Topbar extensions v1.0

Release Notes


After enabling the plugin, you can go to plugin's setings and choose to:

  • move topbar tools dropdown to the user's profile dropdown
  • move the topbar's Settings link to the profile dropdown

(The last 3 settings are for full version only)


The effect saves space and creates good impression:

You can view plugin in action on the


This is the GPL version. The full version, available here for 9$, additionaly allows to:

  • add dropdowns with links of your choice to your topbar
  • use administration submenu straight from the administration dropdown
  • view your unread messages straight from topbar
  • show/hide Elgg logo
  • add login box to the topbar for a not logged in users





Adding new links:




  • copy to mod folder and enable



  • Elgg 1.5
  • Hi Vazco, any chance to this plugin work with custom themes? I am using ElggBook Premium from EDESIGNERZ.NET


  • Marcelo,

    I can't guarantee this, though there's a chance. Many people use this plugin with a different themes. If the demo version works with the theme, the full version should also.

  • @ vazco

    I am using this plugin, though to serve a different purpose. :)

    This is OK if someone reaches the site directly through a browser, but there is a catch. Several pages of my site is open to the public, and if a guest goes to some other page, (s)he has no way to return to the start page (othere than using the back button).

    This becomes serious when somebody reaches a random page through google-search. May I suggest the inclusion of Home, Search and Login/Register for those who haven't logged in?

    Thanks. Regards.

  • Dear vazco, it's really good. There is one catch, though.

    To guests, the topbar looks blank, while ther could be pages open to the them. If they go to another page (say a Group Page), there is no way to return to the start page (other than pressing the browser's Back button). This could be more serious, if somebody googles his/her way to a random page.

    May I suggest inclusion of Home, Search and Login/Register for the use of non-members?

  • sorry for the repeat. accidental

  • THe register/login page is already included on al the ELgg pages for not logged in users. If you're talking about including the topbar in the external pages, I already created such a modification for a few web sites. If you wish, I can do this on your site as a custom development.

  • *you can add the home button in plugin's settings and make it visible only for a not logged in users. (in full version only)

  • Thanks for the info, vazco.

    I made the necessary changes in the default top bar to get the results I wanted.

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