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This version has an unexisting userlinks menu option removed

  • I have the free version but it doesnt use the SSL login system on my site :(

  • djSupport, indeed, the free version don't support SSL. Thank you for mentioning, we will fix this problem.

  • Hi Mike

    When can we expect the free version of topbar working onder 1.74 ?



  • It seemed edit.php

    is missing

    <?php echo elgg_view('input/securitytoken'); ?>

    Otherwise it has form token error.

  • Jin Peng, you're correct. After adding this token, form should run correctly under Elgg 1.7.

  • hello thanks for the upload :)     i have a problem i try to edit the settings for the new topbar BUT i get a white page with this text: A file permissions error has occurred. Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again.

    Can anyone help?

    p.s im a noob ;)

  • Flunkyou2, I never heard of such problem before. Topbar plugin works only on database, it don't save settings to file. Please check your read access for vazco_topbar/actions folder.

  • I've just installed this plugin and I'm also receiving the "form missing" error... and yes I'm using the free version... :-/

  • There's one main reason people charge for extensions to free software - commercialisation.  I'm sure most developers have their own individual reasons as to why they feel the need to do this, but mostly it's just a way of making a bit of extra cash!

    And before anyone complains about this post, I realise it takes time to write plugins for any core software, and as much as people like myself appreciate your efforts it doesn't make sense to start a project like that if you can't afford to do it voluntarily as paying for something that has a limited lifespan (all plugins can potentially become obsolete at any time, regardless of their authors intentions, that's simply a fact) is extremely risky and only those with large enough resources - ie. not your average joe - are normally willing to do so.  The rest of us just have to make do with the cut-down versions or do something completely different... :-/

    Anyway, just my 2 cents on that issue.  If anyone can volunteer the info on how to resolve the missing form issue it'd be much appreciated!  :-D

  • The "form missing error.." is an Elgg upgrade issue from older versions to v.1.7.x and while we're on the topic..




    I believe that people commercialize their code development work, time and effort and charge for these is because rent, food, medicine, baby food, etc are not for $0 free ;-P LOLZ... Paying $$ for rent and food is not about to become obsolete at anytime soon... ;-)

  • My point was that 99% of the time people take on these types of projects off their own backs, and a lot of them haven't thought it through enough before they start and then decide soemthing along the lines of "well I've got myself into a situation here, oh well I'll just insist people pay me for the time I decided to spend on this project...".

    I realise this may not be a very popular view point, but it's true.  There are some who intend to make a living as plugin developer - be it for a specific platform or multiple ones - but most of those have much larger projects on the go that help finance their smaller ones and fire most of their profits back into their work.  It's just my  hmble opinion based on years of experience as an internet marketer, no need for a debate to occur... :-/

    Anyway, back to the real issue here - I'm using "Release - 1.7.7, Version - 2010071002" and I installed it as a fresh install (haven't used older versions).  Are you saying that this issue will only be resolved when the core code has been fixed?

    Thanks again... :-)

  • The problem is in the _topbar plugin
    the solution for the problem is already posted above somewhwre

  • If you mean the comment referring to "edit.php", I've no idea how to go about it.  Do I create an edit.php file - if so where?  There's just not enough info for those of us who haven't been using this platform long-term.

    It seems however, that most themes don't use the topbar feature, or at least not on more than just the front page, so I'm currently looking into alternative navigation menu options, but a proper explanation of how to resolve this would certainly be appreciated.

    And Mike (vazco) - you say that you'd prefer to release an update when their are new features added, rather than a simple fix for this error?  Would it not make more sense to fix something that's broken (for those using the latest version of Elgg at least) and mark it as a minor update to fix bugs?  Just a thought... :-/

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