Simpleusermanagement v1.0

Release Notes

Simple disabled user management plugin (the users who have not validated their account yet).

Allows administrator to see all disabled users and activate, delete or resend an activation email for any of them. Activation email resend in only available if "uservalidationbyemail" plugin is enabled.

Plugin is lightweight and simple, thou has a limited amount of functionalities.

  • how is this different from the site access plugin which provides similar functionality?

  • Well, I guess that mine is less useful. That will not allow you to do anything else besides what I have named there. It does not change the portal, no overrides, no nothing. Really lightweight and simple.
    I had a need to activate some people who did not get the activation email messages for some reason. So I wrote that little thing.
    So, nothing fancy. I just did not find what I was looking for and site access was doing too much.
    You can take a look at the code, it is really simple. Maybe Elgg core developers will integrate something like that to the version 1.7
  • @liri hey mr. prof. dok. liri this is definitely useful plugin. :) ;)

    Less code less conflicts with another plugins.


    well done Pjotr.

    ? Pjotr are you russian?

  • I wish the original SiteAccess plugin would have an official team, like TidyPics and the Poll Plugin. There are certain plugins that are critical and if they are not developed, faithfully, then everyone suffers.  ...Kevin Jardine and Jeroen Dalsem have done a great job keeping up on their plugins.  But, Ralph and ShellCode dropped off the face of the earth and it hurts everyone.  I think team based development is the best, as TidyPics has exemplified.

  • this is an excellent plugin for those using validationbyemail.

    @Pjotr thanks for the great plugin. I don't know if it's possible, but any chance in the ACP of putting User Admin and Additional User Management together into the same page? Might be a bit of work but would save space down the left-column.

  • @alfalive That is a good question indeed. I do speak the language, but I am from Estonia really.

    @Yakiv Yes, team based development might be the best approach, but getting the team together might be a bit problematic. Not all the people are used to be working in the team, also making decisions might become a bit more complicated if there if there is no such persona as a lead programmer.

    @Trajan Well, as for as I know that will require a view override (that view is part of the Elgg core). So that there should be some tabs that will let admin choose what type of users he wants to see. I guess that adding that to the plugin is possible (not really that much work), but then I would also add setting that will decide how would that plugin work. The default value should be that it is a standalone solution. See if I have some time to look into it.

    I'm really glad that this might be of some value to someone. Thanks for the interest.

  • Thanks all for the comments and suggestions. I've released version 1.1.

    The idea is still the same. The only difference is that you can now set how the plugin behaves through the plugin settings.

    The default is the same, it has standalone menu in administration section. But you can tell it to extend the main user management view.

    @Trajan I guess that is not what you meant, but that will work without creating a huge mess with overriding Elgg core views.

  • @pjotr - I like your style.  ...Is it possible for you to take over the SiteAccess plugin?  Please!  You could put the code on google and start a new group.  We'll test and give feedback.  SiteAccess may be slightly bloated, but it is an amazing plugin and the ideas shared for version 2.3 were excellent.

    Jeroen Dalsem's custom profile fields plugin, your plugin and the SiteAccess plugin all need to come together, I think.  ...I would also add Kevin Jardine's forms plugin, possibly.  I am talking about taking the best from all of them and creating a plugin which can be the most powerful management of users profiles and registrations (the registration process).

    Perhaps you could talk to the TidyPics plugin developers, to get their advice on how to set this up and proceed.  And, you should consult with Cash and Brett.  Cash has been big on the TidyPics plugin team.

    I am just hashing out ideas, so, take what you think is good and leave the rest.

  • @Yakiv Thanks. I will think about it, maybe it is a possible solution. Can not give any promises right now.

  • Understood. Thank you!

  • Maybe a bug. The Yes and No are Reversed. I'm not sure.

  • Not a bug to be honest (no >>> creates a standalone menu, yes >>> extends). The explanation text is quite bad. I'll change that in the next version.

  • @Pjotr

    Thanks for your reply. I see.

    What does extends mean?

    Best regards!


  • Well, it adds a block into the standard User management page. So you could manage the users from there. But I need a better idea on how to make that extend work in more humane way.

    Using the default with standalone menu and page is the way to go. I will reevaluate the usability and user-friendliness part some time in future. As I do not really have any good ideas and much free time to spend.

  • @Pjotr

    Thanks for your reply. I'm looking for your new product.

    Merry X'mas!



  • Category: User admin
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 4245
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