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  • Jeroen, you're the best!  This is what we've been waiting for!  Keep it up!  This is going to be a *HOT* one to keep your eye on!

  • As stated this plugin is not air tight, but will add some level of differentiation between the site admins and normal admins (you can even call them moderators). Be aware there will be lots of way's around this plugin, but that means you have to be an admin and are trying really hard.

  • Thanks. Yes, I did pay attention to what you said (that it is not air tight).  This is why I said, "This is going to be a *HOT* one to keep your eye on!" because I will be waiting for it to achieve the state of "air tight!"  :-)

    Many-many of us have been waiting for this very plugin, as you say, to finally have moderators!  So, I am just encouraging you to keep developing this one, because it will be EXTREMELY POPULAR!

  • @Yakiv unfortunately i think this plugin will never reach that state. To have a real role system in Elgg you need more than a simple plugin.

  • Whoa! Great, this looks awesome, keep up developing this plugin ( :

    This will be popular indeed =]

  • Jeroen, of course I understand you. But, maybe it can ultimately be taken into core and become part of the real working of Elgg.  What you have begun may turn out to be the really powerful system we have been waiting for.

  • @Yakiv i agree with you about having this functionality in Elgg core, but this plugin is currently just a 'workaround' to achieve this kind of functionality. At the moment i have no intention to make it bigger (with more functionality) than how it is at the moment, because this kind of functionality will surely be in future versions of Elgg. But thanks for the appreciation :)

  • @Jeroen

    Nice plug... thx for this.

    By this way, i can´t wait for Chatrooms for your elggchat plugin :))

  • Hi Jeroen,

    I would like to see levels of Administration rights for Group owners and members (so you can have the Owner with Super Admin for the group, and then others nominated for normal Admin roles with in just the group which could exclude creation or deletion of blog posts, discussions, photos etc. 

    I guess this easier than dealing with Admin rights at a site level...

    It would also be nice to have levels of membership tied in to this as well, for example Group Follower (i.e. not a member but interested and following although unable to post and participate as normal group members (who may have to pay subscriptions))  and Full Group Member who has all the group membership privaleges.

    If you like the idea, I'd be the first in line for it... and I'd be happy to contribute/donate to the project as well.

  • Is it possible to restrict also other pages to SuperAdmins, i.e. admin pages of plugins in the mod directory?

    Or let me ask differently: where would have to be added what in the code to allow only SuperAdmins and not normal admins access to a specific page, for example pg/defaultwidgets/dashboard?

    Would it be also possible to not display the Administration link in the topbar for normal admins in the first place?

  • Only Super Admins should have the right to be in the administrative section of the web-site. Regular Admins (moderators) should only be able to delete posts and ban users.  Thats it.  And they should not have special access to view literally all content, like the Super Admin should be able to do.

  • OK, I have a problem... I installed the plugin, and now I can't access the admin... I checked and my user guid for the first admin account, and it shows # 2... so I don't have superadmin access...? How do I manually add superadmin status to an existing admin?

  • Hi!

    Thank you for this great Plugin!!!! It's really useful for our Site!

    I have a question about the Context-menu for "normal" Admins. When you click on the User Icon as a Admin, you get this menu:



    Where can I disable this Options in Red for an "normal" Admin. Can this only be a Superadmin-Option?

    Thanks again!!

  • I would love to make those red options for superadmin only. any idea?

  • Would it be also possible to not display the Administration link in the topbar for normal admins in the first place?

  • what is the difference between the normal admin and superadmin roles????

    can anyone specify with respect to this mod ???

  • Hi Jeroen,

    works it in 1.7.1? in my 1.7.1 in my testinstallation the "normal" admins have full access to the pg/admin pages. there no different style between normal and superadmins.

  • Change the elseif statement around line 27 in start.php to read:

    elseif($user->admin == 1) {

    $result = false;


    Worked for me. Just make sure that you have a superadmin desiginated before you do that or it will block out everyone from the admin pages (ie check your database for a "superadmin" entry in the objects_entity table).


  • @Nixon

    Thanks so much for the correction.  Was driving me crazy why it wasn't working.  Really cool that u took the time to post!

  • i just tested this in 1.7.6. - i also added the code change suggested in the comments above.

    on my local test site the first admin was not assigned as a superadmin, so i could no longer access the administration pages at all.. i undid the code change to be able to access the admin pages again.

    i haven't yet found where the superadmin is assigned in the code.. there is no superadmin in my sites' database object-entities table.. is there a database upgrade script that's meant to run?


  • @tunist - This happened to me also.  I fixed it by removing the above change then enabling the plugin, I then made superadmins with the plugin in the original state - then went back and made the above code change once again and presto, it worked.  Hope this helps.

  • @survtime - thanks for assisting - 

    where you said 'i then made superadmins' - what exactly did you do to make the superadmins? is there a setting somewhere that i have missed?


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