Tiny Mce with Indian Language Support For Elgg 1.8.X v1

Release Notes

Dear Indians,

Its a happy moment for us to release an exclusive pluggin only for our country. This is the Tiny Mce pluggin with Indian Language support. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Current Language support include:Bengali, Davanagiri, Gujarathi, Gurmukhi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil & Telungu


To install

BACKUP OLD TINYMCE>remove it from server>unzip this>upload to mod folder>enable


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  • amazing man..! will check this plugin as soon as possible. But one question,is formatting, ms word, notepad copy paste has been corrected in this tinymice plugin or not.

  • Not sure, its the default tinymce coming with elgg. I just enabled the script to support indian languages.  You need to download the latest tiny mce script here and overwrite the files inside \tinymce\tinymce\jscripts\tiny_mce\plugins.

  • Good work! I might need this on my upcoming poject!

  • Hi

    Firstly, wonderful to have a regional language plugin. I am new to elgg without much of knowledge on programming. After enabling the plug-in, how do I make it work for regional languages like Kannada. What needs to be done to view the pages in kannada. Appreciate your response.


  • Hello Sabz : this plugin will allow you to enter contents and comments in Kannada or any other Indian languages. But if you want to create a complete Kannada site, you need to create proper translation files for that and add to your mods.

  • Hi,

    The plugin does'nt do a nice job in malayalam.It will be great if google transiliteration is enabled for tinymce.

  • @puthen : its working fine for malayalam. We are using it in multiple sites even for a community site from kerala.

  • Hi,

    If you type " Hello entha kanna sukhamaano" in this plugin enabled site it will read as under:

    "ഹെല്ലൊ എന്ഥ കന്നാ സുഖമാനൊ " will be the output.

    However if you type the same words in google transliteration enabled page (mal) at http://www.google.com/transliterate/ the out put will be " ഹലോ 

    എന്താ  കണ്ണാ  സുഖമാണോ."
    It is very evident from the above output google transliteration is much superior than this plugin.So it will be a good idea to have google transiliteration enabled tinymce for elgg for indian language users.
    Please give a link of the malayalam websites using this plugin please.
  • Peter M

    I have no real interest in this thread or in your the language ;)
    But I study Sanskrit and analyzed the text being posted here.

    This in my UniCode analysis :-

    x0D39      3385    MALAYALAM LETTER HA                     ഹ
    0x0D46    3398    MALAYALAM VOWEL SIGN E                െ
    0x0D32    3378    MALAYALAM LETTER LA                      ല
    0x0D4B    3403    MALAYALAM VOWEL SIGN OO             ോ

    The translitrated word "hello" according to this plugin and to Google :-




  • Hello,

    As teamwebgali is a malayalee team, Please let me know,what is your comment on the above mentioned inconsistancies?

    Or you like the transiliteration as " "ഹെല്ലൊ എന്ഥ കന്നാ സുഖമാനൊ "


  • @puthen : Google transiliterationis not providing any API's for you to use with 3rd party sites. The product is still in their labs. Currently our clients using this plugin are satisfied with the translation its providing. So upgrading of this plugin is not included in any of our recent schedules.

  • Hi,

    Google transiliteration API is here for  your information:



    BTW which are the Malayalee sites using your transiliteration plugin?

  • @puthen : thanks for the link. Will check it. But as we mentioned in previous post, upgrading this plugin is not included in our recent schedules. We are having more important things to finish first. Still if you need us to fix this code, you can sponsor the development of the "Google transliteration plugin for elgg". You can reach us at http://webgalli.com .

    An example of site using this plugin is http://m4medicine.com/community (but its a private site)

  • I think the site owners thik that is the best they can get (I did not see a single post in malayalm, in the community website mentioned above) as far as malayalam transliteration is concerned. Probably they are not aware of the excellent transliteratio avalilabe through google.



  • @Puthen,

    I do not understand exactly what your interest is in getting the Google Transliteration APIs interfaced into Elgg's TinyMCE editor. I have observed that you keep posting and posting for some sort of GPL'ed code development in this area..

    WebGalli has clearly indicated that such a project would need to be *funded - that means you will have to find some financial avenues in order to get the quality of programming that you see to be seeking. I am certain that the WebGalli Team do not run any sort of Elgg PlugIn "charity" for just anyone who comes along off the streets and asks for several hours of their team's valuable professional time.

    When you had approached me the other week about this Google API - I had suggested to you that you should be quite willing to donate in some monetary angle to some very brilliant Elgg developers whom I know. Your reply message to that was some strange reference to 'prostitutes..' !!!

    If you do indeed want the "the excellent transliteratio avalilabe through google." incorporated into Elgg for your own needs - you should consider developing that code for yourself - and publishing the code here for the Elgg community's use and enjoyment.

    If you are not prepared to demonstrate such a typical and profesional attitude - why do you keep posting here for "help" ? It sees to be waste of evreyone's time ;-)

  • Hi,

    Hold your horses old man. When did you start your new job as the spokeperson for webgalli?

    And if you are trying to make few bucks through these pages, I think you are in a wrong place.

    If you can contribute towards coding, do that, Otherwise mind your business and shut up.

  • @puthen :You can have your personal fights some where else, not in our plugin listing.

    No body is our spokeperson. If you need the plugin, download it else leave it.

  • Team Webgalli,

    Just because you have listed a plugin does'nt mean that you owe this page. And I have pointed out you in malayalam that the plugin is not up to a desired standard with example.You should be able to take the criticism also in a right spirit.

    I only have replied DhrupDescoop, for his utterences which was not called for.


  • @puthen : we already told you to take the plugin only if you like it. We saw some posts from you which you deleted later. They wont fit as good criticisms (you may removed the comment, but we saw the notification in our mail) but as under evaluating some ones work. Anyway lets stop it here.

  • @TeamWeb:

    It is utter nonsense to say that I have removed or deleted unbecomming criticisms with out showing any evidence to that effect.

    If you have any evidence kindly put it up in these pages,otherwise it will be considered as pure baseless allegation as I have pointed out deficiancy in your plugin.

  • Peter M

    It seems like some people have nothing much to contribute except
    बेवकूफ एक लड़ाई के लिए यहाँ देख !
    everyone else appears to too busy working with Elgg APIs and code development.

  • not working for version 2.2 please update or tell how to do so


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