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Release Notes

This pluggin will allow admins to mark some users as featured. (and can define some functions for featured users alone, If needed) These members can be displayed any where in the site and also as a widget
Requires Elgg Version 1.5 and above
The Great potential of this pluggin:
  1. Change "Featured Users" to "Premium Users" and u can collect a charge for being promoted as premium user from regular users.
 2. Define some special pluggins only for premium users.
 3. Special previlages and user quota for premium users.
 4. Same pluggiin can be modified to have access only to different user types like Platinum/Diamond/Gold/Silver/Bronze :)
 5. Same pluggin can be modified to display user's special files/pictures/videos
 6. Limited access areas, for premium members only.
 7. Different profile information for different user types
 8. And much more.... as it pops up in my brain and as community requests.

 (Currently this pluggin allows you only to make a user premium/non premium. If you need to explore the potentials of this pluggin, drop me a mail at drsanupmoideen[at]gmail[dot]com, I can code it as a custom work)
You need to make a donation of 15$ to get this pluggin. After succesfull payment you will be redirected to a page, where you need to enter your site domain(Beware, it should be exactly the same as in your elgg site's site administration page), name and email. You have only one chance to use the page where you are getting redirected.



This is the GPL version which has a limitation that,
 1. You can make only two users as featured
 2. No option of unfeaturing a featured user

You need to purchase a licence key and enter it at the pluggin's settings to upgrade to the full version. This licence key is unique and can be used only in one domain. I you want to use it on multiple domains, drop me a mail at drsanupmoideen[at]gmail[dot]com. The source code of this pluggin won't be available.


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Before using, For More information on this pluggin, demo and the terms and conditions visit http://webgalli.com/premium-members-pluggin-for-elgg-2/

Support Forum for Commercial Version




  • Schöne funktion wenn es Funktionieren würde, die Demo ist schön und gut zeigt auch das was man erreichen möchte nur kann man dies in der Kostenlosen Version ja garnicht tun. Man kann nur einen User festlegen der als Featured gildet diesen aber nicht zurücksetzen und man kann auch keine unterschiede festlegen. Mit anderen Worten wenn man in die Pinnwand schreibt Premium User hab ich das selbe erreicht.

    Sry aber dieses Plugin überzeugt mich nicht das ich daführ Geld ausgeben würde.

  • Is it possible to put each new user as a premium user automatically ?

    Because, it can be interresting to give a quota to users... The quota includes the object from wich plugins ? (files, group, blogs, tydipics, wiki)

  • If i get i right, the paid version has no extra functionality, am i  right? (except the unfeaturing of a profile)

  • Right. Just where are the features of the free version?
  • This is the GPL version which has a limitation that,
     1. You can make only two users as featured


    so i think the paid version has extra functionality to feature unlimited users.

  • the paid version has the features:

    mark unlimited users as featured

    make users un featured

  • @ constan, not able to understand ur language. write in english

  • can you answer my question, please

  • Webgali - love the idea, but if I read this right all we have so far is the ability to make a user a 'featured member' in name only?

    Does the full version include a way to give access to certain plugins to premium members and a payment processor (paypal?) - also how would admin select which plugins are only available for premium members?

    If you are available for custom development of this then please send me a message.

  • @jimbob, currently this is very simple pluggin. but we can make it very potential.The full version will alloow you only to mark unlimited users as featured and to unfeature users also. This can be easily modified to make some pluggins/widgets availble only for featured members. if u need its easy to implement a payment way also. for custom works pm me at drsanupmoideen[at]gmail.com

  • @dhrup, i checked in elggdev, if you mean the karma pluggin it costs 29.99 dollars, but this pluggin costs only 15$ :)

  • u r rite;; i shud read the features list myself;;-) skype me if u want 2 work on the payment gateway that jimbob is talking abt..

  • So wait, you never supported your classified plugin pay users, now you are selling a new plugin?


  • @ Midknight, I dont know about what support u are asking for classifieds pluggin. I had given support for those all those who asked  me, except some stupid questions.. 

  • I am a little confused as to exactly what 'The Great potential of this pluggin:' means.

    Does the paid version have all those features?  The wording makes me think it doesn't have those features it just means when some additional coding those features are easily obtained.  But then later in the description, you mention that the source code will not be available.

    I would like to purchase this plugin, but I want to know what exactly I am paying for.

    Thank you,


  • because DhrupTheScoop says so ;-) LOLZ;-) and DhrupTheScoop is usually always right !!!


  • @ maRK, if you need to explore the potentials of these pluggin, i can code it for u as a custom work.  the paid version will allow you to only to mark unlimited users as featured and to unfeature users also.

  • Webgalli, it seems like you are onto something here but we need to better understand how the premium feature works. The demo you have on your site does not show us anything, we cant only see from the user side. you need to make the demo from the admin side. 

    Aslo, if you could add paypal payment it will make very interesting. 

    For me this would be the ideal plugin, a plugin where i can charge on monthly basis my customer for access to certain services on my elgg site. 

  • Ok, some bad news.

    I am working on such a feature with a friend, I have not ever done a paypal payment gateway but I just started looking at how to do it. We would like to release this feature as openSource GPL V2 with open code as we are benefiting from lots of work done by others on ELGG as we tend to think we care about the future of human family and connectivity.

    If anyone knows or has worked with any paypal payment gateway, send me an email so we can work together.Your contributions will help release it quicker as we are students in our second year in college, WEB TECHNOLOGY. We work for envato so less time to spare.

    We believe if you give  to the society, you get it back and its worked for us. The more you give the more you get back. It is human nature, its life, it is the way forward.


    At first we want to have a plugin that integrates with groups but limits the creation of groups to admin only, we would use the payment module to auto assign members to the different groups created by admin. This will involve tweaking the groups module and I hope we wont be breaking any rules.

    In this light, it means the guest will be limited to lots of content on the site   . Probably the whole site will be available to paying members only.



    If you have any ideas, please reply to this post as I will be refering to it a lot.

    Please send us any crits and thoughts you have.


    @webgalli: We have no intention of undermining your plugin in anyway. And we encourage everyone who wants it to donate to your charity. You are doing a great service to the community where you live. Jah bless your efforts.

  • @W

    you not read my prev post ? ;-)

    " u r rite;; i shud read the features list myself;;-) skype me if u want 2 work on the payment gateway that jimbob is talking abt..

    DhrupDeScoop 6 days ago"


  • @ nadib, just try this in test your elgg installation, and login as admin. you can see it

    Regarding the paypal addon, i am currently working on the code for that, will be included in next version of this pluggin :)

    @ Wendowed, critcism and comments are always welcome for me.

    @ Elder bro, will skype u today, got my lap back :) haha

  • @Webgallie 

    Here are the 2 reasons why i think it will benefit the elgg community tremendously
    1, It has the possibility of making website financially sustainable by creating an income stream
    2, will encourage elgg website owners to build more customized plugin, which in turn will lead more work for elgg developers.

    This i how i would setup the page
    1, page where admin can create the different plans and enter associated cost
    2, page called " subscriptions " where user can see different plans and subscribe 
    3, page where admin gets some stats on # of users that have subscribed to the plan.

    if you want me to come up with a detailed mockup, l would be happy to help 

  • @NB

    we are gonna be working on this ;-) after all.. I was the1st ever to code paypal, authorise.net, etc into elgg and have helped some of my friends do their paypal code for their elgg sites too. easy as popcorn ;-) if you wanna do yr mockups.. fine ! we'll look n see n study...

  • @Dhrup

    So I don't miss something, where are we? Doing the Paypal or hooking the current Modus i.e. Groups, Chat, Blogs, etc.?

    How do we skype you? Which Paypal power we talking about, Web, Direct, Pro????

    Just wanna know.

  • too many ques lolz ;; whole idea is rather large-minded, too many features to take care of;; can skype to discuss i u serious.. pm me.


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