Scrapbook [Messageboard and Wall to wall addon modified] v1.0

Release Notes

This plugin is a modification to the default elgg messageboard and wall to wall addon. This plugin adds quick reply functionality to the messageboard. Now reply to messageboard comments direcly from our messageboard without going to the sender' messageboard. Also added pagination to the messageboard and few css changes.

To install, unzip and upload both messageboard and walltowall folders to your mod folder, enable both the plugins, place walltowall under messageboard in the plugins list. Both the plugins must be enabled for the scrapbook to work properly. This is a quick release and i will upload next version soon with few more functionalities. 



  • @ all sorry for not giving timely replies. I was away from this community for a while. I will update the plugin as early as possible.

  • i haved prepared a add-on for this plugin by adding secure form for the Form is missing _token and _ts.....error. Please test it before deploying in production sites.Check here


  • i haved prepared a add-on for this plugin by adding secure form for the Form is missing _token and _ts.....error. Please test it before deploying in production sites.Check here

    How exactly am I supposed to use this? I enabled both the plugins of Jayadeep's and yours. But, still getting an error. Can't say what it is as it disolves so quickly. But, not a token mismatch error.

  • @shouvik Please disable walltowall (old version of jayadeep), replace the plugin files with the one i uploaded. then enable it thru admin and try scrapping by clicking on the reply on XX scrap book.

  • @kameshsai No, not working even after that. I get a message, something like - 'actuction walltoall/reply was not defined in the system'.

  • @shouvik, I am not sure why its not working for you.Even I am pretty new to elgg(joined only last week) and I did the changes in code as per the elgg secure form documentation and It worked for me after the code change.I have seen many people downloading it.Not sure if it worked for anyone.

    you can mine here

  • @kameshsai 

    I'm running elgg 1.7.1 and I ONLY installed kameshsai 1.7.1 version of this plugin.

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this but 1st of all this is a really nice app. The problem I have is the Wall to Wall Page. When im on the Wall to Wall page at this address

    I post a message to my friend. When I click "POST IT" link i get sent to a blank page at this address ...

    and on this page is written this error ...

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getURL() on a non-object in /home/sim2k/BPv2-Live/mod/walltowall/wall.php on line 55

    I click back and it goes back to the wall to wall but the message has been saved and it shows up OK. Looking at the address with the error, it seems that it looses the Poster(2) and the Postee(6) ID's which crashes the page. This happens every time.

    ------ AND ------

    If I click the option "Reply on USERNAMES board", the area pops up for me to type a message ok, but when I click "Post it" it sends me to the home index page and a red error box comes up for a few seconds and it shows ...

    The requested action (walltowall/reply) was not defined in the system.

    This time the message does not get put into the system and the message is lost.


    If you 2 got together and brought out one official version for elgg 1.7.1, Im sure this will be a GREAT plugin! Hope this feedback made sense.

  • HI

    I am using Elgg 1.7 and i downloaded the scrapbook version for 1.7. i copied the walltowall plugin in mod folder but cannot find the reply link or the scrapbook part.  can you please help me in getting scrapbook installed.

  • hai all i updated the plugin for elgg1.7, please use the new version on elgg1.7.x


Away for a while !


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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