Custom_Index for 1.6 - Index Page using external html v1.0

Release Notes

This is the first time I have ever made a plugin so use at your own risk. I am not a programmer. This is just a hack of the work done by Curverider. (not sure if I should have changed those headers or what so I left them in??? If there is an issue, then let me know or remove it)

Anyway, Here is what I did:

I have recoded all the custom_index page so that it has the <h2> and other codes inside php. This way you can format the entire thing  and edit sections  if users are logged in or not logged in.

This one is set so that if you don't want to show anything unless users are logged in, it will only show the login form and the external file page, if it exists (another plugin??) . Also you can put something in an index.html file and that will show up below those two things (and you don't even have to know much about code.)

If you want to show everything to everyone, plus your snippet of html in the index.html file you can change a piece of code in the index.php file that says if (isloggedin to if (!isloggedin or visa versa.

The index file to edit to put your extra content is at mod/custom_indexfor1-6/views/default/canvas/layouts/index.html

Use at your own risk, I am not a programmer, I just did this to get my site up faster and none of the other mods I tried did this. Good Luck.


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