Elgg Bottom Bar v0.8 alpha

Release Notes

Note: This plugin is still in alpha stage, and most likely has quite a few bugs in it .. you have been warned! ;)

** Updated chat version - very alpha release for those interested in helping bug test **

** First release using MySQL via ELGG objects - should solve the SQLite issue **

Welcome to my first attempt at a plugin!

The bottom_bar plugin adds a fixed bar at the bottom of the browser with an auto updating notification and friends list.

The notification button will show red when there are new notices to be seen. When the button is clicked, the notice is cleared ready for the next update. The friends list auto updates with a list of online friends.

As of v0.2, basic chat has been added to the system, including persistant windows between page loads, chat history, sound notifications and smiley and url translation. There are now some settings for both admin and user to enable/disable chat and a few other bits.

I have tested this with Internet Explorer 7, Google Chrome 2.0 and Firefox 3.0 & 3.5, and as far as I can tell it works ok. If anyone can test against other browsers/OS I would appreciated it. Also, please let me know if you come across another plugin that this conflicts with.

Known Bugs:

  • Chrome doesn't cache the sound files for some reason, so can block for a second or two when a notification sound is triggered.
  • Message delivery speed is not always consistant, but that might be due to my sandbox server ;)


Some screenshots ...






(yes I know the notification area is showing the same as the main page .. it was kind of the point to show the notifications were in sync ;) )

All constructive comments welcomed.


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  • Thanks for the quick answer.

    I'm workin with version "Release - 1.6.1, Version - 2009072201". I think this is the actuall version ;-)

    To my comment for the "All/Mine"-Link: I think screenshots are not helpful, so I will describe my point. In the case, the page is "longer" then one screen, the user scroll down an reads (i.e. the spotlight-message) something at the bottom of the page (i.e. the menu is not longer shown in the clipping of the page), and after this he clicks on "All" or "Mine" in the Bottom Bar, the page is "juming" (or scrolling) to the top (the menu is now shown). This creates confusion for the user, because he think only the content of the "newPosts"-DIV (the one with the "All/Mine"-Links) should change.I hope this explains precisely what I mean.

  • Awesome plugin for FB like.

    Unfortunately for me chat is not working and I don't see any table(s) created in db.

    Looking forward to seeing this plugin develop to stable release.


  • I cannot make it work on  1.6.1 either. wont create table and floods error log.

    heres from about a few  seconds long


  • So if i,m not completley off

    1.  WARNING:  (EST): "mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Access denied for user 'jlxsolu'@'localhost' (using password: NO)" in file /home/jlxsolu/public_html/LAZYCITADEL.COM/mod/bottom_bar/chat.php (line 109)
    2. that causes all the rest of the problems


  • (grr no edit button) if not obviuos its trying to conenct whit completley wrong username and password

  • @jlxsolutions - Stupid question I know, but can you verify that the database user settings are correct in the admin settings for the plugin please?

  • admin settings user settings? there is no such thing it just says using elgg objects

  • Well, if you are using ELGG Objects then there's a problem with the setup, as it uses ELGG to access the database not it's own settings.

  • Cannt be a problem whit setup as everything else works just fine whitout errors

  • jlxsolu'@'localhost confuses me thou as no website uses that on the host


  • @jlxsolutions - Thank you - I can confirm this is a bug and will a fix will be in the next release for testing, and explains why some people were having problems with the system using ELGG Objects

  • thank you can you explain to form where it grabbed that username and pass?

  • what is this error all about?  this bottom bar is totally perfect for what i am looking for.  here is the error:


    SYSOP:  loser<br /><br /><b>Fatal error</b>: Exception thrown without a stack frame in <b>Unknown</b> on line <b>0</b><br />

    please help, and maybe someday i can help you.

  • I must be really lucky or something.

    i'm using bottom bar 1.0 with elgg 1.6.1. and have no complaints at all.. it works great right out of the box for my site.

    i do have a question though.. is it possible to use .swf files for the audio notifications? I'm thinking that it would be easier for google chrome to digest than mp3's..  

    i use blab chat on a few sites, and it uses .swf sounds without issue in chrome.. just thinking that might be a fix for the blocking issues you mentioned many moons ago.

    thanks again for a great plugin! ............................. tommy




  • I´ve the same problem with the chat. bla bla line 109. What  can i do? I would not wait for the release. Can i do anything?

  • Everything works fine, except cannot chat.

    I looked at the table at mysql database table (elggphpfreechat), it's empty.

    Is it the correct table?

    Or it did not create a table at my database?

    Should I create it manually?

    If so, can post the code here? Thank you.

  • Please help, I have set the permission of the data folder, but my chat still not able to send.


    I can see it myself, but the other party see nothing.

  • @The Mad Professor  Thank You for this killer plugin.  It's absolutely awesome.  My users love it. It works like a champ on my live hosting account.  ON my wamp dev box not so much... but that is ok. :-)

    I'm looking forward to the next release. I hope you continue to improve upon it.

  • This plugin is mostly working great, but I wanted to record a potential security bug reported by one of my users:

    He said that when chatting with someone, he clicked on their name and then somehow found himself logged in as the other user.

    I'm not certain this is a bottom bar issue, but it seems likely it's associated with the alpha version.

  • First of all great plugin.  I only have one issue with it.  It seems that the ONLY character that it doesn't like sending is the single quote (') character.  I logged into two different browsers on my site to test this and it will eventually send everything I type unless it has a single quote in it.  That means that ANY messages that contain a contraction will not be sent to the recipient.  And there isn't a notification saying that the message wasn't sent either.  It looks (from the senders standpoint) that the message was sent successfully, only the recipient never receives it.


    Is there a way to fix this behavior?  I was looking to solve this on my own from within the chat.php file in the areas where you call the php stripslashes function to add my own code to add an escape character before the single quote.  But no luck.


    As far as I can tell, that's the only character that isn't currently supported in this otherwise awesome plugin.

  • First of all, sorry for the lack of activity on my behalf guys - I have been caught up in some fairly major paid work for a bit, so I haven't had the time as yet to work on getting a new release out.

    @julie levin russo - Interesting - I've not had that happen in any of my testing, and can't see how it would do that. Can you confirm what back end you are using (SQlite, Elgg or MySQL) please

    @myth01 - Thanks for the feedback. I will look into that and work a fix in ... I have a feeling I know what it is.


  • Hey, relly love you plugin dude. One question though, and I know this has nothing to do with your plugin, but do you know how to disable site-wide  notifications? Like on you're bottom bar where it says All | mine, is there a way to disable all. But not just on your plugin.

  • I have this working in 1.7.  One suggestion concerning MySQL.  I changed the bbchat table from MyISAM to InnoDB.  As MyISAM after about 30 minutes of chat the chat was very delayed.  Changing the table to InnoDB seems to have curred that.  Memory would have been an interesting choice for the table type, but is more intended for temp tables... 

    Anyway, I've tried every chat client and this so far is the only one that permits chat and doesn't take up the entire screen in 1.7.  There are some errors I see in my error log:

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() mod/bottom_bar/chat.php (line 67)

  • @MKos - Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't even gone that far into the MySQL stuff yet as I was still proving the concept. I will look at including that in the next release (if I ever get 10 minutes to work on it! :) )

The Mad Professor

Nutter .. Brit .. that's about it! ;)


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