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  • Hey Team Webgalli,

    It seems that this plugin is useless by itself, this is correct right? As you implemented it, there is absolutely no benefit to be a "featured" user? I made two of my users featured and nothing really happened, could you explain what really happens? thanks!


  • @Marcom, I cant agree you with "It seems that this plugin is useless by itself". You can mark some members as featured and can display them anywhere in the site or in the homepage. This was a much requested feature from the beginning of elgg.

  • Hey Team Webgalli

    and possible to put userfeatured  a "user without photo" and user premium a "user with photo"?

    thus to limit the contents of the site to a customer who does not have photo?


  • Rica, impossible is nothing:) pm me with all your requirements.

  • Is it possible to restrict the files uploading and tidy pics creation only to premium members?

  • hey Web Galli

    <!-- display the message -->

    I try a plugin that make so that the customers with photo have more privileges than those without photo. type to watch video to gardare other profiles I have to write messages…

    more info in yours inbox

  • Hi, first post and only using elgg about 2 days :D Have it installed locally for the moment, just testing everything before i go live.

    Anyway, to the point.

    Im trying to find a plugin that supports different users like this plugin suggests

    But i need a choice when the user signs up to be either one of these types of user, like for example say a student and teacher. The student chooses a student account and the teacher chooses a teach account. Each have different option once signed up

    Its not that one has more privileges, its more like different options for profile etc etc

    Is this possible? If not ill work around it.

    Thanks in advance for any comments!

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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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