Tasks plugin v2.0

Release Notes

Completly rewritten, based on the whole "Page" mechanism provided in Elgg.

This mean, everything you can do withe pages, you can expect to do it with a task.

For example a new cool stuff, is the task_top/task hierarchy...

This plugin is made for the 1.8.3 and may be late, how knows.



  • Cool, that is great. Thanks a lot for this update ! Working perfectl with elgg 1.8.3

  • I found out the widget facing problem

    Deprecated in 1.8: widgets use content as the display view Called from [#5] 
  • hi, has anyone tried of considered of develpoing This feature

    Every right click on a text would open a suggestion that says : 'Task this'

    and you would be redirected to opening a task with this text

  • Hi, thanks for this great module but why does only task owner can create subtasks?

    Removing IF test line 35 into wiew.php solve the problem but... it would be fine if not only owner can create subtasks.

  • Hi, i was excited to see this plugin. I installed and then in the pages widget it only shows tasks and no longer any already existing pages. So there seems to be a conflict with the core pages implementation.

    I created a task myself and then updated the worker to a friend. The task did not show up under my friends tasks. I found out that the person who created the task in the first place is the the owner of the task and not the person who is working on the task. This is a little confusing and not to regular end-users expectations.

    The task in itself is a pure administrative tool it gives no visual feedback. Specifying values for "done" does not give any changes to its appearance. I hoped it would show icons indicating the task status (defined,started,finished). Now we have to open the details to see the status.

    I think the tasks plugin can be very useful but requires more work.

  • Hi. Adding a task is not listed in "Actvity" -- that is, unlike other actions, adding a task is not listed in the site or group activities.

  • It's not working neither on Elggg 1.8.8 nor 1.8.11 - http://net.coolmeia.org/tasks/all

    Projects doesn't show the correct pattern as shown. Would we have hope to have this acknowledged soon?

  • How do the tasks of running the plugin elgg 1.8.x?
    It would be very helpful if I can use this plugin on an NGO, please solve the problem. 

  • I also found another implementation that looks interesting: https://github.com/lorea/tasks

  • This plugin need an adjust in some line codes, and will be fine... Just a little detail to work at 100%
    I'll be wait for the bug fixes... THANKS!

  • I'm feeling stupid. Where does this plugin live? I have installed it, but can't find it anywhere? I must be missing something obvious here? :)

  • Hi! Great work, but I have a problem with Elgg 1.8. Instead of the task list similar to the second screenshot (with the type, status, start time and end time for each task), it appears only the name and the description. Is it normal or is there a problem? How can I fix it? Thanks...

  • Hello everybody, I have the same problem @Fernandino Picarella...and also I want to know how to edit the form, add a new field or delete any field, I was reading the code and I get lost seriously... lol...Please I need help...@Fernando Picarella asked 39 days ago...come on!!

  • Hello everybody, I want to know how to edit the form, add a new field or delete any field, I was reading the code and I get lost seriously... lol...Please I need help!...Please!

  • hi. i need that plugin for my site but it does not work with 1.8.15...:/ will there new release?!

  • is there somebody who knows what to change to use that plugin for elgg 1.8.15? I am new to ellg and my programming knowlegde is also not so good :/ I need help...


  • Well, don't get irritated by the images. They are from the old version of the plugin.

    The new (completely rewritten) plugin works fine as such. The only problem is that it had none of the features anymore that would make it a "Tasks" plugin. It more or less only a renamed Pages plugin.

    My guess is that the author stopped implementing all the features in the new version and simply abandoned it.

  • I just has to disable the tasks plugin on my site cause it is commandeering the pages widget on groups. Basically, as long as I have it enabled, I have no pages widget for groups. Any suggestions?


  • Hi,

    Well, it's been a long long time since i went there.

    I gonna take a look at the requests, and if possible, deliver an 1.8.19 compatible version and 1.9.0rc5 compatible one.



Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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  • Updated: 2015-3-30
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