Simpleusermanagement v1.1

Release Notes

Simple disabled user management plugin (the users who have not validated their account yet).

Allows administrator to see all disabled users and activate, delete or resend an activation email for any of them. Activation email resend in only available if "uservalidationbyemail" plugin is enabled.

Plugin is lightweight and simple, thou has a limited amount of functionalities.

Added a possibility to use as a standalone menu link in Management section, or to import that into the default user management.

  • Explanation is quite easy. Got pranked by my Windows. Installed Windows 7 a few month ago and forgot to tell it not to hide extensions for known files. I don't really use that a lot, mostly for getting started terminal clients and browsers.

    Will not replace the file right now. Let it be.

  • I have to learn how to install the plugin.

  • This Plugin is very helpful!!!

    But there is one Problem: in the filename of is a missing "p". So the view will not work.

    And: Is there a way, that the page will look more like elgg? At the moment it is very technical :)

  • @thomas Sorry, something went wrong when I copied the file from repository. My copy from svn was just fine (I guess that the file name was too long and the last char was eliminated for some reason.).

    As for the look. Well, that is plain and simple. I did not have any use for the nice looks, so I've made that to be plain and simple. But any ideas are welcome.


  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 3919
  • Recommendations: 8

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