Simpleusermanagement v1.1.1

Release Notes

Simple disabled user management plugin (the users who have not validated their account yet).

Allows administrator to see all disabled users and activate, delete or resend an activation email for any of them. Activation email resend in only available if "uservalidationbyemail" plugin is enabled.

Plugin is lightweight and simple, thou has a limited amount of functionalities.

No new functionalities added. Fixes a small problem with one of the view file names. The end was .ph instead of .php. Only affects the option of non-standalone menu item.

  • Thanks, verry useful plugin for me!

  • @Pjotr, would you show the change list in each version? Helps to understand if we should upgrade...

  • @Tom, done. Did not thing about that.

  • XLNT!  I can't believe this functionality is not built in the core.

  • Well, I am using the core functionality (methods that do the trick) as much as I can. Thus there will only be needed slight modifications for newer versions of Elgg. I was not smart enough to locate this functionality anywhere, so I did the thing I needed.

  • I'm using, site_access, as well, in that the "emails not validated" seems to show only failed validation attempts, which should not happen too often, but it does not display unvalidated new accounts which happens all the time, 'shrug'. I think your plugin might integrate nicely with site_access.

  • site_access is a bugfest!

  • Well, it has quite a lot functionalities. As that is an open source, other people should contribute to bugfix and reprogramming (if that is needed). Possibly you can track down the issues and submit fixes.

    That is why I tried to keep this one simple, thus it would still be managed and updated by myself.

    My point is, you can help site_access become better.

  • I posted my problem there : and Kevin kindly asked me to post it here.

    I installed the Elgg 1.6.x , but when I try to administer the users with an additional tools by installing and also enabling categories and groups, I could not see anything on the right panel except he menu added for the added modules. Thanks!!! z~

    I just want to approve some new users without validating in email as I am testing elgg. Could you guide me? Thanks!

  • I did not understand the right panels issue well, but in general it works a little bit something like this.

    1. You add the plugin to /ELGG_ROOT/mod directory with name "simpleusermanagement".
    2. Then you should go to "Administration" => "Additional user management" (there should be an additional submenu added by default).
    3. If there are some unvalidated users, you should be able to activate them. If there are not, you will be told that there are no unvalidated users to validate.

    If something is not working, tell just a bit more about the problem.

    Hope that helps.

  • Step one and two goes fine, but when I go to the third step, there is nothing on the right panel  (including the unvalidated users which I want to validate), the entire rectangle is gresyish and blank.  This is what I meant, I am not finding a way to upload and image, else I would have uploaded one here. 

  • Interesting, try enabling error reporting and see if something will show-up.

    Are you using any additional non-default plugins? There should not be any conflicts, but you never know.

    Try to get the code from svn repo >>>

    There are some additional components in there, but none of them is enabled. So those should not do any damage.

  • Could you tell me what default mods conflicts with simpleusermanagement mod?

  • None, as far as I know. It should not conflict with anything, as there are no overrides being done.

    Version 1.1 had a file with a wrong name, but that was fixed in 1.1.1.

    I have enabled it with 1.7b and it was showing those unvalidated users just fine. Not really tested yet, but it will move on to 1.7 as soon as I have time to finish all the new small features.

    I really don't have any ideas on what can be the cause of the problem. See if there are any errors being raised. Until I know what is causing the problems, I can not really fix blindly something I can not reproduce.


  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 4106
  • Recommendations: 8

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