from a file, forget which but I followed that and it also failed.

    Any ideas? anything I should check. Like what is different from your original and the others? because whatever it is is causing this issue.


  • @Kiwi_Chris

    Suggestion: browse to the plugin folder directly and see if you get a PHP error message. IE, http://yoursite.com/mod/riverdashboard/ as opposed to http://yoursite.com/pg/dashboard/.

    I've been tinkering with this plugin myself and have noticed that when I get the ol' white screen, I don't get error messages unless I browse directly to the plugin's folder as opposed to through the pagehandler.

    Might give you a better idea of what's up, or at least something you can paste here for Fusion or someone else to help you with. :)

  • Sorry this did not work.


    Fusion what from your first plugin needs to be removed to make it safer?

    i took our .svn and _notes anything else?


  • Awesome plugin, looks fantastic with Firefox, but the rendering for IE is fubar, any idea when this will be fixed?


  • @anybody with ie issues....

    i test on ie8 and have no issues with this plugin on that platform. if you are using a version prior to 8 i cant help much because i dont have it. If you would like to make the ie fixes for versions b4 8 please do and i would be happy to add them. here is a screen of what i see in ie8:




    as far as i know, in this version of my riverdash plugin everything works in ie. please dont confuse this with what you see on my test site as that is a future version that is not released yet.

  • I would hope most plugins would be tested on IE first since...like it or not, it is the most common browser being used.

  • @ kiwi..  if the first one worked for you then this should as well, nothing major has changed between versions. and the white screen thing was only on the dashboard not the entire site.  hit me on private message so we can communicate easier and well get it solved.

  • @myoung..

    it is test on ie8 and on my setup it is working with no problems. and to be honest on my main site if you come with a version prior to ie 8 you get sent to microsoft to get an update. Ie is the worst browser i have ever had to deal with..(hate it) however i know most people dont know anybetter so it still has to work for ie.  So it is tested on ie but only version 8 as that is what i running.

    @People on previous versions of ie instead of crying about it just fix it and send me the fix so i can add it into the plugin for everybody else. (not trying to be a prick) Its only me working on this here.


  • Fusion

    The problem with the badges and the position of the usricon fixed. changes can be done in /riverdasboard/views/default/form/item/wrapper.php




    <div id="" style="padding:10px 0;">
                        <div id="" style="width:55px; float:left;">
                        <?php  $performed_by = get_entity($vars['item']->subject_guid); echo elgg_view("profile/icon", array('entity' => $performed_by, 'size' => 'small')); ?>



    <div id="" style="padding:12px 0;">
                        <div id="" style="width:25px; float:left;">
                        <?php  $performed_by = get_entity($vars['item']->subject_guid); echo elgg_view("profile/icon", array('entity' => $performed_by, 'size' => 'tiny')); ?>



  • @yoram..   Thank you..  i will take a look at this.

  • @yoram..  that didnt really move the icon.  I think the better approach would be to edit the position of the icon in the css of the badges plugin..

  • @Fusion

    In my site everything is RTL. Perhaps there's a need in other parameters.

  • Hi how would I replace the google ad with my ouwn code? nice plugin though.


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