Tasks plugin v2.1

Release Notes

Here we are, it seems i didn't make all the tests on th previous version.

So you experimented troubles. Sorry for that.

I fixed the bugs (i hope all of them), especially those which made this plugin incompatible with the page plugin.

This version is both compatible with 1.9.0-rc5 and 1.8.19


  • Nice!

    Now if it would be extended to include a digital Kanban board... maybe based on this: http://kanboard.net/ ?

    One can hope ;)

  • @Krisschan, hmmm why not ...

  • Seems like a Great plugin but isn't showing Done, Remain, Start or End info I have also noticed that Tasks do not show up in the tasks widget. It would also be nice if tasks could have sub tasks or to-do items that would relate to the percent done and auto calculate. i.e.  4 of 10 to-do's would show the task 40% completed.

  • @Caleb : very strange for the  Done, Remain, Start or End and Task Widget bug. You may have an other plugin/theme activated that could explain this. The plugins works well on my two versions of Elgg 1.8.19 an 1.9.0rc5. Investigate your config and let me know.

    For the calculus you suggested, i already thing about something similar, like top-down constraints and bottom-up analysis. I will see if it's possible and if it's really useful. Sometimes we meet false good ideas.

    This time i'am rather cooking a very nice feature: calendar view. Tests are quite goods.

    And after that, the KanBan board will be my next study i think.



  • Will the calendar view interact in some way with the event manager or event calendar plugins?

    Automatic deadline reminders might be also nice to have.

    Maybe too much of feature creep, but task suggestions and prioritisation tool based on:


    Would be also cool.

    Edit: the lorea task plugin has a nice feature that adds a button to each page that allows one to quickly create tasks linked to that page: https://gitorious.org/lorea/tasks

  • @Krischan:

    The calendar only interracts with tasks. When you visualize set of tasks (all, owned, friend's, yours or even group's ones) you can choose the standard list view or the calendar view ( flip/flap icons).I made possible to edit dates using the calendar. Quite nice and handy.

    I gonna upload this evolution this day, you will see by yourself.

    Task inner site links, automatic dead line reminders : why not.

    BrainStorm Board, KanBan Boards ... These are good ideas also, as well as bigger jobs ;)


Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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