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Provides tasks capabilities to Elgg for both a user or a group.

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1.92.2 (448.91 kB)2014-Aug-14
1.82.2 (448.91 kB)2014-Aug-14
1.71.2 (129.7 kB)2010-Apr-06
1.61.1 (131.05 kB)2009-Nov-12
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This plugin will allow you to create and manage tasks in the Elgg Way:

  • Create your tasks : Title, description, start, end, %done, remaining work, assign, tags, categorie tags, read access, write access.
  • Create Group tasks: The task belong to the group.
  • Manage tasks: Modify start, end, %done, remaining, assign, comments
  • Widget tasks: Liste task visible to you
  • Comment tasks: Just add a comment.
  • Assign task to members of the group
  • Notification: As the bookmark system.
  • Calendar dates multi-language (jquery ui i18n date picker)
  • French and English translations.

You can customize the status lists and type list by simply editing your translation file.

Further dev: quick input widget, task filter.

The last release is completly rewritten, hugely (entirely) based on the "Page" mechanism used on Elgg. Whatever you have with a page, you have it with the task ... 

Finally, if you want to make me feel happy, because you are so happy using this plugin, it's easy : just recommend it ;)


Fx Nion

I'am R&D engineer in a standardisation organisation. We use Elgg as the internal Company directory. As i really love the nice modeling approach of this tool, i made several plugin both for my company and the community.

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  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2015-3-30
  • Downloads: 8837
  • Recommendations: 33

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