3 column riverdashboard v0.2.1

Release Notes

If you downloaded the previous release please remove those files from your server and install this version. There was a bug caused by dreamweaver that could lead to your site being exploited.

This is a riverdashboard with 3 columns and using features from the latest version of riverdashboard. Should be pretty stable, i have more features not included in here that are still a little buggy - tobe released soon.

Works in elgg version 1.6.1 but i think it should work in 1.5 as well but havent tested it. please let me know if it works for you in 1.5


If you have these plugins installed open index.php and uncomment those lines.

For any plugins that add their own river icons, open the css for those plugins and comment out or delete the lines for the river icons.


  • fix auto refresh for internet explorer
  • add facebook like commenting
  • view for your groups
  • view for vanilla forum
  • cleanup welcome.php 
  • fix profile stats
  • cleanup some css and language


  • added view for my groups - uncomment line 47
  • added a view for vanilla forum - uncomment line 56
  • fixed a security hole caused by dreamweaver
  • fixed profile views - wasnt working before
  • changed the welcome.php
  • cleaned up some css and language file
  • group messages display in dashboard like on elgg.org

0.2.1 Only has some new files that were not included in previous release... SORRY!

You can see it in action at http://thekidcircle.com


remove existing riverdashboard and install this one.  Remember to backup your files first! This is a replacement to riverdashboard.

rename or delete riverdashboard/css.php from any external theme your using

in .htaccess add this

RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9\_\-]+)$ http://%{HTTP_HOST}/pg/profile/$1 [R]

b4 the last </IfModule> to make the url link work correctly

PLACE PLUGIN AT THE BOTTOM OF PLUGIN LIST! - it needs to override some other views so better off with it at the bottom





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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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